Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB 235

April 11, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Unexcused: Hall, Kothe (left early), Reiman (left early)       Excused: Pelkie, Elias (left early)


Approval of Minutes



Public Comment

Jamie Baird, here about budget. Collaborative sponsorship are important as it makes them accessible to students. Is the bridge between student and admin with running these programs. These partnerships help elevate their events to make them more then what they could be on their own. Wanted to be more involved but couldn’t be due to budget this past year. Collaboration and actively engaging students is one of them best things we can do. Puts in the budget that these sponsorships would can be over seen by funding. Parking is pretty standard, $8. Thinks its important to provide as it brings diverse perspectives to the tables. Have had students from Missoula, Billings, Helena and more and this is valuable to have these people attend. Just wants to bring the best opportunities we can.


Chase, College of Ag, RHA new vice president is Zach. First off Lego Bingo went well and also have cleaned out the offices and so it looks more professional. Trying out some new things. Roskie 5k is this weekend, still needs volunteers. Their last senate is next week at 7pm. Completing their stop-gap budget for next fall. They are still recruiting for RHA and have many positions available. Applications are online or resident’s hall front desk. The JAC got repainted.



Wants to congratulate all the Senators, President, and VP on their new positions. Appreciates the conversations and they have heard us. Hears that we want more time for planning the Rodeo budget and to lessen the amount coming from students.

VP, moving forward they will be working with donors to raise that support. Heard a lot of great ideas from us and hope to build on this momentum that we have gained. Makes perfect sense that we want to slow down and gain more support. His family is coming to see the rodeo and is a great way to show some Montana values in a very dramatic way. Will have a rodeo student share how

Albert, rodeo student, wants to thank us for considering the proposal. The rodeo program is drenched in history and have a the most amount of championship banners hanging. Understands that our proposal might need some more time and also expects us to take us seriously when the time does come. Within the national rodeo association MSU is one of the top schools in students’ educations and in academics levels. Will allow our campus a unique opportunity and competitive edge as well as it will lower safety risks as it will mean less travel time. Luckily haven’t had any issues so far but with Bozeman being the home of the National Rodeo for many years, the need is high. Just ask that we make their dream a reality.


Katherine Budeski, Crashpad

Wants to thank for passing funding for next year. Next hurdle is advertising. Has stickers to pass out and will be having a grand opening April 18th, 7:30p. Will have a presentation that goes over the Crashpad and gives more information regarding it. The goal is to help bring students success and to provide them a safe place. To make this worth the investment we need to get students to use it and need to get the word out, so they know they can.


Branch give detail of current advertisement and have you used the Hub.

Yes, we have been, they helped with the stickers and posters. Used Hatch money for this.


Johnson, who will this fall under?

The position we passed for will be the liaison for this project to give it the best chance of success. Is now housed in the Dean of Students office. The liaison will help it to improve and grow.


Lyon, how many people can Crashpad house?

Currently up to 4 at a time. One private room and one shared room. Also have lockers so students can lock their things. Over the summer hope to get after hour policies. Currently any student can come in and get help and be in there that same night if before 4pm. Are discussing what to do after 4pm right now.


PC, what is the plan to decide who has the most need?

Currently, only have had one at a time. If more than one, then they can put you in a hotel.

PC, have you reached out to HAVEN?

The reason we developed Crashpad as there wasn’t any where in Bozeman that provided emergency housing. The care team can give them other resources if they are having varying struggles as there are many resources. Have set up those connections to help.


Also have a fundamental document that has gone through legal services about their processes, procedure, and follow ups. Feel free to pass on the invitation for their Grand opening.


