Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Room 235

December 6, 2018


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swanson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Killian Unexcused: Hall


Approval of Minutes

Motioned, Approved


Public Comment

Kyle, pilot program costs $56,000, not really free as stated. His SB pass doesn’t get him closer to campus than an F lot pass. His choice yes but walks the same distance. Doesn’t make sense that someone paying more for parking shouldn’t have the same benefit as someone paying less. The shuttle should cover all parking lots. He has to live far and there isn’t a bus where he’s at, so he has to have an SB pass. What we really need is clean and clear sidewalks, should invest in parking garages, and have safer bike paths on and off campus. Since the town is growing more money should go toward buses vs the shuttle for parking. The more buildings added means more parking and less agriculture. Doesn’t feel we are best utilizing the land. Could build up instead of out.


Madi Keen, in support of the shuttle. Parks far out and walks in on the ice every day. Is supper excited about the shuttle and makes the F lot worth it. Thinks this is a great use for student fees instead of letting them sit and go unused.


Tracey Ellig, VP of communications, thanks for the considerations going into the legislative priorities resolution. Lives in Helen but will attempt to come back to give us an update. Legislature and university initiatives, Romney Hall to get updated. The website needs to be updated but it will show the post renovation. Wants to complement the senate and how they compose themselves and how we treat each other. 


Nicholas, campus shuttle. Wants to mention those with disabilities. This is a cheaper option and gives them the option to not have to walk to campus. Are the ones that tend to be lower in income and can’t cover the long distance daily.


Spencer Bruce, people come to campus not just for school but for the recreation. The club wants to sponsor an event in Helena, Rally for Public Lands. Go to their Facebook page (Public Lands in Public Hands) to sign up, drive, or to get a ride. Passed out an info flyer to senate.



PACE - NACA and Spring Event Options

Katie, Lizzy, Bri and Chelsie attended the NACA conference, is an opportunity for them to learn about campus events and how to be a successful team, took about 18 hours and 12 hours of meetings and educational sessions.  Got to talk to Dixie State University about hosting dances, as they are working on the Blue and Gold Ball. NACA is how they met Salish the Hypnotist and got him on campus here. They won an outstanding one-time event award, M125th photo. Also won an award for Diversity and Inclusion for the symposium last year as well as their nomination award. Out of the five awards we won 3 of them.


Passing around notes for their presentation, Spring Event.

Covering types of concerts: A small soiree, up to 1,200 students, campus culinary, artist max, $7,000. Rendezvous at the Rialto, cost $2500, cap 450 students, streamline or rent bus, food options vary, artist cost $7,000-30,000. Loud and Proud, fairgrounds $700, use buses, food options, artist costs $30-60,000. Campus Coachella, on the Mall, capacity unknown, artist cost $250/student performer, production would be high.

Must haves: Security-$17/hr (25 workers), UPD-$50/hr (5 workers), Conscious crew – free, EMT costs-$1500.

Student Voice: FB:387/500 for concert, Trivia Night:28/46, Hypnotist:33/89, Whiteboard:110/200, Totals:558/835 = 67%.

We have had a concert every year for past 4 years. First concert was a nightmare, lots of complaints due to noise in library and was before finals week. Next year was off campus and was an awesome event, more personal as it was ~420 students, didn’t provide transportation however. Third year, concert was successful but had issues with security and safety. Was one of the largest events in ASMSU. Last year was in the field house, was successful, and had no issues with security. Didn’t have the best turn out, only 900.

Backline is when artists are going around in spring they are not with their group just going solo. So, they will need the instruments and sound systems. Electronic artists have higher background need.



Branch, if at fairgrounds could we open to the public and make some money off of it.

Can make students tickets less, and public tickets more.


Dalvit loves the Rialto idea and that more students would love this idea. Is a very centralized location. Is a good way for minor students to be able to go as they usually only host 21+ events there.


Abbot, can we get food trucks at the fairgrounds?

