Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325
April 19, 2018

Minutes called to order at 5:59pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Jurovich, Krone, Killian (excused), Kuehn, Leckie, Lei, Marsh, Murali, Orr, Rehal(unexcused), Swenson, Wheeler.

Approval of the Minutes:

Minutes approved
Baird: Move to go to New business after public comment. Driscoll: Move to recognize Senator Jurovich

Public Comment:

Austin: Diversity Symposium had fantastic results, thank you to Terry.

Bradley: Here on behalf of students in regard to the M photo. College of Business student: M photo more than just a photo, before and after in development as a student. College of Business student: sense of connectivity with rest of class, locate good friends that you didn’t know youhad that.

Grimsrud: *Letters from students supporting the keeping of the “M photo”

Anderson: Express thanks to Kylar and Micah for service. Extend congratulations to Taylor and new elected Senate. Here for a formal invitation for a joint meeting with Senate next year. Endorse budget recommendations for Diversity and Inclusion.

Krone: Recognize Marsh Wheeler: Recognize Abbot

New Business:

Grover: Open Diversity and Inclusion if no objection

Baird: Move to change the director stipend to 5198$ as requested. Jones: Total number of hours?
Bradley: 21 hours a week.

Amendment passes
Baird: Move to change workers comp to 8$ as requested by Terry.

Motion passes
Baird: Move to approve the entirety of Terry’s recommended budget.

Jones: So every line item is open now? For co-sponsorship, what is the allocation plan?

Baird: A lot of work done is collaboration with student organizations. Very hard for groups that want to put on events and going through ASMSU. Groups would come to director and then approved by budget oversight committee

Jones: What is preventing groups from going to the finance board?
Baird: Unfamiliar with procedure and lack of time for events. Sent out FAQ for this.

Jones: We have had multiple things this year come to the finance board on a Monday and be passed on a Thursday. As for me, the time issue is not a thing. I don’t see why the director can’thelp with the process through finance board. Having to go through the diversity and inclusiondirector would provide for only one person to go through rather than a body. Don’t think thebudget oversight committe has it written in their bylaws

Juel: Straight forward and. If I was a incoming freshman that saw a need with diversity and inclusion, I would never think of coming to Senate or finance board. I would come to

Orr: Yield to Terry: Diversity is still very abstract. Practical in supporting diversity and inclusion, need to have the flexibility.

Leckie: If a student came to you Terry, would you feel comfortable directing them to Senate Finance and Funding board?

Bradley: Absolutely, will do this if this line item doesn’t get passed. Expect more requests, if so.Leckie: Job of finance board to allocate funding when needed.
Bradley: This would help with organization, implementation, and execution.

Baird: Important about this, collaborative guidance. Has the support it needs to succeed. Learning process for students. Nurture programs and events. Interaction with director and support of students.

Jones: If request is worried about time because event wants to happen on Friday with a plan that starts on Tuesday, worried about the “put together” qualities of events.

Lei: Director will have a seat at the table. Move to previous question.

Reinstate Terry’s line item Passes

Baird: Approval of Terry’s recommendation
Vote: 11-7 Motion fails, not 2/3 majority

Baird: Move to add everything but the marketing item.
Kuehn: A lot of events pay for parents to park, such as Advocats. Common practice.

Motion passes Baird: Move to instate 4000 for marketing.

Heinrich: For people who don’t believe in this, compromise at all?

Abbot: Cut it in half, see how it goes for the first year.

Heinrich: Need to find a way to compromise as students working for students.

DuBeau: This is for guidance in addition to funds. Frustrated with people saying let’s see how itgoes the first year.

Juel: Amount of money is the amount of money. Don’t need to see where it goes because wehave capable people that make things happen the first time.

Jones: I don’t see why this extra 4k necessary. Budget oversight committee oe snot have this written in their bylaws.