Ty Atwater, Outdoor Recreation Budget

Assistant Director is currently out getting training and does avalanche training. Has two graduate students, Camille and Alyssa. Have numerous students working for them but varies due to student travels. They are student fee funded but also generate revenue through their programs and rentals. Focused in creating a community that is open to all adventures and to create a space for folks who want to belong, gain knowledge, or to be encouraged to go out. Working on a new program called Expeditions MSU, getting students out in nature. Last year with only 38 students, now are preparing for 200 students. Can’t have 200 at once so will space them out to get students out and to help them connect with peers. This program will allow students get connect with students and resources on campus. Already have 97 students signed up and their first round of trips are starting in June. This program also provides a great leadership opportunity for our students as they guide their peers on fun adventures. Climbing wall saw a huge jump in users, most of the users came back multiple times, the highest amount was 40 times in a semester. The future of the climbing wall is up in the air currently but not worried as there are dedicated folks here to see it through. Has their second year of avalanche courses, had presenters at national conferences. Also, have had additional classes approved. School of Adventure Leadership is their students who train to lead those summer trips. Hired 17 student workers to be prepared and to get a jump start on the year. They have had weekly meetings, trainings, capstone, and expedition planning. Anticipated revenue is $470,000, had some left over from last year and rolled over this year. Biggest cost is student workers but knew they needed the student workers to get experience and knowledge. Anticipated expenses is $480,000. Second biggest is professional staff wage, then supplies and travel. If want more details about budget is more than happy to comb through it.



Killian, how to cover increase?

Hope is next year won’t see as much of an increase. It is mainly staff cost and then hopefully once equipment is bought will last a while cutting down on the “upfront” cost. 


Dalvit, resolution?

Dalvit helped come up with a resolution to use up the remaining funding from the climbing wall. The goal is to free it up and to use for other things. Have many ideas currently, one to have a class room out at the rec (in a yurt) as well as a meeting place. Hold many education courses and also know there is a continuous need for space for students and student clubs.


Lyon, would the yurt help to advertise?

Yes, would stand out, bringing attention.


Killian, money is not just for the climbing wall but for other updates?


Killian, is hesitant. Since we don’t know what is going to happen with climbing wall is worried to move forward in a different direction.


Abbot, how far would the money go?

Thinks we would have left over. Obviously want to make sure that it doesn’t just go away but that we can use it for the greater good of out student population. Wants to make sure any moves made is in students’ best interest.


Halstad, expeditions are only for first year? Any thoughts to expand?

Yes, also looking to expanding to transfers and non-traditional students. Been waiting to see how these first few years go. How can we connect with students going through their second year crisis? This is just the foundation and can build up from here. Currently have 10 spots available for each trip, one is a scholarship spot. There is a scholarship application for that, already had 10 apply and it is budgeted for. Trips are built for 10 but at the cost of 9.


Fitness Center Update

Steve, Tomorrow is the Grand opening of the Turf field complex at 4pm. Have a few events the night and also a few over the weekend. There will be music and refreshments. Trying to keep up and to keep us up to date. There is going to be opportunities for students, want to make sure we touch base. Spencer and him go to campus rec to see what’s going on out there. Think of the old gym space is now a blank space and how can we make this the best center we can.


Spencer, popup facilities, places for students to go work out at and to host classes. Share the information and are keeping the hours the same as much as possible.


Grant, project manager, have been moving quickly. Need to recognize the amount of support we have been getting to solve this unfortunate situation and with in 36 hours of the event had 25 engineers on campus assessing the rest of campus. Now getting out of the emergency mode and looking at the path forward. Currently done with deconstruction on North and South gym, actually a week ahead. Had a meeting to talk about the next steps. Are going to be building a wall to protect the existing fitness center from future construction work. Next phase of deconstruction will be upper and east gym. Still working though various information. Current plan is to bring the upper gym roof down and to save as much underneath, still leaves risk to the remaining structure such as water damage, falling debris, and every day risks. As they go forward, student engagement is really important and are looking for best ways to get students involved. 



Killian, damage to climbing wall?

As to this day there hasn’t been any to the wall or room just dusty.

Killian, if it was damage would insurance cover?

Insurance understands that the roof removal can still cause damage below so is considered lost and is insured. A lot of the utilities run through that lower level and is essential that those are protected. Their focus is to keep water and damage away from the climbing wall and those partners really understand that need.


Lyon, are you leveling most of it or trying to keep some?

