Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325 December 7th, 2017

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Anderson, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Eastes, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Minutes Approved

Public Comment:

Austin: QSA representative. Come as a QSA non-binary individual and a person that was raised in Montana. Appalled by the I183 ballot initiative. Initiative is a blatant attempt at legal discrimination at transgender and non-binary individuals. Personally, I am scared to use non- binary and single bathroom, scared to use them. Can be chocked up to social anxiety but I fear the day that this ballot initiative becomes law. It will strip away all of the hard work that we have put forth. A few years ago, the son of a few family friends of mine. His house was in the line of a fire. As soon as I heard this, I began to help them move their valuables in order to help. Thisshows that we shouldn’t be afraid of what. Should be aware how this bill can be used as a loophole for sexual assault. This bill goes against what it means to be a Montanan and a student at Montana State University. I encourage you to vote in support of 2017-R-22.

July Tripp: Here in support of 2017-R-22, MSU student code of conduct. Important for MSU to stand united in opposition of the discriminatory I180 bill.

Elizabeth Simmons: Studying Biotechnology. I-183 is the modernization of the discrimination. Judaism card policy.

Kaleb Chambers: Ever student should have the opportunity for students to have the ability to access restrooms and other facilities.

Michael Lindlaw: Transgender students and non-binary, Bozeman nondiscrimination law and the Montana State Code of Conduct. I ask you to vote yes on 2017-R-22, in support of students that would be affected by the I183 ballot

Kato Richan: Experience at MSU by using public bathrooms. Before starting hormone therapy, I only used all of 2 bathrooms campus I fear that if the I183 passed, I would have to go back to

only use 2 again. I183 would make it possibly for me to pursue an education here because I would not feel safe.

Lizzy Thompson: Student Campus Entertainment Director, finance board approve the blue and gold ball for the amount of 2000$.

Bradley: Here tonight to vote in support of 2017-R-17. Have to recognize the ever-growing community of our body here at MSU.

Director of Outdoor Recreation Programs

Atwater: Director. Came here for Oregon State University. Was in charge of climbing related activities.

Samburg: Originally from Maine. Was a climbing, skiing and kayaking guide. Taught at avariety of institutions around the US. I steal Ty’s outdoor time.

Atwater: Dan and I are new in our roles. Looking at what we have as resources and what our goals are. Working on more of a descriptive version on what we do and how we do it.
Spent some time going through a list of things that we want to accomplish. Piloting first experience outdoor setting. Calling it FOOTSTEPS. Hope to see this serve 2/300 student every year. Adventure Leadership Cohort, provides a formalized leadership development program that focuses on outdoor leadership. Putting an avalanche beacon park course on campus. Between outdoor rec center, Roskie and Yellowstone. Climbing wall expansion. In the final design stage, looking towards contractors. One of challenges of the facility that we are in is that it is very difficult to enter while carrying gear, which is basically all the time. Hoping to tackle problems with either a sliding door or automatic doors button. Hope to include cat card access.

Samburg: Development of core competencies: don’t have great benchmarks for what we thinkstudents will get out of these programs. Operational, Group Development and Self Awareness. Learning outcomes and Strategic plan design. Work in progress. Cohort is going to be the centerof our programming model, won’t hire outside of this.

Rental Shop, Bike, Ski and Repair Shops, ACT courses, Educational Courses, Climbing Wall, Student Led Trips, FOOT Steps. Invite you to participate in our process. How do we become more known on campus? More promotion of facilities. *Soliciting help*

Clifton: Ty and Dam have done an amazing job. I hope opening the turf field will add some more publicity for you guys.

Admin Reports:

Clifton: University Council, Directors, VP etc. Space Management Policy came up. Who is my liaisons? Karl? Karl you suck. Go to your committee hearings. Commend you all on the hard

work you’ve done over the past year. Start thinking now about how you want to have an effect on our students.

Blossom: Recognize Abbot

Brough: Opening in our office for the accounting person. Not literally a Senate vote thing, but it is really important that you tell me what to do. Two kinds of services that will be centralized: Accounting and Administration. Idea is that people are really good at a job like accounting. Montana Hall will sponsor a bunch of accounts and when you need work done. Build up specialists that will get the job done quicker. Potential delays or opportunities or Montana Hall to intervene in money agendas. Other option proposed. Rather than being centralized t Montana Hall, centralized to the division. Give and take, the person in our office might not have the expertise of 25 other specialists. I don’t want a decision in this place. But think about how acentralized service will affect you and what we do. We are not the easiest people to start with. Only other campus that has money other than fee money and university money. Have differentconditions. May not be the best test case, but if we don’t pick a team, we don’t get to hire. Usesome of salary savings to give Mandy and Heidi a bonus. Before people leave for break, we are going to need a plan. Centralized how?