Leckie: Supported and diversity and inclusion committee. Reason I’m against it now, I only seeone event up there. Not the most bang for my buck for this position while health and well being has 5 events budgeted for.

Wheeler: 20 possible events in FAQ. Leckie: Not budgeted for.

Baird: To say one event with so many isn’t comparable to 5 events that haven’t happened yet.

Recognize our place of privilege before we say there isn’t a place of diversity and inclusion oncampus.

Jones: Don’t see where this is opposing diversity. Against the process, not the what.

Marsh: Constituents do not support this position. This campus does not recognize where this position is in the state on Montana. All here voted in by the people that support us.

Leckie: Hearing about events can be enough information to support them. Support diversity in another view.

Kuehn: Clifton: Very strong need for this position. Difference in leadership. The different people within different position will lead differently. All of the work that I do is through policy,advocating and outreach. Terry said, don’t fund it if you don’t want,

Jones: Have no qualms with people coming to finance board. Baird: Previous question.

Line item fails Blossom: Move to close diversity and inclusion.

Close Diversity an Inclusion

Blossom: Move to open PACE.

Lei: Killian: In favor of the M photo, and food for marching band.
Lei: Move to reinstate admin budget, and add 300$ for food for marching band. Grover: Officially resign Speakership.
Lei: Nominate Swenson.
Blossom: Move to previous question to end discussion.

Ballot Vote: Swenson confirmed

Lei: Originally against it. Chelsie has been professionally surveying people. Once ASMSU got involved, M photo and convocation were on two separate days.

Krone: Have to question survey bias and potential for human error. Overwhelming opinion for my constituents, something that is in the back of my mind. Simply suggesting that we are moving the funding somewhere else, not defunding the entire event.

Blossom: Statistics quality, for her dissertation. Good stats.

Baird: As a stats major, very free of bias.

Driscoll: Initially, I was hesitant to fund this. Went to source and talked about this with Chelsea. Been listening to public comment and letters sent in. Found a great compromise for cutting cost for the tshirts.

Grover: I don’t believe that these are real results. 100% is a flaw, doesn’t sound like a real survey to me. Sister is a freshman, asked her if she enjoyed the M photo. She said she didn’t see thepoint. Talked to a lot of constituents about this photo, don’t see the value in this. Agree that it should stay, ASMSU shouldn’t budget it. I don’t think that other organizations should fund it because they are the ones advertising with the photo.

Orr: 4 impassioned letters written for the M photo. Current photo is a compromise from the original value. Not original 17k. Can use it as an engagement event.

Leckie: Personal Privilege

Lei: Incoming vice president said that this event is what got her into ASMSU. Why don’t we tryand make this better?

Kuehn: Concerns are for students. I went to the M photo, I was on the dance team. Kind ofresentful about it. Argue that the 931 people that shared the M photo don’t like the M photo. When we don’t fund it, we don’t get to make any decisions or have any recognition. M photo is part of the reason I was here. Another solution for shirts, sell a different shirt to those spelling 125 and make up for the budget. Silly to look at this aspect and this aspect and not compromise.

Jones: Heard president speak every year, only paid for one of them. 1500 students that werepolled, however, the entire student body pays for it. I often hear people saying that they didn’tcare. In 2016, ASMSU did not pay for the photo.

Marsh: Could care less what the survey says, one problem. Student fees getting used by MSU. Getting taken advantage of in this situation.

Wheeler: Spent the last year as an RA. Largely a resident hall event, need to figure out a compromise.

Krone: Don’t know if we can attribute all of this greatness to ASMSU alone. Using the argument that we have only gotten letters from those

Grover: Here to represent the students, not the universities advertising departments. Don’t thinkwe need to give into fear mongering. Previous question.

Motion dies
Lei: Marianne, how much money does ASMSU put into MSU debut.

Brough: A lot of money, but we are not the only department that contributes.

Baird: Anything that benefits the student qualifies as a good decision.

