Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Conference Room 325

April 20, 2017


Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker, Bradley Jones.

Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson


Roll Call: Benson, Bertolino, Campbell, Clifton, Creed, DeRudder, Falls Down, Grover, Haslach, Hollinger, Hurst, Jensen, Johnson, Kaminetzky, Killian, O’Leary, Roback, Swenson, Walker, Windham, Speaker Jones

Approval of the Minutes:


Kaminetzky: Move to approve (seconded)


Public Comment:


Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services: Say thank you to this year’s Senate, specifically Matt and Garret. Congratulations to incoming Senators. Looking at moving the Catcard office down to the cashiering operation to the basement of Miller Dining Hall. Used to have people from Family and Graduate Housing come in and pay bills, but no longer due to technological era. Migrating to an app friendly environment for the Cat card process and will continue expanding. Updating into a new software program. Closer to IT group to aid in the transition with the move. Looking at moving in May for the new freshman orientation.  Please express concerns if you have any.


Campbell: How will this affect orientation?


AVPAS: Still have some photo id stations in the Sub.


What are you going to use the open space for in the SUB?


AVPAS: Possibly another food venue?


Anything you’ll need from next year’s Senate?


AVPAS: Unless you feel like anything is super important, no real need for anything.


Fall Down: Any update on the new chiller?


AVPAS: I know that we haven’t had problems throughout the installation. I haven’t asked because I haven’t heard anything negative.


Campbell: Move to after public comment, this Senate takes a group photo.


Windham: I was a Senator for the past 3 years. I wanted to talk about some of the legislature that is coming to Senate tonight. Really good to get a jumpstart on things, however, I would caution bringing this up at this meeting. I don’t think it is a good idea to overturn any rules or pass any legislature tonight, especially with the new incoming Senators.


Lee: Incoming senator for college of Arts and Architecture, Kylar and Micah have put in a of hard work and effort in order to. Diversity office is not going to get anymore money within the following years.

Barret: Incoming Senator at large. Programs hopefully coming into effect, would be beneficial to this university.


Leki: Don’t know much about this proposal. Never a bad idea to be more inclusive. I feel like this is a good proposal and would do a lot of good things for the student body at MSU.


Admin Reports:


Leach: Work fast one year does not last long. I will save my tears for the banquet. Asking for volunteers for the WetLab. An event with the police doing different sobriety tests. Turf Field Rock wall passed with flying colors, now goes to the board of regents. Board of Regents do really not want to increase the fees this year. I will keep you all update. New senate is going to be appointed today. *sings his praise*


Brough: We are all important to each other and that what we do is valuable. Not a job where you get a lot of gratitude. This year we expanded our legal program by 3 times, moved the student voice to campus by establishing a voting poll on campus, 22.2% voter turnout, Garret appointed to the board of directors, joint city meeting, wants more next year, had pizza with the president, rock wall, turf field, club funding, WIC going to have a place on campus in a few weeks, got a credit card system in the ASMSU office, put 300,000 that earns up 15% per year, took law school mixer from 8-100 this year. A year is not really even a year, its 9 months. You have accomplished a lot. Congratulations.


Zoltek: Concert April 29th, Roskie parking lot. Definitely want to talk about the special elections in Montana, vote, election to congress. Educate people about this.


Cronk: Broad overview of what has happen this year, admin will need to go over and finalize, Student activity fee, brought in 986,090, about 20k more than projected. Reserve balance 404,791, Supplemental 12,516. Had great program directors this year, reflected in the budget


Arts and Exhibits:

Budget: 17,470

Income: 8,962(8,508)


Campus Entertainment

Budget: 75,020

Income: 18,570



Budget: 7,704

Income: 3,771 (3,933 under)


Late Night:

Budget: 12,458

14,345(1,977 over because haven’t received reimbursement yet)



Budget: 58,837

Income: 36,708(22,129)



Budget: 13,268

Income: 18,311 (5,043 over)

            Stage included in this budge


Public Relations:
Budget: 27,640

Income: 23,544 (4,096 under)


Student Political Action:

Budget: 13,446

Income: 10,495(2,951 under)



Budget: 20,434

Income: 13,036 (7,398 under)



Budget: 311,111

Income: 244,096 (67,015)



Budget: 233,000

177,560 (56,066 under)



Budget: 30,281

Income less expenses: 40,852 (10,571)

Not worried about being over, fund drive still going on


Legal Services:

Budget: 39,249

Income: about 5,000 under


*sings praise of Steven*


Johnson: Introducing two new justices. We uphold the bylaws and review cases brought up to us when needed. We receive, investigated and ruled over 24 elections dispute, issued 9 rulings for you to see. 2017-b14, judicial councils will not review bills prior to second reading, therefore no official ruling.


