Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325
April 5, 2018

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Austin Anderson

Roll Call: Abbot, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Kuehn, Grover, Heinrich. Jones, Juel, Jurovich, Killian, Crone, Orr, Leckie, lei, Marsh, Moore, Murali, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler

Minutes Approved

Public Comment:

Connor Hoffman: thanks engineering senators, urges to vote in favor of resolution, applications for student regain

CLS major: part of scarchildhood cancer group to help raise funds for child cancer endorses you to come and join them


Moved to 15 min. presentations approved

EHHD: proposal to create program called life, plan to pilot program in the fall. based on 3 tracks; 4 years, 2 years, and 1 year, life scholar would be at least 18 years old have an educational or developmental disability. Curriculum has 3 components career development, educational, and campus engagement. peer tutors will provide academic support for the life scholars in the educational component. Peer partners will provide engagement opportunities for life scholars in the campus engagement component. Career development students will learn job skill over the course of 3 years. Students will then have a graduation ceremony.

Krone: do you have business cards or a good way to get ahold of you?

: yes
Kuehn: do you have opportunities for students to apply with you

: yes, we have

Kuehn: Do you have the ability to create internships for students after graduation?

: yes, we are looking at creating good job placement.

Krone: is there something that exists out of state or is this simply your creation

: the model we are proposing is based off of Syracuse University but they are limited based on the disability in question.

Exponent Budget

Logan hanky & Julia Connally

$69,985 total cost, budgeting for no additional revenue planning to use student fees. Requested appropriation is 70,000 revenues budgeted is $0. Expenses budgeted for $44,000 for Labor and $275 in work comp. digital expenses website $2,340. $360 for abode subscription and $300 in office supplies. $660 in total. Postage and mailing is budgeted for $10 budgeted $200 for maintenance, consulting expenses professional consulting $4000 and off campus printing is budgeted at $10,000 won’t go over a total of $16,000. Other expense (dues) are budgeted at 1,500. Administration budgeted at 5,000. For a total of 69,985

Jones: what is the status of the reserve fund, and what was the plan if you do have reserve

Exponent: fund is empty, plan is to add to reserve if we have reserve

Admin Reports:

Clifton: I have 8 items

student regent process

mass is the only body that is legally allowed to forward names to the governor to pick a student regent, what happened was a communication error. Me and my team were unsure on how to send students to apply. So to correct this I sent a email to mass and governor staff to consider these applications. Also working with VP of MASS to help outline this process and keep documents updated.

Krone: does the governor have any leanings on that yet Clifton: no idea

Medical Amnesty

Has heard zero negative feedback on it we have marketing plan in place on this

Rewriting the strategic plan finally read to send a draft out on next Thursday April 12 in ballroom D and the second date is Friday April 13th in the legacy lounge

6-mill levy: current tax the allocates over 100 million to higher education has been passed since 1945 we could see a 18% rise in tuition if not passed

Free speech policy: most of the changes we are making is to help students understand their rights. Will be voted on in May, when I get the draft I will send it to you all.

Crash pad: im in full support of this program and have helped move it along

Safety app: we are currently opened up for bids, but we are slated to begin in the fall

Turf field: April 18th from 8AM-12PM we will break ground in two weeks there will be refreshment, swag, and everything else cool. Climbing wall is slated to begin dead week with construction to finish by mid-July

Juel: is this the real ground-breaking ceremony

Clifton: It is the day before so Steve can attend


Star Wars trivial night was great, and the diversity ceremony was a great success wanted to recognize terry for the hard work. As far as the spring concert goes when are still working on contracts. 14 apps for concert crew that is a group of peers that look out for their fellow students. We have homecoming nominations going on right now what I want everyone to do is to nominate 2 students. In the past wehave allocated 1000 dollars to bobcat fest. We didn’t do that this year and we would like to give localbusinesses 500 dollars still need about 200. We have general election next week debate will be on Tuesday at noon. If you wanted to get more involved with the 6-mill levy let me know.


4 election complaints by noon today
Let me know if
you’re interested in help rewrite the bylaws

Marianne Brough:

We need an engagement application and we were just awarded $91,000 dollars to go towards make a software called campus lab which will help we also got a new position funded in our office. Creates a co- curricular program which reflects not only your academics but you voluntary and leadership efforts. If you want your photos send them to me so they will be in the end of the year banquet. KGLT is only half way through fundraising and has 60%

We have 15 programs to get through in about 4 weeks, we should start with the easy ones.