Jurovich: Survey question: Would you recommend the M photo to incoming freshmen?

Murali: How fast would it be before we get a response from RHA?

Kuehn: Not tonight. I don’t think moving the rug out from under their feet is the correct solutionto this issue. 10,000$ approval to give them time to do this.

Leckie: Clifton: Please stop talking about the survey. Amount of money is contentious, but it is important to have skin in the game.

Vote: Amendment Fails (no 2/3) Grover: Move to close PACE

Motion fails Grover: Move to close PACE and open SEGA.

Motion passes

Juel: Move to reinstate 2nd to last column within budget and change the name to Outreach: SEGA.

Motion passes

Blossom: Move to close Outreach: SEGA and Open KGLT.
Move to decrease projected revenue to 5k less, back to original value

Grover: Move to close KGLT KGLT closed

Jurovich: Move to open Admin Motion passes

Blossom: Where is business manager stipend?
Move to increase business manager to Tier Zero or 9900. Motion Passes

Jurovich: Heidi recommended increasing raising to 50cent raises per semester. Grover: Move to close admin.

Motion passes
Grover: Move to approve the fiscal year 19 budget. Blossom: Revisit supplemental before we close this.

Motion dies
Blossom: Move to open fund overview.

Move to move 11,932$ into the supplemental funds. Kuehn: Move to close admin and open marketing.

Motion passes
Kuehn: Move to add line item for promotional freshmen t-shirts 10,900$.

Move to previous question.
Blossom: Move to postpone this motion indefinitely.

Previous question dies.
Blossom: Move to postpone this question indefinitely.

Amendment dies
Kuehn: Move to add line item for freshman promotional t-shirts, 7000$ under marketing.

Motion fails
Lei: Move to close marketing budget.

Motion passes

Grover: Move to approve Fiscal Year 2019 budget. Motion fails

Lei: Move to open marketing Motion passes

Lei: Move to approve FY19 column of the marketing budget Motion passes

Lei: Move to close marketing and open PACE Motion Passes

Krone: Move for a 5-minute recess. Reconvene at 8:10pm.

Jones: Move to reconsider funding for the M photo. Motion passes

Jones: Move to amend amount to 3500$ on the basis that it will be matched with nonstudent funded dollars.

DuBeau: Who will take the initiative to find the nonstudent funded fees? Murali: Chelsea
Orr: Move to previous question.

Amendment Passes
Lei: Move to add line item for 300$ for marching band.

Motion passes
Lei: Move to remove marketing budget from PACE.

Motion Passes
Blossom: Move to open fund overview

Motion passes

Blossom: Move to move add 11,973 from supplemental to reserve. Blossom: Move to close fund overview.

Motion passes
Krone: Motion to approve Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

Vote: 17-0 Budget Closed

Admin Reports:

Clifton: Thank you all for your work this year. Want to pardon all crimes he may have committed against myself or this university.

Good: Met with Reslife for conflict remediation services.

Program Update:
494136 left in reserve, supplemental 3136
Admin: 93121 under-budget
Daycare: revenue a bit under, expenses under budget too though KGLT: fund drive not accounted for
Legal Services: fees high, but
Arts and Exhibits: MAGDA now budgeted for
Late Night:
PACE: looking on the low side, still going to be under budget overall Procrastinator: expenses under budget
Elections: Record turnout
SPA: a lot of students aware of 6 mill levy

Jones: Want to address justices, in elections policy and procedures, spot that contains “guidelines of sanctions...” Trying to give examples of where we judged it. Endorsement of Karl Swensonas Speaker.

Swenson: What did the left eye say to the right eye? Between you and me, something smells.

Senate Reports:
Lei: Killian: Thank you to those Senators and students involved in finance or funding board.

Juel: Still a chance to meet with Dr. Idle. Going around and inquiring about the core. Bounty of the Bridgers in the new office of health advancement, it is awesome.