Yes, is an option.

Abbot, loves the idea of having student performers.

All four years we have had a student and local opener.


Dalvit, likes the Coachella event, but to allow student performers enough time to prepare.


Jurovich, how can you increase student turnout for larger events?

Idea is to have scan codes making it easier to buy and more accessible, as well as marketing earlier. Would also get more marketing materials from artists. The marketing team is more independent from the PACE team which allows them more freedoms and can hit this one home. Starting earlier will really help get the event going.


Lyon, how much did it cost last year in total? Loss/profits?

$80,000 costs, point is to not bring in income. Hopes is to bring in income but not to make a lot of revenue. Doesn’t have the exact answer so they will look into it, regarding cost/lost. This event is not supposed to be an expensive event, supposed to fun and relaxing for students.


Mulvaney, ball park costs for the different options?

Depends on the type of artist we want to bring in. Is up to us on the type of artist and quality of the event we want.

On the last page of the sheet passed out there is an idea of what different artist cost and gives a price range idea. Time is crucial here and just because we put in an offer doesn’t mean we can secure that artist.


Kothe, when can we start getting student feedback?

Taylor, bring it to whoever, sooner than later. Talk to them so that we best know what students want.

After break come and talk to the PACE team and give them the students ideas.


Karl, appreciates the options to compare one artist’s costs against the others. Thanks PACE.


Campus Coachella, 5.

Loud and Proud, 4.

Rialto, 8.

Small, 1.

Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

One justice appointment is up for consideration, Tom Loving. He is qualified and understands the role of jurisdiction. Priority list needs amendment, also has typo. Talk to PACE to get and understand the planning process for spring events. Big Funding Requests tonight, need to look at some better transportation options and this will give us control of that process. This type of transportation will give us some say when parking needs adjustments. This route is just a pilot and can make changes. This is just a starting point.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

Heidi is gone for her honey moon so her and Mandi are splitting things. Just know that the work goes on so contact them. Have an airport shuttle set, is a request from students. To fill the need they are hiring student workers and renting vans. Not permanent and if we wanted to continue this then we will need to create a long-term plan. The legislature will start before we return to school. If you would like to go to the capital let her know. Know who represents you.


Vice President - Lizzy Thompson

Chelsie, mentioned but ASMSU debut is coming up next semester. Two opportunities, students in ROTC are not given the same opportunities as other colleges and want to know what we can do to help. In other schools they are treated as athletes and want better representation. Spoke with Chase and the RHA appreciates when Taylor came and spoke, they would like to have someone do this again. Spring concert, please feel free to reach out with any question and comments. Will be going to funding board with requests and wants to make sure that no one is blindsided.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

November, KJLT and PACE are of concern. KJLT burns through their money first and will have funding later. PACE, a few things have moved to the PACE bucket, such as marketing. There are a few things PACE has gone over budget on but there are also some things under their budget that shouldn’t be. Over all at 37% for total expenses. In additional, there has been very little spending but will change depending on votes tonight. Next semesters schedule will be sent out and went over how to read the chart. Budget will be approved by April, 18 2019.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Over break think about what you want to accomplish this year, as we are already half way through. Thanks for our work this semester. During public comment, in general we don’t want to be debating, as this is their only chance to speak. Discuss during discussion or invite to office hours. Next meeting is January 17, 2018.



Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Finance board approved 4 request this week. Shuttle request – felt it is a great project and passed it. Sponsorships- thoughts are to set a budget for general sponsorships as it is a great idea. Film Rights- targets all students. Shirts – passed and in question as to whether students will even wear them, must wear and will hold each other accountable. Karl will send out emails for T-shirt days. Senator of the month is Sheridan Johnson, Employee of the month is Jamie Baird. Engineers are having their donuts tomorrow with the dean.


Senate Reports

Dalvit, made a Facebook post. Talked with Matt in the Office of Sustainability, new Cultural building is aiming for Lead Platinum. Need students input currently and if interested in being involved would love to hear your voice.