Funding board will not meet next week.
finance board: first pace was added back as well as blue and gold ball
crash pad: is a program that gives stud
ents a place to stay if they don’t have one.Senator of the moth: Jamie Baird

Senate Announcements:

Juel: move to take a 5-min. recess Grover: any discussion
Motion Passed

Swenson: across all colleges 938,000 allocated for electronics Blossom: really involved in the Crash pad
Baird: let me know if you have any questions about the rainbow ball Thank you all that helped at

Unfinished business:

Seeing no objection, we will move to second reading

New Business: R-13

Killian moves to approve seconded Any discussion

Lei: move to amend line 13 to Mass and msu executives Seconded
Amendment passes

Jones: what is the propose
Driskell: we can strike that if need be

Seeing no further discussion, we will move to a roll call vote

Yes 19 No 0 resolution is adopted

R-7 First Reading ASMSU 2018-R-07; Supporting Freedom of Student Press

R-8 First Reading ASMSU 2018-R-08; Bounty of the Bridgers

R-9 First Reading ASMSU 2018-R-09; LIFE Scholars Program

R-10 First Reading ASMSU 2018-R-10; Inclusive Homecoming Language B-4 First Reading ASMSU 2018-B-04; Appointments Bill

B-5 First Reading ASMSU 2018-B-05; Reallocation Bill

B-6 First Reading ASMSU 2018-B-06; Secure Single Seat Colleges in Elections

Juel: move to add B-7 to new Business Motion passes

B-7 First Reading

Recognizes senator lei

Yields to audience

Audience: wants to explain changes to tier 1.1 job accounts for about 68 hours however this job can’t bedone in that time I work on average 80-90 hours this is why I encourage an increase. The increase I propose is an $895 a month increase. This makes the position equitable witch is needed for diversity on campus. Directors feel they put in more work than they are paid for.

Leckie: if I were being paid for 70 hours, who ok’ed for working this many hours

: no one ok’ed us however we feel our commitment to this program is what makes us work these extrahours we wouldn’t have good shows if we didn’t

Leckie: what could we cut to help bring these hours down

: I don’t know of any programs we could cut that would make sense.

Killian: I move to open legal budget Properly seconded
Motion approved

Killian: does anyone remember what legal was requesting for new program

Jones: it was 10 for initial meeting and 50 for any other meetings

Hienrich: move to close legal budget and open KGLT Seconded
Motion passed

Blossom: KGLT hasn’t need the whole budget in the last few years so why are we giving them 200% of the budget they need?

Leckie: if they don’t hit there drive goals it’s a buffer

Baird: like Noah said it’s a budget as they wouldn’t be able to have the programs if they didn’t have it

Blossom: I understand where that’s coming from however I think the money would be better allocatedelsewise

Crone: do you have a number to cut in mind

Direct Response
Blossom: don’t have a specific number

Killian: understand that we need to spend this money however I feel they need the buffer just in case sothey don’t have to fire students.

Baird: should we cut their funding and they not me there budget I don’t what to leave that to chance

Lei: we are already seeing KGLT low the funding they request for us I don’t want to cut it much more

Orr: I think we should cut this budget to 15,000 and distribute this money to programs that could use it

Leckie: does anyone have any suggestions to cut?

Juel: I think the only one we could cut is office supplies. I don’t think we could cut anything else

Keen: i think it’s important for us to keep in mind that we are planning on cutting program directors pay any yet we have extra money here

Killian: finance board did not increase any program directors pay

Marsh: I feel conformable with the leeway they have in there

Leckie: move to close KGLT Motion passes

Swenson: move to open preschool Motion Passes

Hienrich: why did they request 200k but only got 175K

Requested a raise but they got one last year

Move to close preschool Passed

Killian: move to have a 10-min recess Motion Passed
Reconvened 8:18

Moved to open PACE Motion denied

Killian: I request that we talk about the PACE budget in the next week Hienrich: move to open late-night budget
Motion passed

Orr: I move to close late-night and move to open arts and exhibits Motion passed

Blossom: will create a taskforce to help fix the program directors tiers

Killian: I move to increase the assistance to 4,000 from 2,000 Seconded

Blossom: would it be feasible for an assistance to work twice as much and have the director work less

Leckie: it would be cheaper to give the director a raise then to increase this.

Leckie: could we meet somewhere in the middle with that

Direct response:
Killian: Yes I ok with that

Hienrich: director know going into this they are paid not by the hour

Blossom: with that agreement it states they can’t report those extra hours I think we should honor their commitment.

Lei: if a director feel they need 20-30 hours I feel there is a problem with the stipends

Murray: I agree and I think Marianne’s taskforce will fix this issue

Lei: I think we should shoot this motion down and change it 1,250 Move to previous question
Motion passes
Motion to raise assistance to 4,000 fails

Motion to raise assistance to 1,250 Seconded

Jones: if the incentive pay is the same across all directors and we change just this one we are breaking the model for one director

Blossom: is there a way to increase incentive pay for all directors

Jones: yields to Micah

Micah: directors can apply for an incentive raise 2 times a year. I don’t like the way this system isworking we need to revamp this.