Baird: You can still spend your discressionary until June 3rd. Please donate to tampon drive. Orr: Have to refute word of Justice Good. Not all justices in support of nominee.

Kuehn: Spring concert coming up soon. Working on medical amnesty update with Michael. Will be sticking around the next couple of weeks, want to finish up the project before I leave.

Unfinished Business:

Swenson: Second Reading of 2018-B-09 Stipend Review Bill
Jones: Remove my name as a sponsor.
Baird: Move to add my name to the cosponsor.
Murali: Move to table this bill so that I may write a new one in the fall.

Postponed Indifferently

Senate Announcements:

Juel: Choir concert at 4pm, at First Presbyterian Church April29th.

Krone: Never been a part of a Senate before where people are so passionate about of all that they do.

Grover: This is the greatest senate that there ever was.
Baird: Lavender celebration coming up. May 3
rd. Not too late to apply.

DuBeau: Did not prepare myself for how long this meeting was, but you will be deciding some important things.

Murali: Next week let’s all go watch the black panther net week at the procrastinator.Orr: * plays song

Leckie: Appreciate being challenged and challenging others. Feel free to challenge each other way sooner.

Jones: Learn some of Robert’s rules.

Juel: Motion to dissolve the 2017/2018 Senate Dissolved

Senate: 2018/2019

Murali: Nominate Bradley Jones
Jones: Firs is the appointment of the speaker. Murali: Nominate Swenson
Swenson: Accept
Horton: Can we move to unanimously consent. Mulvaney: Do we vote now?

Jones: Can ask question, discuss or not move to approve. Speaker chairs the meeting, sends out the agenda, in charge of representing the senate in regard to the press. Speaker cannot vote in the Senate meetings.

Halstad-Albarez: Move to previous question.

Krone: If there was any doubt about Karl Swenson and he is the most level-headed guy. Hewants to do what’s best for this school. Casting full endorsement now.

Ballot Vote: 17-1

Karl Swenson elected speaker
Abbot: Nominate Amika Murali for Senate Speaker ProTempore
Murali: Accept
Halstad-Albarez: Nominate Conner Mulvaney for Senate Speaker ProTempore Mulvaney: Accept
Jurovich: Move to ask each candidate 3 questions before a vote.
Abbot: Three predetermined questions

Motion Passes
Kothe: Describe your qualifications for this position.

Grimsrud: Why do you want to hold this position?

Schmitz: Important to discuss funding and finance board platform.

Schmitz: How will you use your position on the finance and funding board to fairly allocate funding to student organizations.

Holstad: Motion to add a one minute introductory and a 30 second final thoughts portion. Pelke: Friendly amendment 30 seconds at the beginning and one minute at the end.
Elias: Maximum time, can be under if desired.


1. I am very interested person. Learn about all of the opportunities and different programs. 2. Serves as an opportunity of more influence. Communicate through different boards.
3. Big part of that is doing the research behind that is very important.

  1. My experience with the FY2019 budget. Worked with senators on this. Can help with guidance.

  2. Very passionate about this and want to guide you guys through this process.

  3. Responsible with spending student fees, contribute this experience to what I would be doing.


Grimsrud: Krone: Articulation doesn’t always equal success. In this situation, she is one of themost seasoned people within this body. She is fiercely intelligent. Full support for Ambika.

Abbot: Voting for Ambika tonight. Ballot Vote: 15-2

Public Comment:

Hall: Senator Karl as Acting Chairman

Anderson: Tremendous respect for outgoing senate. Encourage you to come and talk to me. I have a lot of ideas.

Confirmation of Appointments:

Horton: Can you move to approve unanimously?


Elias: If people disapprove of the candidate?
Brough: We would into summer without a business manager.

Mulvaney: Blossom: Murray vetted all candidates for tech skills. Cam into interview with a clear idea of what we do here.

Jurovich: Move to bring Andy in and ask him one question. Murali: My suggestion is asking two questions.
Lyon: Move to friendly amend Jurovich to a 5-minute Q&A.

