Montana State University Associated Students of MSU Senate SUB Ballroom 325
April 12, 2018

Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Theodore Grover. Minutes recorded by Madison Thompson

Roll Call: Abbot, Baird, Blossom, Driscoll, DuBeau, Grover, Heinrich, Juel, Jones, Juel, Jurovich, Krone, Killian, Kuehn, Leckie(excused), Lei, Marsh, Murali, Orr, Rehal, Swenson, Wheeler.

Public Comment:

Hoffman: Engineering major, thank you for passing resolution. Here speaking on crash pad, 8,000$ in the health and well-being budget, service for providing transitional housing. Have a model ready for a pilot next year.

Rooter: One of my classmates refused to vote during homecoming due to the gender binary boundaries of queen and king. How would a QSA candidate move forward with this? Propose homecoming royalty and homecoming monarchy. Endorse 2018-R-10 for its progress towards inclusivity.

Anderson: Third year architecture student part of homecoming last semester. I was the one that wrote to Austin about this issue. Confronted by a student that did not feel comfortable voting due to gender boundaries.


Killian: Recognize Senator Jones

Student Organization Funding

Mandy St. Auburn

St. Auburn: 275 registered organizations, 34% growth since 2012. Passed around the budget, will look very similar this year, not increasing at all. Mass funding 2/3, rolling funding 1/3, and matching funding is a pool used from money left over. 47 clubs funded with mass. About 138 clubs funded total. Common expenses: travel food, program expenses, general supplies, advertising, professional services. Student organizational leadership conference, 183 students. Decided last year to offer graphic designers in house. Plans to hand over financial management of club sports to rec sports. Training and professional development expansion and orientation/ onboard video.

Killian: Taxes nonprofit legal training.

St. Auburn: Student organization taxes are complicated. If they get a letter, please send them to me.

Marsh: With the growth, is it due to the growth of the campus?
St. Auburn: Pretty on par with growth.
Killian: 22,460 as is to roll over into match funding if we didn’t meet this week.

Admin Report:

Killian: Finance board met and discussed life scholarship, want to make sure it is a sponsorship not scholarship. Solar panels project to come back fall semester with more information. SSAC started going over student applications for sustainable projects. RideAmigos, app for transportation.

Murray: Program director’s salaries and pay going to be an issue.Option 1, raise salary $11/hour.

8% of budget currently, 10% proposed Option 2: Raise incentive

Kuehn: How many directors have been utilizing incentive pay?

Murray: Most of them. 95% certainty that directors would apply for it if available. Would just be for salary and stipend positions.

Good: Elections are over. Everything checked out for the bills. Disqualified a candidate. Ruling can be found in the minutes from that meeting.

Brough: 20.6% voter turnout. Some counseling and psychological services interview to come soon. Help us make the decision of those to hire. Please help the incoming senator transition into their new position.

Senate Reports:

Baird: Club funding board is a thing. Allocated 75k to club sports. Going to donate the rest of budget 40k to plows for turf field.

Orr: Allocation committee last week, awards 1.5 million dollars to equipment request. Rehal: MSU Leadership Institute film screening. Will have a time capsule.

Juel: Advertisements and sports facilities, told Quinn didn’t want to have any sort ofadvertisements in the gym. Sent Steve Erickson policies for the turf field.

Killian: Peace Corps prep course signed on by MSU.

Jones: Next Wednesday 1:30-5pm event out on mall. Teach students about landlord tenant issues.

Killian: Thank you for homecoming nominations, Micah and I. Kuehn: PACE on Wednesday, popup party for spring concert soon.

Unfinished Business:

Killian: 2018-R-07 Supporting Freedom of Student Press Second reading

Juel: Move to approve

Lei: Move to add amendments sent out in email today. Passes

Jones: When I bought that up in the last senate meeting, I had brought up the budget and thecuriosity there. Questioning where lines were drawn. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, mentality.” Clarify any question on can they publish it, doesn’t mean that they should. Don’t want people to perceive that ASMSU was trying to limit freedom of speech at any point.

Lei: Think when these types of issues arise, we should stand with our student newspaper. Krone: Sounds like with the way this is worded, accurately represents our intentions.

Killian: Recognize President, I mean Senator Blossom. I support the exponent and whatever they choose to write.

Juel: Hold people to the standards that if they are doing their research, they will no. Vote Record: 13-3-1

2018-R-08 Bounty of the Bridgers

Grover: 2018-R-08 Bounty of the Bridgers Vote: 17-0

2018-R-09 LIFE Scholars Program

Killian: 2018-R-09 LIFE Scholars Program

Jones: Exponent Director and Chief to Editor in Chief Vote: 16-0

2018- R-10 Inclusive Homecoming Language

Grover: 2018- R-10 Inclusive Homecoming Language

Baird: Didn’t outline what this language is, “Homecoming Royalty” for all homecomingcandidates.

