Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB 235

April 04, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Unexcused: Dalvit, Elias (left early), Hall, Murali (left early)          Excused: Abott


Approval of Minutes



Public Comment



Admin Reports

Director of Operations – Marianne Brough

The last senate tradition is to wear crazy hats. Need to decide but avoid cultural appropriation. Applications for homecoming candidates is open. We may nominate 3 people. President Cruzado will be here to talk about the Rodeo fee. Need a resolution for next week if we want to do something. Otherwise up to board of regents or school admin. Please be on time next week. Want to have some table talk about the rodeo. Monday at 3 or Tuesday at 9am to have conversation. Will send out the other times to find the best time. RSVP for banquet. Conversation about how to make our office more approachable, going to try to make a committee.


Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

Gaines 101, Bingo that is Lego themed, at 7p. Pace hosted a comedy night on April 1, had around 300 show. There is a health and well being fair April 15?. On the last run with Romney, can send out links for the portal.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Applications for positions are closing soon for ASMSU/OSE. Last two meetings are going to be long.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

There are two meetings left. If there is anything you want to do could still get a resolution in. There is a light agenda today so let get through as much of the budget as we can tonight.


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Finance board is pretty much done, maybe will meet once more.


Senate Reports

Johnson, planning council, was able to present about experience on sustainability.


Branch, sat on CFAC committee and got the budget hammered out. Were able to secure the $8000 for ASMSU for new computer next year. Arts and agriculture took a little hit due to high request. Most got wins out of it, there were a few losses. Can clarify if needed.


Mulvaney, have a volunteer sign up list for the moveout waste Thursday and Friday of finals week, will pass out next week.


Reinhardt, presented for council and council state, will award up to $10,000.


Unfinished Business


2019-R-12 Resolution Postponing the Transportation Demand Management Fee

Motion, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Johnson, currently agrees and thinks doing it another year will help us make sure our students are informed. Curious as to next steps.

Killian, Branch has some ideas for this year.


Lyon, how does President Blossom feel about this?

Murali, he is going with the way with most of senate. Also leaning toward next year.

Lyon, wants to make sure that Blossom has some support in this as it was his big project.


Branch, had talked to both Blossom and Killian about this. Is in favor of holding this over till 2020. This is to clarify that we are moving down the road in a more pragmatic way. Is prepared to add to in individual steps.

Moves to amend line 14 to add “Both current and future students will potentially contribute to the Transportation Demand Management Fee and should have input on the assessment of the fee, now therefore, be it”. Seconded.


Amend Discussion:

Branch, This will create a committee for next year to help senate to understand and to have it added to the spring 2020 general election ballot.


Schmitz, amend the amendment to strike line 12 “now there for be it” and add “and”. Seconded.

Amend-Amend Vote: Passes

Amend Vote: Passes


Branch, move to amend line 18 resolve “That in academic year 2019-2020 a special committee, to be comprised of a chair appointed by the ASMSU President, three sitting Senators and two at-large student, shall be formed to evaluate the effectiveness and continued need of a Transportation Demand Management Fee and shall report to the ASMSU Senate”


resolve “That in academic year 2019-2020, the seated ASMSU Senate shall vote whether to continue funding the pilot and vote on the issue of adding the Transportation Demand Management Fee to the Spring 2020 general election ballot”. Seconded.


Amend Discussion:

Johnson, what was your thought process.

Branch, the thought is that it would be a dedicated committee to look at this issue instead of sitting on the executive desk like this year. If would like to discuss the roles then would, just felt that the ones listed gave a student voice to it and sounded like a fair committee.


Johnson, what would the chair be?

Branch, left ambiguous. Could be whoever. 

Johnson, likes where it is at. Would like two at large senators on it.


Mulvaney, so they are advising on the use of the transportation fee?

Branch, charged with the over all utilization of this fee and its effectiveness. Would spend 2020 gathering data. Have no say, no vote but would inform the senate and the senate still has all the power.

Mulvaney, who else could we bring into that committee such as faculty and staff. Some might have some valid information to share.

Branch, thinks that this committee is charged with making sure this body is informed on this matter. This committee is to keep this topic in front of the ASMSU body so it does not get lost and to keep it pertinent.


Mulvaney, supports this and also like the idea of 2 at large students involved.


Killian, moves to amend the amendment to “two at-large students”. Seconded.


Amend-Amend Discussion:

Johnson, doesn’t know if they will vote and this way the chair wont have to break that tie and be a student.

Amend-Amend Vote:


Killian, makes sure next year senate will look at this.


Schmitz, how do pick at large students?

Branch, wouldn’t be imprudent of us to put in a sentence as to how to pick the at large students.

Schmitz, is the chair voting?

Branch, no, aren’t trying to legislate but insuring it is brought up next year. Leaving is ambiguous leave it open for them to attack as they see fit.

Amend Vote: Passes


Roll-Call Vote:17-0 Approved


Murali, moves to postpone FY2020 to after new business after the agenda. Seconded.