Goal is to keep as much in play as possible until there is a solid game plan. Also, don’t want to take off any facilities that could still be reused. Is more of a temporary structure.


Reinhardt, how much will insurance cover?

Will look at the loss, insurance will give back the estimate of what it would cost to build back the exact same building but up to current code. From there they will negotiate a final number and the will work with how that cost is applied. There will be a gap in that funding, the insurance coverage and what we want.

Reinhardt, do you foresee using student fee dollars?

Hard to say. Still have a lot of planning to do before making that choice.


John, had a meeting this afternoon to discuss temporary structures. Working to locate those. Lost about 60,000 sq.-ft. Looking at spaces near tennis center and hoping next week will have a confirmed estimate. Hopefully will have a final determination in a few weeks. Goal is to get that up by August. Working on how to make it functional for everyone. Options are a bubble or one other structure. Goal is to be temporary.


Branch, are there estimates as to how the lack of student gym will effect enrollment.

The goal is to have a set up by fall semester. There are still several huge hurdles. Hoping to have 90% of the gym turned back over to students. Might have to ask dean of students for enrollment.


Branch, with the lack of fitness center how will it affect enrollment?

Terry Leist, Hoping by fall the current renovated part will be open but will still have some temporary facilities. Now it just needs to be communicated in a way that no one will have to worry about it.


Lyon, will it discount fee cost?

Back in 06 when it was getting renovated it was similar situation. The day to day operations will still be the same. There service should be up and running. There is not a lot of wiggle room.


Steve, on the programing side their going to have to hire more students and all the money is getting used to keep these services going. Don’t be put off by the temporary facilities, they are going to be really nice. Keep in mind that in the future will have a much better facility. Makes this project interesting as the center is new and the rest is old.

Mulvaney, is there a potential time frame for the building and insurance?

It takes 30-90 days to go through that initial process of loss. Insurance will start next week. If you know of student clubs/sports that had a loss due to this gym, make sure that loss gets reported as it could be covered. Been cautious with insurance, hoping in two weeks to have that number. Will work with Taylor Blossom to get that information out and to get students involved.


Admin Reports

President – Taylor Blossom

Have special elections next week. One of the big things next week is voter turnout, with only two seats we need to get those votes in. Thinks we owe it to the students to get their votes. One is letters and science and the other is at large. With Romney there was an announcement to propose it being funded with cash meaning it is easier to get passed.


Director of Operations – Marianne Brough

The exponent has been struggling the last few years and have been worried about it dying. This year they have had a huge turn around. They will go into next year with nearly $30,000. They worked really hard to make this difference and are starting to reach back out to us. Zach alone brought in almost 20,000 in sales. The food bizarre, met with the team from international programs. They are making a proposal and hope to have it approved for next year. If you have not RSVP for banquet this is last call. Special elections, two numbers were transposed. There is no way to change after election starts so defaulted to the justice precedent regarding admin errors. We are only ones that can call a special election and need to vote for Tuesday and Wednesday to get it done in time. Did not receive a Nursing or University studies application. Campus labs is about to start its betta test and we need a name for it. Have asked clubs to come up with names for the software. One idea was to put those names on the ballot for students to pick. Few ways to handle it. This software will do a lot of things, mostly club management. One feature is elections and to see if adjustments can be made live in the future.


Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

On Monday the health and wellbeing fair in Sub ballroom A. There will be free classes, free samples, giveaways, prizes, and foods. The golden lights event is coming up on a Saturday. The exclusive number is due to food limits, another 200 students will be brought in after. A class is working on a dorm room roll over event, need volunteers for collection sites. Is during finals weeks Thursday and Fridays. Please share with constituents in res halls. Will send out a mass email.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Only 5 budgets left that we need to go through.

Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

Officially recommends that we call a special election for the last seat for two senator positions next week. Reason for not recalling elections feels we wouldn’t have gotten enough of a voter turn out since it was already lower than normal. When in new business will then need a simple majority to discuss and determine.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Only one meeting left. Will be very busy next week. Need people for EFAC committee. Is Friday the 19th, 11-1p. Branch will make it. Lyon and Murali are interested. Correct numbers for new business are on the agenda. If there are things you want done next year, work on some transition materials. Rodeo student that was here goes way back to preschool and is one of two who beat him in a student government election.