Heinrich: Are we going to mention homecoming monarchy?
Jones: Court is currently called homecoming royalty, will be choosing winners? Brough: Homecoming Court, winners are homecoming royalty.
Marsh: Will be voting to no based off of constituents.
Jones: Talked to alumni foundation.
Baird: Alumni foundation is on board.
Jones: Add Cruzado to list of email-ees.


Heinrich: move to take a 4-minute recess. Approved

ASMSU 2018-B-04 Appointment Bill

Grover: ASMSU 2018-B-04 Appointment Bill

Swenson: In support of idea behind this. Funding board may need to be appointed a little sooner than that in order to

Killian: Thought is to do this on the first meeting of the semester. Vote: 16-1

2018-B-05 ASMSU Reallocation Bill

Grover: 2018-B-05 ASMSU Reallocation Bill

Juel: Move to amend under composition, striking public relations and replace with outreach.

Jones: Changes the intent of the bill Amendment consideration ceases

Killian: Great job on bill.

Driscoll: Why 3% before reconsider?

Blossom: 3% was the minimum that a program can reallocate and have it do something.

Jones: A little uneasy with the power to reallocate money to be in the hands of two Senators plus one program director to eliminate the voice of 21 previous senators.

Blossom: PACE board functions as one unit, one director versus board as a whole. Line 7-13 on page 2 stricken

Abbot: Now that its only other program directors, does that change?

Grover: No, blue and gold ball is not over 3%.

Jones: PACE is 4 directors and three senators, so a quorum would determine.

Thompson: With the Ben Nempton event, we had a vote. If this were something that we could make clear decisions on their own, we would have a more concrete process.

Killian: Giving 3 senators the power to overturn a decision.

Lei: Budget oversight committee is just approving/ or disproving an event as a body. At most, add 2 more people to the budget oversight committee. Last year for bonfire, if this was here, wewouldn’t have had the problem that we had last year.

Blossom: In regards the amount of senate to overrule this, I believe its on-par with what we have currently.

Jones: PACE board may want to put on another event other than the blue and gold ball. I wouldhave no issue with money left over from something, to move that, I would be ok with. It’s theunplanned events that come into play.

Lei: What do you want budget oversight to do?

Jones: Making sure spending is going where it is supposed to.
Lei: Do you think that we were effective this year?
Jones: No.
Lei: Not the purpose of the committee but adding more responsibility to it. Abbot: Lifting limits of debate.

Blossom: Professional staff putting efforts into this event for years. Being able to do more with what they are dealt.

Jones: Would you have a problem with decreasing the amount?

Blossom: For directors with smaller budgets, if went with percentage, wouldn’t be enough forany sort of effect.

Jones: “Whichever is smaller out of total allocated budget.”Amendment passes

Jones: Can the stricken part in line 9-11on page 2 be re-added. Intending to clarify how PACE does this.

Blossom: PACE may propose to budget oversight committee. Heinrich: Majority of Senators present.

Jones: Item 5: Fiscal Reallocations shall require an affirmative vote from a majority of thesenators and other 5 members of the board.”

Heinrich: Do we make any of the other programs need approval from liaisons? No? Why have PACE do this now?

Jones: How we budget PACE board is by event not by specific director, a majority of the board needs to agree upon it on order to move it forward.

Kuehn: As a PACE liaisons, I would trust Lizzy. Specifically targeting PACE due to higher budget. 3% of 3000 is not a lot of money.

Killian: Want to make sure there are enough checks and balances to ensure. Amendment fails

Jones: Any direction on how to reallocate the budget? Have the direction in before, but now wedon’t have that. As written, can a director go rogue?

Heinrich: Potentially? Yes. Actuality? Most likely not.
Blossom: How did the process work for reallocation for Ben Nempton.

Jones: Been really lucky in the past years with program directors, but have had some bad ones in the past. Just because we have been lucky does not mean that it is a given.

Vote: 16-0

2018-B-06 Secure Single Seat Colleges in Elections

Grover: 2018-B-06 Secure Single Seat Colleges in Elections

Lei: I think that we can work on writing a bill to fix larger issue, as for now let’s fix a problem in single seat colleges.

Vote: 18-0

2018-B-07 Public Relations, Marketing, and Outreach Bill

Grover: 2018-B-07 Public Relations, Marketing, and Outreach Bill

Juel: Explicit request from Nick and ladies in the office and how they outlined two programs, they feel like there is too much work to be done. Need to differentiate different programs in order to be more efficient systems.

Vote: 18-0

New Business:

LIFE Scholars Reserve Request

Murali: Move to add B-08 and B-09 to new business Juel: Move for 2018-B-08 to second reading

2018-B-08 PACE Board

Grover: 2018-B-08 PACE Board Vote: 18-0

Murali: Move for 2018-B-09 to second reading.
Jones: Morally opposed
Blossom: Will still be passed, don’t go against procedure.

Second Reading next week.

FY2019 Budget

Blossom: Move to open KGLT
KGLT open
Blossom: Move to add 5000 as projected revenue for fund drive.

Kaite and I looked over KGLT because giving them a lot more money than they actually need. Project a little more revenue from that and put it in supplemental so that they have access to it if needed.