Jones: Outgoing senators, if you could have the lockers empty by finals week, that would be cool. Exit interviews, see Marianne. Two versions, one anonymous, one not. This meeting last year, gave a few random facts.


Campbell: Yield to Leach: Professional development for student leaders, want more feedback from people involved for leaders. What have I done well, what do I need to improve on.


Campbell: Tomorrow EFAC, Karl, Clara and I. Funding board meets for 8 hours Sunday. Pleased working with executive team. Glad that I took initiative in Senate, with I would have engaged my constituents better. Fiscal responsibility of the ASMSU, over a million dollar budget to be passed this year, keep this in mind. You will do this next year.


Senate Reports:


Kaminetzky: It has been an honor seeing this body. EFAC will be fun. I have another event to go to so I will have to leave soon.


Falls Down: Thank you for the wonderful experience. Powwow was a huge success, a lot more dancers and basketball players than ever. Diversity advisory meeting 10 am this Monday. Student memorial committee going to be ready with info.


Technology advisory committee, bringing info to advisory council. Students did not like D2L mobile version. D2l rolling out a new upgrade new year. Registration deadlines, students will forget or miss, wanting to send out deadline for registration email.


Killian: VW lied about their emissions element, so Montana is going to get a huge settlement from this suit. Sent out an email with amended version, need to pass this because no program directors have been hired.



Unfinished Business:


Killian: Move to have 2017-B014 suspending first reading. Suspend the rules. A lot of work has gone into these new positions. Was not originally supposed to be done this late.


Suspension of rules not reconsider-able, bill will not be passed tonight.


Campbell: Move to open FY 2107 budget



Grover: Move to open admin


Campbell: Move to approve


Falls Down: Move to close the admin budget

            Budget Closed


Campbell: Move to open PACE

            Move to approve PACE (seconded)


Kuehn: Is Blue and Gold officially happening next year?

Cronk: Want to have an event for the spirit director in the spring, but they want to have their own even.

            PACE budget approved.


Campbell: Move to add 30,000 to streamline bus operations.(seconded)


Bertolino: If we add in 30k, 25k, and VP discretionary, will the budget still be balanced?


Cronk: Yes. Funds to been incorporated into the budget, whatever is leftover, going into the reserve.


Jones: Bill with VP discretionary, just signed.


            30,000 streamline approved


Campbell: Add 25,000 to supplemental.

            Supplemental Fund approved


Campbell: Move to approve FY 2017 Budget(seconded)

            18-0 FY2017 budget approved


Move to strike Request 5 and 2017-B014 for this year.


O’Leary: Getting thrown out of this year’s budget, but students really want to see more involvement with Health and Wellness and Diversity.


Campbell: These positions are what the students voted for because this is what the presidential candidates ran on.


Killian: I apologize for not reaching out to more of Senate regarding this bill.


DeRudder: Feel like this is something that is worth wild. The fact that it was rushed means that it was important to a lot of people. Going to have some long meeting, a lot of discussion.


Hollinger: Missing out on a summer without this plan. Even if these positions come into effect in the following summer.


Bertolino: New positions need more time to be effective. Please come talk to Brad, Kade or I if you have any further questions.


2 items struck from agenda


Request 3:


Campbell: Funded the front desk in May, 3,000 for Casey during summer and Mickenzie for part of the summer. Finance board expressed hesitation for this for final project. Recently hired Heidi. Finance board felt like this was not good expenditure for this  special project because she is already doing a great job


Campbell: Motion to approve(seconded)


15-1-1 request passes


Request 4:


Campbell: All have heard about. Fiance board decided t pass up to 5000, put a cap on it. Will be approved next year.


Creed: Where is the deficit coming from?


Campbell: Exponent had an issue with some advertising. Business manager was not billing the people that were being advertised. Not sure if they are going to receive the money in revenue from projected values.