Motion passes

Branch: Move to ask Gwinner step out due to the fact that we will be asking similar questions of him.


Abbot: Why are you interested in this position?

Turner: Family legacy here. Want to serve students and be part of the legacy at MSU. Been an RA for the past two years. Accounting internship on accounting this summer.

Turner: Is this the most bang for our buck? Being very analytical. Want to be the voice of reason behind finances.

Being approachable is a very important thing. Communication is key.


Murali: Fully in support of this candidate.

Hall: Slightly concerning that he will not be here for the summer.
Abbot: Technically until tonight, the Business Manager didn’t start until September.

Ballot Vote: 16-1

Chief Justice:

Hall: Motion to amend and add an extra 2 minutes to a seven-minute Q&A. Amendment Fails

Pelke: Move to amend to 10 minutes. Amendment Passes

Grimsrud: Blossom: Peer moderation services and expertise.


Gwinner: Originally trained as a peer mediator in middle school and high school through community mediation center. Coaching skills, take into considerations all laws. Been sitting inon different cases and weigh in on different issues. Don’t take into account my own biases.Thomas McGrath came to the conclusion that he violated a major rule in the EPPM, unfair advantage, combined with the time constraint, we determined this to be the most accurate. Been a justice for a few months now. Strove to follow the EPPM, sanction where I saw fit. Want to make more of an impact on our campus as chief. Want to Carry on Hannah Good. Going through the undergraduate and will continue to be

Murali: Impressed me with his ability to be unbiased. I will vote yes.

Grimswirth: I felt like there was a bit of bias within the elections ruling.

Hall: Only work qualifications have been in the past year.

Reinman: Been a justice for three months. Didn’t put this on his resume and this is the job that heis applying for.

Abbot: Blossom: Resume sent out was one for when he applied to be a justice. While he is new, we struggle with diversity in regard to graduate and nontraditional students.

Abbot: On the senate when we appointed Mac. He has grown so much.

Grimsrud: My biggest thing is the experience. Not having the justice over the summer is not as big of a deal.

Lyon: Why was McGrath disqualified.
Abbot: Campaigning in an area that you are not allowed to campaign in.

Swenson: Being confirmed as associate justice is as long as they are students. Chief is only for a year.

Swenson: Presidents job to pick form applicant pool. Only our job to confirm.

Reiman: I do not think not approving this justice would affect this would affect the remediation services too much.

Pelke: I believe in more of a linear interpretation of bylaws.

Murali: Ruling on this case was a completely unbiased decision.

Hall: Remediation programs are not in dire need of this position during the summer.

Lyon: Going to be a no from me.

Mulvaney: Concern about him being too strict. The only person that voted in the opposing of the ruling was Hannah Good.

Holstad: With current qualifications, it doesn’t seem like he has been involved in ASMSU todetermine what goes on. Might be lacking in this. Choices, anywhere students need help with, you can direct them to the appropriate.

Schmidt: Move to previous question Motion Passes

Refrain from Confirmation until the Fall

Ballot Vote: 7-9-1 Swear the peeps in*

Admin Reports:

Blossom: Keep an eye out for the training in the fall. MSU Debut, get engaged with the freshman class. 6 mill-levy is a big deal. Get students voting.

Mulvaney: Do you have training dates? Blossom: Not yet. Early next week.

Brough: My job is not to be in charge of you. My role is to open doors for you. Think of yourself as a public figure now. Important to be critical and analytical. Have a well-informed position.

Turner: Congrats to those here. Look forward to working with all of you. Murali: Soo excited to work with you all. Congratulations to all of you.

Swenson: Advice, talk to past senators in your position. Do it while you still can. Be looking out for info over the summer. Finance board funding board, etc.

What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common.? Their middle names.

Motion to adjourn by Senator Mulvaney at 11:02pm.