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Student Employee of the Month is Catie Carmody, and Senator of the Month is Jack Schmitz.


Senate Reports

Halstad, met with relationship policy faculty member, looks like the policy is getting really big. They are trying to shorten it down. Hoping one of the new incoming senators will help with it and take over. Already working on a resolution but is still a draft.


Dalvit, American Indian hall and went to a plant meeting. Going to do sustainable foods and a community garden. Currently in initial stages. There is a specific way to harvest through each tribe, so those details are still getting to work out.


Kilian, CSAC meetings today, let new senators know that there is a meeting during dead week. Have a strategic plan nation wide called STARS and going though what to focus on that. One of the biggest ones is transportation on campus. 13% of campus courses have sustainability in the course, working to grow to 25%. Also consider purchasing microwaves and e-fridges to reduce the waste. Worked to get the climbing wall and has been a passionate project for him. Hurts to see that come together and now it’s gone. Is worried that is will be forgotten with the new gym buildings.


Unfinished Business


2019-B-06 Change Judicial Council to Supreme Court

Moved, Seconded.

Roll-Call Vote: 15-0 Approved


2019-R-10 Support for MSU Bookstore’s Inclusive Access Pilot Program

Moved, Seconded.


Main Discussion:

Dalvit, had postponed due to library. The library is doing OPR and hadn’t talked to the bookstore. Turns out they go hand in hand so can move forward with this. If you intend to vote know would like to know why.

Roll-Call Vote: 15-0 Approved


2019-R-13 Support for Parking Permits Sales Restructure

Moved, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Murali, on line 7 amends to correct spelling of perennial. Seconded.

Amend Vote: Passes


McDonald, amend line 8 to change spelling to several. Seconded.

Amend Vote: Passes

Roll-Call Vote: 15-0 Approved


FY2020 Budget

Motion, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Branch, moves to open PACE budget. Seconded.



JP is our productions director. If major questions to arise you can contact him.

Vote: passes




Killian, line 140 that line item is for t-shirts. Last year didn’t fund as it was 125th. Doesn’t feel we should fund. Moves to change t-shirt amount to $0. Seconded.


Amend Discussion:

Johnson, hesitant to strike to zero, but on board with other groups funding.


Branch, thinks that other areas on campus should be funding this then we should also be funding part as well.


Lyon, last year talked for hours about M photo. Didn’t want to take it away as a lot of students met their friends there. Feels we shouldn’t be the ones paying for this.


Murali, last year we funded $3500 of the total. Feels this is the amount to be comfortable with. There are other university offices that are willing to put in money for this.


Killian, the big thing is he thinks its wasteful to spend money on t-shirts. We are still funding other money to this event and to buy a t-shirt a student is going to wear once is not worth it. Do we want to pay for it?


Dalvit, why $6,000 to branch?

Branch, was just a number. Still winding us to be a stake holder. Was originally higher then cut to current amount, just wanted to start the conversation.


Dalvit, if senate doesn’t go for it will it even happen?

VP Thompson, this event would happen without shirts. Heard that its hard to find partners.

Marianne, MSU Debut is actually a committee across student success, there are 15 other programs on this committee. Others are invested and if chunked out could work. On the state side to OSE could possible rearrange some money to make it work. Worst case scenario they can come back and ask.

Dalvit, as long as we have a plan then down.


McDonald, as a freshman doesn’t wear, and friends cut into a tube top so feel student fees should go elsewhere.


Mulvaney, in the opinion we should not fund but will work to compromise. An acceptable amount would be $15,000 - says we put a dollar to every student. Would really like to see our student voices heard by admin and how they respond.


Schmitz, supports the 0. Only win is the marketing and isn’t really worth it. Feels this gives the idea that we’re admins check book.


Abbot, been here almost 4 year. Back then is was run by a different office. We will be funding a lot of the M photo.


Gilbertson, still wants to get preschool wages up. In support of 0 and give to teachers for a better wage.