16-0 Request passes


Request 6:


Campbell: Yield to Leach


Leach ;Want to have a pooling vote on campus so students don’t have to go down to hope Lutheran. Highly encourage you guys to fund this.


Campbell: Move to approve (seconded)

            16-0 Request Passed


Swenson: Exemption for Kasey to be a desk clerk and a justice(seconded)



Senate Announcements:


Kaminetzky: Symphony, woot woot.


Killian: Next Wednesday at 12:30pm on the mall. Go Cats GO.


Campbell: Been a good ride. Going to hang around to watch appointments.


Bertolino: At 7pm grand tree hotel, college of AG dance. New senate, form your own opinions, talk to your constituents.


Johnson: Had a ball with senate, we should all do some sight-seeing.


Swenson: Thanks for a great year, going to miss all of you.


DeRudder: Check out the mural in the parking garage. Spring awakening in the black box theatre, student tickets 12$. *sings praise of Justice Johnson*


O’Leary: Cronk: *sings praise of Killian*

            Battleships, fitness center


Jensen: May 1st law day, Montana supreme Court be there, AOII, arthritis research 8 min on a dodge ball team.


Bertolino: When you are looking for your senate speaker, *sings Ted’s praise*


Jensen: Need all of new senators for letters and science emails, I have a lot of things to send out.


Reconvene at 8:15pm


I move to dissolve the 2016-2017 of the ASMSU senate (seconded)









Appointment of the Senate Speaker:


Killian: I nominate Grover and Krone.



Killian: 2 questions,


Kheun: If you were a flavor of ice cream, what would you be and why?


Killian: We should do two serious questions.


Rehal: Why would they do a better job than the other senators.


Juel: We should ask about  their experience in parliamentary procedure.


Abbot: We should not have them discuss each other.


Killian: Friendly amendment: Why do you believe you are a qualified candidate for the position?


Leckie: To ask the first question.


Marsh: How do you plan to keep an unbiased opinion as Senate Speaker?


Killian: Move to come in alphabetical order by last name. (seconded)



Grover: Excited to see so many new faces. Need someone who has some ASMSU experience, and that is committed to the position. Have a lot of experience, am an incumbent. Written a lot of resolutions this past year.


Question 1


Having someone that has ASMSU experience. Takes an understanding of our bylaws and our constitution. Knowing people in ASMSU as well.


Question 2


I’m a very cool levelheaded person, staying very impartial. Not saying I don’t have strong opinions.



Krone: My father is the most influential person in my life. Hey don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. President and Vice President at Northwest college in Wyoming.


Question 1


Always like to shine light upon how passionate I am. Want to bring forth positive attitude. Have experience in the executive board, been a vice president, president and an RA.


Question 2


Put away all bias. FFA experience with dealing with minorities and majorities. I would like to earn this vote from you. I want to bring this drive that I posses to this Senate.




Abbot: I noticed that when Krone stated talking, he is very passionate, but how passionate can you be in a speaker position while staying unbiased?


Keuhn: I decided to not run for Senate Speaker because being as passionate and loud as I am, I do not think that I would be able to keep unbiased in situation.


DeBeau: I really appreciate Krone’s enthusiasm, but it could potentially become an issue later on.


Swenson: Yield to “Just Campbell”: Advocate for Ted a little bit. Always has a cool and collected demeanor.


Both candidates both good in their own right. What Krone lacks in ASMSU experience, they make up for in outside experience.


Killian: Express my support for Ted Grover, knows ASMSU and parlypro.


Yield to “Just Markie”: Either Candidate would be good for the  position, Ted, probably the most of the year, very level headed. Warren has more of a passion to serve, rather than something that would detract from his ability to make decisions. \\


Orr: Thoughtfulness of Grover should be taken into account, very thoughtful with approach.


Jones: Support Ted. Willing to listen to both sides, willing to play devil’s advocate, not afraid to consider the other side or to admit that he might be wrong. Internal knowledge of ASMSU is also very important.


Abbot: Might be more beneficial for him to be able to vote and be part of parliamentary procedure.



Senate Speaker Pro Tempore: Move to open the floor via nominations


Keuhn: Nominate Killian


Jones: Nominate Swenson

Anderson: Nominate Krone


Move to give 2 minutes for introductions, 2 questions and a one minute closing.