Halstad, put on student/faculty listening sessions. Thanks everyone for coming and will write a draft policy over break and will write resolution for spring.


Unfinished Business


2018-R-24 ASMSU Legislative Priorities

Motioned, Seconded.


Main Discussion:

Murali, hope we all have seen Taylor’s email. Amendments he suggested include: “Whereas, The faculty and staff of Montana State University (MSU) are a central part of students’ success; and,”, “Whereas, To continue to attract the most qualified individuals for positions at MSU it is imperative that we show our commitment to supporting them; and,” and “Advocating for the University Pay Plan to support staff and faculty;” under Resolved. Murali, wants to make the amendments he sent out with the adjustment in wording, Strike “University” in “University Pay Plan”.


Moved, Seconded.


Branch, amend amendment, Apostrophe to governors, line 5.

Moved, Seconded, all in favor. Passes.


Amendment Discussion:

Schmitz, we want the state to fund instead of out of tuition? Taylor, yes.

All in Favor, Passes



Main Discussion:

Gilbertson, is there going to be a different building for clubs to use. Taylor, not sure if there is a plan and if it gets approved then we will make a plan.


Schmitz, they plan to expand the gym towards Norm to add a secondary gym.


Abbot, a lot of students are not okay with it being renovated but to assure students we need to have a plan so they know they are not getting kicked out.


Schmitz, add amendment for a program that covers out of state costs for veterinary students. Is an important program due to lack of veterinarians. Moves to amend, whereas the WUE regional program will pay the difference for resident students due to the lack of having a veterinary school locally (Karl has exact wording). Wants ASMSU support to keep this program funded. Taylor’s concerned as our priorities will be scrutinized. Might be best to keep out of priorities and should make a committee to make split last-minute decisions.

Motioned, Seconded.


Amendment Discussion:

Murali, will vote yes.


Lyon, thinks it’s important that this program stays. Doesn’t know if this will help or hinder it. How was it talked about? Schmitz, Dr. Madix has been pushing for it and that having student voices might be more effective. Only has come up in last two discussions and some want the students to just pay for their own schooling.


Branch, absolutely loves the program but won’t support the amendment. The amendment doesn’t fit the document and mentioned that it will only serve about 11 students and this document is for the entire student body. Also, there are other programs that have a similar feel and we should make a resolution that covers all programs.


Johnson, wants the program to stay but doesn’t support this amendment.

Tracey Ellig, part of the team that lobbied for this program. Only been going since 2015. This is only one of several programs. We have to accept a certain degree of uncertainty, during every session every program is examined. It is true that there is always someone that doesn’t like it but out strategy as a system, is best to keep a low profile unless it is in threat. Once in writing it can draw scrutinize. Feels it would backfire if added and thinks it will sail through the session if left alone. 


Abbot, is voting against it as we can do a better resolution to support it.


Mulvaney, in support of program doesn’t support amendment.


Schmitz, moves to previous question.

Motioned, Seconded.  Amendment Fails.


Main Discussion:

Schmitz, main concern feels we can fund this but not Romney. Taylor, every year the buildings are listed in priority and Romney is listed number one.


Roll Call Vote: 17-0


New Business


Associate Justice – Tom Loving

Lyon, there has been a lot of positive feedback on Tom. Moves to vote.

Motioned, Seconded. All in favor.


Ballot Vote: 14 - Tom, 1 - Illegal vote

Tom Loving Sworn in


2019 Election Policies

Will be brought back next semester.


Funding Requests

2018-Request-16 Film Rights

Motioned, Seconded.



Schmitz, moves to previous question.

Motioned, Seconded. Approved.


Roll Call Vote: 16-0


2018-Request-17 ASMSU/OSE Shirts

Moved, Seconded.



Murali, any questions? No, ok.