Murali, has a bill that she wants to add to new business and will be leaving shortly.


Motion Vote: Passes


**Return to after New Business**

FY2020 Budget

Motion, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Killian, moves to open the Arts and Exhibits Budget. Seconded.

Vote: passes


Arts and Exhibits


Killian, works with them closely. Was almost removed in the past but now is better attended and are working hard to keep it going. It does bring in some profit for ASMSU and students.


Schmitz, has no issues with it.


Murali, we have all seen the great work put into this and how well their going. Is fully in support and hopes to see it improve further.


Killian, moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Johnson, which have we been through? The ones with the over tab on them.


Schmitz, moves to open the elections budget. Seconded.

Vote: Passes




Johnson, can someone why we knocked down a few.

Murali, didn’t want two-line items, wanted in a different block.


Killian, now they only have money for election day events but no spring outreach events?

Johnson, the outreach BBQ is a different thing, so it was struck.

Killian in the spring outreach event looks like there was an error?

Turner, is fixing. Should be updated. One of the formulas was incorrect and will show a deficit. Should be fixed but looks weird.


Killian, are in a deficit in a lot of the specifics. There will be money to move around.


Reinhardt, for the exponent ads is that for this year?

Swenson, in the past there was an ad with all the candidates with it in there.


Kilian, moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Killian, if you have any part can bring up and discuss but will be done soon.


Schmitz, opens marketing budget. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Killian, asking president blossom about tier 1?

Blossom, got rid of all the tiers and all positions are paid.


Reiman, just want to know why we didn’t add the new PR associate?

Turner, needed to come up with extra money and didn’t feel the extra was needed. Recognized the value but there was a lot of cutting.


Schmitz, in line 51 there is $2000?

Branch, is a reoccurring cost. Is to replace old equipment and keep what they have as well as replace.

Schmitz, feels should be a reserved request.

Reiman, currently spending a lot on renting and this will allow them to continue to do their great work they currently do.


Gilbertson, is in his understanding that they already bought it but needs to be in that college to use it so why not get someone in that college?

Blossom, there are a few places but they usually don’t have multiple sets. This is supposed to be a base level and they need more than this but better to be reoccurring vs every few years in a larger amount.


Reiman, would like to hear from y’all now to have better answers next meeting. Wants to know what we think.


Branch, just to talk to marketing that one of the biggest complaints is outreach and people’s access. Our #1 alley in addressing that issue and would be doing ourselves a disservice by not giving them what they asked for. Is in support as leading it where it is and would slide them more money if room.


Schmitz, moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Halstad, moves to open admin. Seconded.

Vote: passes




Pelkie, since we got computer funding. Is it the same as our computer budget on here?

Marianne, the new money could replace the budget line item. Could cut and would be fine.

Branch, only $2400 on here and got $8000 instead. Moves to amend line 77 to lower from $2400 to $0. Seconded.

Vote: Carries


Kothe, is the international food bizarre going to happen?

Marianne, people are coming to meet with us to make it work. There is the intention of doing it again.


Marianne, did we include the 2% on Hanna’s line item? It can come off. When the board of regents vote there is a cost of living increase. Our staff was included in this, because she reports to a different supervisor, so we don’t have to pay for it. $38251 is the correct amount.


Schmitz, moves to adjust to $38251. Seconded.

Vote: Passes.


Reinhardt, looking at line 129. For the board of regents is this funding just for the President and VP or also for senators?

Turner, believes so.


Swenson, was budgeted for an executive assistant?

VP Thompson, was mostly for the President and VP to help out. Helps to get executive priories done to have someone that is dedicated.


Branch, moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Branch moves to open SEGA. Seconded.

Vote: Passes




Pelkie, line 39 seems high. Any adjustment for that?

Johnson, thinks its based off 2019. Doesn’t have all the details.


Branch, can they use marketing for outreach, do they have access to it?

Turner, doesn’t for their own printing but can for big stuff.


Branch, moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Carries



Johnson, moves to open procrastinator. Seconded.

Vote: Passes




Branch, it strikes him that they have increased outreach so is this an accurate budget for them? Should we consider giving them more with cuts.

Pelkie, only real cuts is their Rocky Horror Show supplies and one other can get back to them but is all that stands out.


Johnson, thought it was cut as it could be a reserve request.

Turner, nothing had been spent this year, keeping it the same. Seemed like a lot to spend on rice and noise makers.

Lyon, doesn’t see anything glaring on this budget. Moves to close. Seconded.

Close Discussion:

Branch, would like to have more conversation.

Vote: Fails


Branch, moves to amend line 65 to come back into FY2018 and amend line 65 to $600. Seconded.


Motion Discussion:

Branch, they saw it fit to adjust and to keep the $900. Feels it is best to keep as they know what they are doing.

Pelkie, this is the most popular event. Will see if $600 is enough.


Johnson, likes the $600 but should look at it as they are coming in to use the service and the experience feels that extra $200 might be worth it.