Blossom: what are your thoughts on increasing incentive pay

Micah: I’m for it either that way or through Marianne’s way

Heinrich: fell more conformable if we did this at the end rather than before we look at all the budgets Leckie: I agree with Heinrich we will encounter this again and again until the end

Lei: 1000 for assistance and 250 in incentive pay I understand we don’t want to mess with the incentivepay so let’s vote to remove the incentive pay but keep the assistance

Motion to increase assistance by 1000 and incentive pay by 250 9 yes and 8 nos
Amendment fails

Leckie: we can revisit the 1000 once we get the incentive thing next week and move to close arts and exhibits

Motion passes

Move to open the procrastinator budget Motion passes

Lei: why is the office supplies cut
Killian: extra 250 was going to by chairs and a table which is a reserve request

Leckie: move to close

Seconded Motion passes

Orr: move to open SEGA Seconded
Motion passes

Jones: it would not be right for senate to create funding for a program that doesn’t exist yet I move toclose SEGA

Seconded Motion Approved

Leckie: I move to open election Seconded
Motion approved

Killian: I want to make sure we keep election application free

Leckie: Move to close election Seconded
Motion approved

Hienrich: move to open the SPA budget Seconded
Motion approved

Heinrich: move to close this budget Seconded
Motion passed

Lei: move to open PACE Seconded
Motion approved

Killian: I would like to support the blue and gold ball In this budget
: is there room for having speakers with the addition of the blue and gold ball
Killian: I think we should be able to do both
Ambika: why is the spring concert not on there
Killian: that was moved to the reserve
Lei: did ASMSU host the mistletoe dance
Marianne: no we did not
Abbot: I when with my sister and it was a great outlet
that’s why I would keep it in the budget

Jones: we don’t budget around PACE schedule PACE need to budget around us. This is a program that we know that students want rather then what we think they want so that’s why im in support of theblue and gold ball

Heinrich: im unconformable with the M photo being cut I motion to put it in the budget Seconded

Jones: personal I think most students didn’t like it they sat in the 80-degree heat with no shade.

Grover: I agree with Brad I don’t think we get anything out of itMurray: I think it should be cut as well

Juel: we should create a t-shirt program that is the same every year so freshman don’t feel like they aretargeted

Leckie: I agree that it still should be cut, I think there are other things we could do instead of it. Orr: M photo was the first event I went to that ASMSU put on so I think it hold a little merit there Wheeler: I agree with Orr
Abbott: if its really that important the university will pick it up

Killian: if the university wants it they can pay for it. it won an award and when didn’t get credit for it.

Hienrich: I do not want it to be defunded if no other office has agreed to cover this

Swenson: its 11,000 for a photo I dont think we should be paying for this.

Blossom: I think the M photo is a great way for ASMSU to talk about our self and state politics to freshman

Jones: I have a hard time spending student money to possibly bring new students into the campus and for the university to use it without mentioning us

Motion to move to previous question

Motion fails

Kuehn: how many shirts were left over from last year

Micah: about 1500-2000

Kuehn: I suggest we change this program to use Juel’s idea about using the same style shirts

Killian: I think we are going in circles but I don’t think we have the votes to put this in the budget

Lei: I sounds like this program is not meant for student therefore I don’t think the office of studentengagement should fund it

Leckie: I agree with cutting it however if we create on revenue photo we could charge admissions, and all other offices to use this photo which we have copyright over.

Micah: I think it would be a silly idea for us to send a message to administration saying we aren’t goingto fund this. If we make offices pay for this it makes us seem really divided.

Orr: I think we should have a little money in this photo so we can engage with students. Killian: I think its on the university for us being partners as they put this on us with no support Move to pervious question
Motion passed

Move to reinstate the m photo Motion failed

Abbot: can we talk with other departments to fund this
Killian: I don’t want this to be an event at all so im not going to go out and look for someone to fund itJones: I move to close PACE

Hienrich: I move to go into senate announcements

Senate Announcements:

Baird: rainbow ball 8-11PM all proceed to the tampon drive
Orr: Wednesday the 11
th cycle for life will benefit the Taylor Trudeau foundation
Killian: jazz concert at the Emerson
Juel: posted about Marianne Bear-b-que, 20
th is the sustana-blia-bash
let’s get things moving early new week so when don’t have a lot to do next Thursday

Senator Swenson motion to adjourn at 9:41pm.