Lecki: Move to ask, what makes you qualified to serve as ProTempore?



Anderson: Why would you like to be Pro tempore?


Driscoll: Move to brig candidates in alphabetically by last name.



Killian: Running to represent y’all. Experience in ASMSU. On the finance board. Learned ins and outs of 2017 budget.


Question 1


Killian: Served on the finance board, know how to attack supplementary requests, boy state ProTempore.


Question 2


Killian: Experience with ASMSU, great time management still, be impractical and have strong opinions when needed.




Krone: Already told so much about me. Doesn’t matter what position I get elected to. Im willing to work for you and I want you to know that. I bring up passion a lot but that is because its so important to me.


Question 1


Krone: State officer for FFA, president and VP for past college, wealth of parliamentary procedure knowledge.




Swenson: Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering, believe all three candidates, combination of ASMSU experience and parlypro. Student body president my senior year in high school. Involved in RHA and senator at large. Student government procedure. Chairing finance and funding board.


Question 1


Swenson: Combination of ASMSU experience and paryl pro. Helped form the budget oversight committee.


Question 2


Would like a chance to take the next step. I was a senator this last year, but not as involved as I would have liked to be in.




Keuhn: Express my endorsement for Killian, he is the reason I’m here. He is the reason that I believe in the leadership qualities that I have.

Jones: Yield to Matthew: Good options with all three, Swenson and Killian are both fantastic candidates.

This person is not responsible for any money. A big part is the ability to run a meeting and command people’s attention.


Lei: Previous experience in finance board is important.


Anderson: Express my endorsement for Senator Krone.


Abbot: Might be interesting to have hi m her because he knows so much about parly pro and he is new blood.


Blossom: Endorsing Killian


*Swaring in of Scotty Killian*



Public Comment:


Falls Down: Sat on the diversity advisory committee. Worked on the diversity statement and planning. I would like someone to come to the meeting with me. Student memorial committee, a parent came to the dean and fronted 10,000 in order to move the student memorial.


Campbell: I think you made good decisions, express support for Brad for budget oversight and finance board committee. Make Brad stay on the judicial committee.


DeRudder: Support Justice Justin Johnson. Support Brad in his endeavors.


Johnson: I hope that you get to disagree passionately this year. Get on lots of committee.


Hollinger: Congratulations to all Senators.



New Business:


Steven Murray:


Killian: Move to let Steven speak for a minute followed by a discussion by the Senate.


Murray: Good friends with previous business manager. Grew up doing the traditional Montana kid things. Very excited to work with all of you.


Jones: Does anyone know him personally.


DeBeau: Surprised to see him here, when I worked with him I thought he was levelheaded and quiet. Great plans and aspirations.


Killian: Expressing support for Murray. Will supports him, nobody knows the job better than will.


Justin Johnson:


Killian: Move to approve. (seconded)


Jones: Came into the position at a very rough time. More than up for the job for next year.


Swenson: Speak to the professionalism of Justin Johnson.



Finance Board:


Blossom: Nominate Eastes


Leckie: Nominate Rehal


Killian: Nominate Lecki and Jones


Krone: Nominate Lei


Jones: Nominate Swenson


Killian: What is the job of finance board?


Marsh: Bring in by shortest first (seconded)



Rehal: Business management major. Part of AMA, taken a lot of classes regarding finances.


Rehal: Make sure that we don’t exceed the budget. Great communication between all members. Make sure that the numbers are already crunched by the time the budget comes to Senate.


Eastes: Currently working with KGLT, personally have been watching over all books with KGLT, will be in the green soon. Last year I worked full time getting Montana residency.


Eastes: Job is to allocate money to different organization on campus. Make decisions on whether or not to pull it out of the reserve as well as work on budget.


Lecki: Need to know how to budget and have a general understanding of campus and where to allocate money. Love to build onto the work that have already been laid down.



Lecki: Allocate money that the students pay and allocating them to the various places on campus.


Swenson: Want to be on the board, being an engineer, I am very good with numbers.


Swenson: Make sure that the student fee money entrusted by AMSU is spent in the most responsible way to benefit the most students.


Jones: My goals align with the finance board. This year I decided to give someone else the opportunity to be speaker.


Decided the merit of the various requests that are given to it. The money of the students spent in the most efficient way possible.