McFeely: Echo what Lizzy mentioned. Ben Nemton form the Buried Life here: ask that you recognize how Lizzy has been really intentional with what she is doing. Please fill out executive evaluations. Appreciate any and all feedback.

Johnson: Concluded interview for open position of judicial seat. Judicial council met regarding 2017-JC-213, ruing favored the constitution. *neck tie begins to sing* Will have to change the bylaws to reflects that.

Murray: Nothing really happened.

Killian: Funding board met and went well. 40ish percent spent from reserve. 2017-1 reallocation request, only going to give 2000 from blue and gold ball. Moving money from films in order pay a student. Student memorial request, 9500 as matching funds. Feel free to ask any more questions. Senator of the month: Blossom.

Senate Reports:

Killian: Repair Faire Project, Patagonia War Wear Wagon.

Jones: *plays embarrassing video*

Swenson: Campus planning design and instruction, space policy is still currently being developed. Still looking for input.

Rehal: Move to recognize Senator Swenson.

Unfinished Business:

Grover: Second Reading of 2017-R-22 Statement Against Ballot Initiative I-183.

Baird: Move to approve(seconded)

Move to recognize Senator Driscoll. Move to amend resolution to what was sent out earlier via email. (seconded)

Jones: Line 4/5 in original document, not in edits.
Baird: In the statement put forth by us, this would imply the student body’s support.Jones: Original Document had it but not written anywhere in the amendment. Baird: Oh.
Grover: I’m confused.
Rehal: Me too.
Jones: Intention to strike or not?
Baird: Yes.

Amendment passes

Krone: Purpose of I-183 proposed to go back to traditional male female structure. Returning to an older, more conservative structure. In support of passing this bill. Found a solution.

Rehal: Support this resolution, public comment talking about only using 2 restrooms really moving.

Driscoll: Move to correct “Its.” (seconded)Juel: Previous question (seconded)

19-0, Resolution Adopted
Jones: Move to reconsider 2017-R-22 for grammatical errors(seconded)

Heinrich: I move to amend all grammatical errors that Bradley Jones finds within this document without changing the intent of the document.

Krone: Move to amend all the grammatical errors under the view of Jamie and Brad(seconded)

Orr: Move for 10-minute recess to discuss grammatical errors(seconded) Krone: Horrible idea.
Anderson: Horrible idea.

Reconvene at 7:38pm.

Jones: Move to amend emailed out changes for 2017-R-22(seconded) Orr: I move to approve? Just kidding
Lei: In the resolved, wanted to add abbreviation.
Baird: This portion stricken. Move to approve(seconded)

New Business:

Reserve Request #13:
Killian: Move to approve(seconded)

When I first saw this, it was 25000 versus the 9000 now. Sounds like something that would get a lot of use.

Orr: On council for student memorial committee. Please vote yes on reserve request, first step in our plan of action.

Jones: 25,000 kind of scared finance board. When looked through quote. Reason decreased was 25,000 not needed initially but to move into construction phase.

Swenson: Currently student memorial not serving intended purpose. Students walking byeveryday don’t know what it is. It is a very somber atmosphere. Want to make it a more open place. Like to. Take advantage of natural amphitheater. Get the designs going and come back.

Krone: Members pf finance committee. Would you be willing to send more financial support to memorial request?

Jones: Finance board will consider it. Hope for after the design process other organizations will help in to help come to life.

20 0: Reserve Request Passed

Reallocation Request #1:

Killian: Winter Olympics is going to be a very time-consuming activity. Moving this money would put it to good use.

Blossom: What is going to happen to the rest of blue and gold ball. Killian: Going to sit in the line item.

Blossom: I think we need to think about how we give our program directors access to their funding and allocation process.

Jones: We do have a system put in place for that. Senator PACE board. Just because of the smaller amount, it had to go through us.

20-0: Passed

Reallocation Request #2:

Orr: Move to approve

Killian: Portion of student salary normally paid with work study, lost this for some unknown reason. Moving money to fill in the gap of wages.

Senate Announcements:

Krone: School Supplies Drive very successful. Intend on coming back next year.

Anderson: Motion to adjourn Motion Dies

Lei: 7:30pm Black Box theatre, student one act productions.
Eastes: KGLT popup sale selling old merch. Starting at 2pm. Going to be down in bookstore.

Juel: Next week Friday of finals week, Christmas concert. Holy Rosary on Main Street. Great music, acapella make you cry music. It’s free.

Killian: Thanks for a wonderful semester. Pep band kids. Tuba Christmas.
Swenson: What time is it when an elephant sits on you fence? Time to get a new fence. Rehal: How many times a month does KGLT have these sales?

Eastes: Once in a lifetime.

Move to adjourn by Senator Rehal at 7:58pm.