Baird: Be uncomfortable with doing this without talking to Ellen about this. Money moved.

Blossom: Move to close KGLT and open fund overview. KGLT closed

Open Fund Overview opened Move to add 5000 to supplemental. Money moved.
Open Fund Review closed

Orr: Move to open admin. Admin opened

Blossom: Line 35, salary increase to 49,568$
Giving everyone else a pay raise, want to show that we value our staff. (9%) Motion passes, salary increased.

Killian: Finance board food budget.
Swenson: Wouldn’t it make sense to say 300$?

Motion Passes, budget increased. Juel: Move to close admin and open SEGA.

Admin closed

SEGA opened
Jones: Need to be budgeting SEGA inside PACE.
Juel: SEGA under outreach.
Killian: Move to change this budget to outreach with the title SEGA. Juel: Move to close SEGA/Outreach
SEGA/Outreach Closed

Killian: Move to open Diversity. Diversity opened

Baird: Terry has requested that we wait. Motion to close diversity. Diversity closed

Lei: Move to open PACE PACE opened

Killian: M photo? Other stuff?

Kuehn: Talked to Chelsie and Micah to mitigate some costs. Instead of using an MSU debut T- shirt, we could use a gold rush shirt. Potentially sell back t-shirts to the bookstore and get a better price for shirts. Motion to reinstate executive board decision.

Lei: Uncomfortable with ASMSU buying from the university. Don’t think that ASMSU shouldbe buying university product.

McFeely: Buying from the bookstore helps us as students. The more we buy into it, the more we get back. It also reduces waste to go through gold rush.

Brough: If we did this, we would add 3500 shirts to the bulk order. The more you buy, the bigger discount you get.

McFeely: Order same number of shirts, dual usage.
Killian: Not going to be able to overrule finance board with this number of people opposed.

Jones: Bookstore is owned by students. Any money spent at bookstore actually goes back to students. Don’t see the M photo getting funded this year.

Jurovich: In support of M photo, inside hire for photo.

Kuehn: Caitlin: 100% said that they would recommend this to their friends.
About the engagement of the students. Want you to think about the exposure and stake

that ASMSU has in this event.

Jones: Not having president and vice president not speaking at the event would greatly surprise me.

Lei: Worthwhile engagement activity, don’t see why other colleges/ offices don’t chip in money.Kuehn: Asking for 10k not full 17k, get the ball rolling not pull the rug out from under them.

Vote on reinstating 10-9: Motion fails
Lei: Move to close PACE and open Arts and Exhibits

PACE closed
Arts and Exhibits opened

Lei: Time wise, not effective to hire an associate for art market. Increase director stipends to 7425$. Few directors have advocated so strongly and structures would be restructured this summer.

Killian: Would rather have this rewritten in now and change structure later.

McFeely: Actually, we lost a productions director this year due to pay.

Blossom: Think we need this pay increase, don’t think that it is fair to not increase other programdirectors.

Lei: Looks like we already did this for PACE, why not arts and exhibits. Murray: Best thing we can do is change what people get paid by the hour.

Jones: Stipends will be addressed when stipend committee meets. More in support of having committee go over this.

Baird: In full support of raising everyone’s pay right now. Abbot: Let’s do option 1 now.

Motion Fails
Murali: Move to close Arts and Exhibits and open Health and Wellbeing

Arts and Exhibits closed Health and Well Being closed

Killian: Move to close Health and Well-being. Motion dies

Heinrich: Move to close Health and Well-Being. Motion dies

Killian: Support crash pad.
Jones: Move for 5-minute recess. Reconvene at 9:12pm.

Jones: Move to increase from desk form 9$ to 10$ an hour.
Killian: Jurovich explain reasoning
Jurovich: Food truck makes10$ an hour, being a face of ASMSU should be matched. Jones: Not all front desk employees paid the same rate.
Rehal: Personally think 9$ as a starting rate is a respectable wage.
Marsh: If we are going to raise them, just raise them all to 10$.

Murali: Agree with that, standard is 10$ an hour. Krone: Move to previous question.

Motion Fails
Heinrich: Important to clarify 1$ raise for each employee or bumping everyone up to 10$.

Jones: Possibility of people getting annoyed in regard to making the same wage as one just starting out.

Motion Dies

Jones: Coming back with numbers I would agree that this would be a good thing to do.

Blossom: Open Arts and Exhibits
Motion to increase $6600 director stipend.

Murray: Proposed increase of everyone getting paid $12 instead of 10$. Motion Fails.

Blossom: Increase director stipend to 6050$ Raised to 11$, Motion Passes

Killian: Move to open every budget.

Grover: All budgets are “simultaneously” opened.

Killian: Move to increase director pay to 11$/hr. Motion passes

Blossom: Motion to close all budgets. All budgets closed.

Krone: Move to move to the next items, Senate Announcements.

Senate Announcements:

Killian: Next Thursday will be going to Jaz festival.
Baird: Sent an email out in regard to when Terry can meet and discuss the budget.

Motion to adjourn via no objection at 9:41pm.