Lei: Have experience in both political finance ad film finance.


Look at and approve finances before they go to the ASMSU senate. Have to approve the before they make their way to the floor.


Driscoll: Ian came up to me the day after the elections and talked to me about all that he wanted to do with Senate.


Keuhn: Swenson is awesome. Had the same office hours with him, knows his numbers being an engineer.


Killian: Leckie invested in looking over the budget, so we did that. Jones has past experience ein finance board. Ian a great guy, when asked what the job of finance board is, when talking about finance board, more suited for funding board


Krone: Swenson and Rehal very motivated and engaging.


Abbot: Express support for Rehal and Leckie.


Anderson: Move to previous question(seconded)


Noah Lecki, Brad Jones, Karl Swenson



Funding Board:


Nominations:  Rehal, Orr, Juel, Keuhn, Eastes, Lei, Anderson


Marsh: Move to bring in candidates by birthdays beginning in January(seconded)


Lei: Worked with mass funding a lot, helped multiple campus organizations apply for funding.


Keuhn: Bobcat dancer last semester, want t help clubs get the money they deserve


Orr: As a freshman, I can consider that I am very involved in a lot of things on campus. Love to be able to connect with more students via funding board.


Eastes: Thought I would pick up where I left off, made a lot of deliberation with expensive artwork. Good with making decisions about what is needed.


Juel: Position works closely with organizations on campus, able to attend meeting from the opposite side.


Rehal: Work with 9 other students where we raised 41000, donated it all to Nepal. VP of the club.




Lecki: Speak to Rehal’s qualifications, bring a different thought process and diversity element to funding board.


Killian: Speak to Juel and Keuhn. Offering support.


Rehal,  Juel, and Eastes to be appointed to Funding Board.



Senate Judiciary Committee:


Nominate Driscoll, Blossom, Marsh, Orr, Keuhn, DeBeau, Swenson, Krone


Juel: Move to have those who have not spoken to give a one minute intros


Eastes: Previous Question(seconded)

            Motion fails


Keuhn: One minute intro for each candidate


Rehal: The lease number of credits to come in first(seconded)


*Brief introductions form each candidate*


Henruch: Speaking on behalf of DeBeau, great in this position.


Eastes: Speak on behalf of Driscoll, extremely meticulous, works really hard. Be a high achiever in this position. Blossom is a great fellow senator with potential.


Jones: People follow the rules they agree to follow. Endorsing Swenson, shows a very strong interest in the bylaws and making sure that they are the best for the students. As long as I have been here, we have not had anyone with experience from another school.


Killian: The number of applicants for each position is amazing. Blossom approached me, endorsing.


Appointments are Blossom, Swenson, Krone.



Budget Oversight Committee:


Nominations: Jones, Lei, Marsh, Heinrich.


Blossom: All candidates get a one minute speech(seconded)


Lecki: Closest to Bozeman (seconded)


*Speeches by nominees*


Blossom: Voice support for Lei


Krone: Voice support for Marsh. Has the talent and has the motivation.


Swenson:  This committee was Brads idea. It is his baby. Highly recommend him for this.


Killian: Brad has a great vision for this committee.


Appointees are Jones, Lei, Marsh.



Admin Reports:


Clifton: Process of interviewing for program directors, interviewing tomorrow for program directors. I ask this senate to at least read the legislature that the old senate did not pass.


Grover: As far as calling a special meeting, I am going to say no. I voted to move this forward initial, but I am not going to follow up on this.


Killian: Super proud and super pumped for this year.



Senate Announcements:


Jones: ASMSU has a lot of power as far a student government goes. We have real power here. Make your voice heard. Reach out to incumbents for help with legislature. One of the things about the bill. One of the things that I believe is really important to protect minority rights. Especially when it has something to do with 1/3. Willing to sit down with Clifton and McFeely and hash out the workings of this bill. Going to hear me a lot this year protecting minority rights to make sure that these bodies are represented.


Baird: Yield to Johnson: Bylaws state that program directors be hired by two hours ago. Recommend we fix that next senate. This would not have been an issue if the original timeline.


Wheeler: Sustainnabilibash, yes.


Killian: Science March


Swenson: Encourage new senators to stop by the office when you get a chance.


Motion to adjourn by Senator Swenson at 11:16pm.