Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 325

December 1, 2016


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Benson, Bertolino(excused), Campbell, Clifton, Creed, DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach(unexcused), Hollinger(excused), Hurst, Jensen, Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian, O’Leary, Roback (excused), Swenson, Walker(excused), Windham, Jones



Approval of the Minutes:


Windham: Move to approve (seconded)

Minutes approved


Public Comment:


Emma: College of Agriculture. Resolution part of a bigger campaign, moving forward with resolution in order, incorporating a lot of MSU and foundation. President Cruzado and ASMSU president, get to sit on the board meetings as unofficial members.


Dylan: ASMSU student Lobbyist here to introduce himself.




MSU Leadership Institute

Laura and Connor


Student associate of the MSU leadership institute

Inspiring students to be leaders

Emerging leaders floor we partner with in order to inspire new leaders, we also partnered with the honors college an hosted a master class, staff retreat over in paradise valley, TAG tactical action gaming teambuilding, hosted a open house for students to talk with us about what we do, training and partnering with the Rec center, fall leadership summit retreat, overnight stay, very successful, a lot of interest from students interested in this process. OSE conference cosponsor, Carmen lead a workshop, Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Future, looking towards the future, Brining sir ken Robinson to MSU. Check out his ted talk. Offer an opportunity in order to go to the performance


Laura: Project manager at the leadership institute. Passing around a general budget at MSU, Total budget of $318,800. Get funding from student fee and it is matched by the provost office. Way under budget because a lot of bills that need to be pad haven’t been paid yet.






North Fork Financial

                 EGS Investing

Bill Saoddart: Socially responsible impacting been involved since the 90’s, started my own firm in 2011. Different ways f looking at green investing and green investing, different ways of approaching idea of, screen for investments we don’t believe in, proactively help in areas like affordable housing or environmental concerns, economic social and development concerns, two concerns: direct investing- community finance(area of investing has expanded dramatically), angle or venture investing, venture philanthropy, crowdfunding(a business where can go directly to a community and present it on a platform and individuals can say yes or no). Indirect investing, Mutual funds and separately managed account, mutual funds that are SRI, no alcohol, tobacco etc, (negative screening), Independent board would have an independent board form CEO, disclosing political lobby spending, Almost 9 trillion dollars of investment in unprofessional management, MSCI KLD 400 investment vs. S&P 500(shows not a direct sacrifice per term) Standard deviation roughly parallel, incremental list relative to return. Are risks, but risks with all investments. What types of industries being overrated? What are the costs? Currently, non-financial material risks, reporting standards being developed the iris project, should be addressed or disclosed, local investment opportunities available, Fiduciary standards( duty of care, loyalty, mission, and not duty to maximize financial return)




Admin Reports:


Zoltek: NACA booked a comedian to come to MSU in ballroom A. Present to senate next semester on what we learned at NACA, hired Dylan as your lobbyist, take the chance to get to know him, working on legislative priorities, brought up U of M Standing Rock stance, wrapping up year with all of the program directors, going to hire a campus entertainment coordinator, hiring a new late night coordinator, Campus Events Board – dance, three SUB PUB next semester, bringing back Blue and Gold ball, sub pub open mind night with Rec center?, town hall meeting on unity, anything that you would like us to know, let us know,  lighting of Montana Hall, Thursday Winter Holly event, ugly sweater and white elephant gift exchange, South hedges talent show next Friday judges(?)


Cronk: Program director meetings wrapping up next week. February, have a presentation with a recap of what has transpired this semester, last week finance board meeting passed supplemental request, keep on the payday pays of programs, may change taxes. Let me know if you guys have any questions.


Hetherington: Had a judicial meeting last night. Had a meeting with judicial council. Confusion with bi-laws, “concurrent terms could not be served” Not president and senator at the same time.


Jones: 3 MSU committees: EFAC committee ( 3 students), Computer fee allocation committee(2 students), Core 2.0 curriculum committee (heads core 2.0 program, 1), all need students, next week is last meeting of the semester. Ugly sweaters next week


Campbell: *tells semi-bad joke* UFPUB met, had presentation on transportation, finance board met, have another supplemental request.



Senate Reports:


Falls Down: met with constituency, discussed college and class fee increases. Diversity advisory committee, so many reports meeting Dec15th, a wealth of response from faculty and staff but not students. American Indian council, bingo night. Student memorial committee, hold back the survey, meeting next semester. Be sure to update website when you meet with your meetings with members and agendas.


Kaminetzky: Met with planning council and went over demographics, increased enrollment 10-12% increase in native American students, met with Marianne and planning service projects with people of different faiths.


Campbell: EFAC - Carl, School of Music looking to propose a student fee, for most of concerts, public pays 10, students 5, implement a 2$ student fee in order for students to not have to pay for concerts.


Killian: Climbing wall meeting, project moving forward


Windham: Met with SUB committee on suicide means meeting, access to firearms, high places, prescription drugs, and chemicals. In working committees in 4 areas. Looking to have presentations at the beginning of next semester. Firearms, no infringements on second amendment rights but keeping people safe. Implement a WIC clinic, looking to write a resolution, officially resigning my senate seat tonight, officially resigning senate seat- changed major, appointing another senator next semester.


Unfinished Business:




Jones: Second Reading

Legislative Priorities


Campbell: Motion to approve (seconded)


Kaminetzky: Correct the 2015 to 2016 at the footer of the paper(seconded)

                  Amendment passes


Campbell: Anyone else we should add?


Tracy: Typically a resolution would be sent to speaker of the house, senate president, minority and majority leaders of the house and senate


Campbell: Motion to add "Speaker of the house, senate president, minority and majority leaders of the house and senate” to send to list and “Montana board of regent’s chair” to “Montana Board of Regents” (seconded)

                  Motion passes


Killian: If we forget something, can we add something to legislative priorities next semester?


Campbell: Can be introduced as separate resolutions next semesters


Campbell: Move to switch the comma and semi-colon (seconded)

                  Roll Call Vote: 14-0



New Business:


Finance Board Supplemental Request


Campbell: motion to approve (seconded)


O’Leary: How this position going to work?


Campbell: Can approach and ask for graphic to use.


Falls Down: Is this person going to be a graphic designer for OSE and club?


Zoltek: Mary graphic designer for programs, goal with this funding, so that clubs could have graphic designers, no person currently for the clubs


Falls Down: How much do we have in supplemental requests?


Cronk: $13,404


Roll Call Vote: 14-0

                        Funding request passes


New Business:



Jones: First Reading



Campbell: First Reading


Kaminetzky: Move to suspend the rules regarding printing of paper.(seconded)

                        Motion Passes


Senate Announcements:


Killian: Saturday 8am, 45 minutes picking up trash.


DeRudder: Theatre one acts, next Thursday through Saturday 7:30pm, Wednesday of finals week, 4:30pm Shakespeare.


Campbell: Applaud Hannah and SNOW for diligence in resolution. Thoroughly researched and well written.


Motion to adjourn by Senator Kaminetzky at 7:30pm.