Roll Call Vote: 13-4, Approved

2018-Request-18 Thrive Sponsorship

Moved, Seconded



Mulvaney, ASMSU has funded for years in the past. Thrive assumes they’ll get that money but it benefits us as it builds that relationship between us and Thrive. Their event is extremely successful.


Johnson, with all that in mind it is important for us to fund this. Should consider allocating funds for this next semester.


Murali, agrees with both, should move money into a pool for sponsorships and can get applications so we know which ones best support our students. In Support.


Roll Call Vote: 16-1 Approved


2018-Request-19 Campus Shuttle

Moved, Seconded.



Pelkie, would like to see some modifications for further out parking lots like 19th. Doesn’t want to amend right now but for down the road.


Elias, main opposition for those that live close to campus is that they don’t need/want it.


Schmitz, in the same boat. People said that it should be tacked onto the F-lot cost.


Johnson, heard the opposition too. Can consider for long term but for this pilot it makes the most sense for it to come out of our reserves. Throughout the semester can gather data and feedback.


Abbot, agrees with Johnson. Is a onetime deal and lets just see how it goes.


Reinhardt, is voting yes and is excited that this is a pilot project. Sees this resolution to help those individuals that’s are struggling to walk. Wants to see modifications and how this can grow.


Mulvaney, this is a flag ship item the Lizzy and Taylor ran on. This is a pilot and wanted to ask Schmitz, wants him to clarify cost. Schmitz, the $56,00 comes to about $6-7/student and to tack the cost to those students that are using it. Taylor, has talked to chief of campus police and have thought of increasing all parking lot passes, this would be about $12 increase for all passes. Lizzy, our campus is slightly inaccessible being on a hill. This could help students get around campus and should be for all.

Mulvaney, increasing streamline funding and should increase route frequency. Ask Taylor what is the plan for data collection?

Taylor, going to take ridership numbers and at large surveys as well as some writer surveys. Will also collect data on who uses it. This way if we decided to fund this long term we know best how to apply it. He will be working with the office of sustainability to collect data.

Mulvaney, is in support and is voting yes.


Gilbertson, if votes yes, does that include the current route?

Taylor, if we want to see adjustments, we can make minor changes throughout semester but big changes need to be done before semester starts. If you vote yes you are voting for pilot not the route.

Gilbertson, doesn’t agree with the route and feels that it needs adjustments but will support this pilot.

Taylor, is only a pilot and with only one bus we will not be able to hit all of campus all at once. If it is successful and we want to fund this long term, then can increase capacity.


Murali, senator Killian asked her to read his doc that was sent out (attached to end of minutes). Has two things for Taylor. Why do we need this now?

Taylor, MSU has been growing crazy fast and we are running out of space on the core campus. Soon we will be approaching hard decisions about wanting parking or buildings at the core of campus. If we prepare now it will serve students in the long run. Show? s that we are listening and addressing issues.

Murali, finance board says we won’t be paying till April?

Taylor, yes won’t bill till April and if it doesn’t work we can pull the plug to save money.


Branch, is in favor. Not much risk of it not passing. Addressing concerns, heard a lot about students not riding the bus and will not need this. However, feels it serves all students, as it will give us data about how students are moving about campus and this data will be invaluable as our campus grows. This program is thinking long term vs the now. Encourages all to vote yes.


Lyon, in complete support. Ski resorts do this and is eliminates congestion. It will also give students another opportunity to connect. Will there be marked stops?

Taylor, hasn’t been done yet but will be part of marketing. The more marketing we can do the more successful it will be.


Horton, went to a different university and experienced a parking nightmare. Like ski resorts, if it is pretty frequent people will use it. Beats walking in the cold.


Murali, moves to previous question.

Moved, Seconded. All in favor.


Roll Call Vote: 15-2 Approved


Senate Announcements

Schmitz, 1000 chicken nuggets weighs about 26lbs. Has been discussed during his office hours.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Johnson.