Vote: Passes


Branch, Moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Reinhardt, moves to open Diversity and Inclusion. Seconded.

Vote: Passes


Diversity and Inclusion


Branch, why was $6000 of request cut? Regarding fall speaker, key note speaker, and collaborations.

Turner, is a formulaic error for fall speaker.

Johnson, is lower. For key note, $480 came out of it, was used for parking and shouldn’t be an additional cost to us. Since the key note speakers are only two moved from 80 to 16 for parking.

Branch, the $2500 collaborations was cut to $0?

VP Thompson, was a way to zero budget. Kept Pace partnership budget in hopes those can be collaborations.

Branch, is weary about cutting a budget in half especially since its for our under represented students on campus. Is worth noting so we can better represent that.

Turner, $2500 was for collaborations, $500 for parking, and $500 for printing.


Reinhardt, wants to make sure those under represented groups are represented and felt it isn’t enough. Will talk with Jamie a little bit and doesn’t know why it was cut out.

VP Thompson, went through the budget with ideal numbers and went though to find some padding. Been using Pace’s collaboration fund and their coordinator does a lot working and talking with students.

Reinhardt, did they collaborate with Pace?

VP Thompson, went to student groups and Pace.


Lyon, in co-sponsorship line, do they put on the event with someone else? As much as it hurts we do have to on other events and its hard to make those decisions.


Roeder, compared to last year we are at a 27% increase. It is new.


Johnson, is definitely see Jamie have to work as an advisor. Would love a partnership to put the program on. Not sure how to go about this, maybe put some money back in. Thinks her concern is that we do have resources available.


Pelkie, the Pace budget with collaboration is the $3000?

VP Thompson, yes and most is for the tech items, at times charge for that.


Branch, would like to address a comment. Some cuts might be tough and has open our strategic plan and the first line is broaden access for underrepresented students. Feels we need to get this budget closer to what they requested.


Johnson, we are not at a great point and feels we would benefit from chatting with Jamie to see what that sponsorships and collaboration looks like to them. Would like a better understanding before final decisions are made.


Reinhardt, sent Jamie an email and would like to meet. Will get that time out. Moves to close. Seconded.

Turner, is going to leave it for when addressed later.

Vote: Passes



Schmitz, moves to open senate discretionary. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Senate Discretionary


Gilbertson, moves to close. Seconded.

Close Discussion:

Johnson, there are a lot of senators that are not here, and some might have opinions. Should not close or should follow through later.

Vote: Fails


Johnson, like the idea but not sure if $100 is needed.

Halstad, feels it is good to have that is a buffer. Some do go out to use it and would hate to take away from those that are using it. It is $50 a semester but won’t get taken away next semester. Have more of a reminder to use as well.

Johnson, Feels it doesn’t need to be the $100 and there are other funds available if you wanted a cool event.


Lyon, we don’t get paid. We are volunteers. We put a lot of hard work in and this $100 allows us to use it towards something we are passionate about and doesn’t feel it should be taken away as its all we get.


Reinhardt, feels like a motivated individual and doesn’t even know what to use it for.

Turner, the discretionary is for that position for the year, even if taken over by someone else.


Pelkie, overall is a good amount for one that wants to use it. Is such a small amount.


Lyon, moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Schmitz, moves to open KJLT. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Johnson, the original requested was with a different agreement but the numbers have changed is most updated.


Schmitz, do we know what line 78 details.

Marianne, is an engineer paid out of a grant, they work on their towers and equipment.


Lyon, explain why we are paying for magazines, line 142.

Marianne, is research for current stuff. If you wanted to cut, they could find other funding. Least painful to cut. This is also a budget that came with Ellen in KJLT last year. Not sure what will change with Craig this year.


Marianne, not that the fund drive has been running for a few weeks. Historically KJLT has underestimated what they raise and might be worth it to talk to Craig as to where they are now. Might have room to cut from them.


Johnson, proposes we should take a look at it and come back to later. Moves to close and readdress later. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Branch, moves to close FY2020. Seconded.


The low numbers we have and with what we have left should leave for when we have more as we are getting down to the nitty gritty.

Turner, let him know if you see errors so they can be fixed for next week.

Vote: Passes


New Business

Murali, moves to add the parking sales restructure resolution to new business. Seconded.

Vote: Carries.

Co-Sponsors: Killian Roeder

2019-R-13First Reading


Murali moves to add the Judicial Council to Supreme Court Bill. Seconded. Discussion:

Branch, can we wave reading with adding to new business?

Vote: Caries

Branch, Moves to have it stipulated that it be read into the minutes without reading it. Seconded.

Vote: Passes

2019-B-06 Senate waves first reading


**Return to FY2020**


Senate Announcements

Schmitz, former attorney general will be here next week. There are 200 free tickets left. Monday at 7pm, Inspiration Hall.


Gilbertson, thinks we pay the preschool staff way too little and has a number we should provide and wants ideas as to how to fund it.


Johnson, thanks for putting up with the blue jackets on campus.



Meeting adjourned by Senator Johnson.