Murali, think of this as a whole big event. We are funding $19000 already. In support of the 0. All the freshman that go think of it as a res life event.


Branch, wears his shirt all the time. This body has made it apparent, will not hear any thing further from him. Knowing we are saving money here, if you hear him ask for a higher impact thing later then be considerate.


Johnson, don’t love 0. Feels it is still a big enough deal to fund part of it.


Gilbertson, if we were to increase preschool budget this would get us over half way there.


Reinhardt, don’t like this 0. Maybe can add those without funding it tonight. Will talk to office of admin to see what ASMSU can do if it is not funded.


Dalvit, going with the zero. We are contributing elsewhere and are other things that could use this money more.


RHA, swag to funding hall shirts. They set aside money for the shirts and these kids really do like these shits. Maybe should give more of a reason to want them, make more personal.


Lyon, after this they get another t-shirt. Doesn’t feel we should fund.


Amend Vote: 11-2, 2 abstain. Passes



Killian, miscellaneous line 444, feels some should be reserve requests.

Blossom, executive did see a lot of these as reserve requests but left maintenance as it could be reoccurring.


Killian, spring event is after budgeting again and are being asked to fund. Frustrating as we don’t know turn out or success.


Branch, wants to point out we will be debuting a new software and this will help groups like PACE. This allows us to see success or failures. Can provide us with significant information and allow them to put on better events due to more detailed feedback. Thinks going into next year we should give them the benefit of the doubt and leave it.


Dalvit, confused about spring event regarding 900 people attending, line 362.

VP Thompson, looking to have a bigger venue next year.


Murali, the Rialto is hosting 450 but says 250?

VP Thompson is due to food. First hour is for 250 because of food.

Schmitz, likes their budget. PACE has the greatest success in events and should fund them. The more we can give Pace the better because of that larger engagement budget. Would like to close if no one has any issues. Moves to close Pace budget. Seconded.


Motion Discussion:

Mulvaney, doesn’t feel it is all about quantity. In event planning, thinks the more meaningful and impactful events are the smaller ones of better quality.


Schmitz, thinks giving the more money will allow them to host multiple types of events, big and small.


Turner, general comment. Knows a lot are interested to see how things look. Once we have populated then can see where to make changes. Need to open then go back to change, can make conversations more intentional.


Motion Vote: Passes



Killian, moves to open Diversity and Inclusion. Seconded.

Vote: Passes


Diversity and Inclusion

Main Discussion:

Killian, moves to reinstate line 58, collaborative co-sponsorships. Seconded.


Motion Discussion:

Killian, was skeptical at first. Key note speaker said to have diversity on you board but listen to them. Is going to trust them that this is right.


Branch, talked with Jamie and was very gracious with their time to talk about its importance. Is in full support about adding it back. Would rather this than parking or printing.


Murali, why did we cut it down?

Blossom, senate last year didn’t feel it was the right process with that money and agrees with their logic.


Reinhardt, sat down with Jamie and talked in depth about it. Is in support. Some of the main points is that it will allow them to build programming and involvement. Would have liked to have funding to be more involved and a lot of students don’t know who to go to when have events for diversity and inclusion. With the budget committee we will be able to see where that money goes. Would like feedback.

Branch, for those that are wondering if this is the right thing, will remind that goal 1.1 of action plan is bringing diversity. Diversity and Inclusion is the lowest budget on campus and would rather find this money elsewhere.


Roeder, are these collaborations primarily with student groups.

Reinhardt, not necessarily, the scope is a lot broader then registered groups.

Roeder, if primary through student groups then we already have other funding.

Johnson, thinks it does speak to our strategic plan and feels it is more of a way for them to have a part of it and that they care.


Schmitz, feels like double dipping and a way to get more money. Thinks would be more appropriate to designate to bring in an outside group in. It would more accurately achieve the goals of this program by bringing in outside groups.  Wants thoughts?


McDonald, thinks the purpose of the program as they aren’t as represented on campus as others are. Doesn’t think it should be specified, should be able to bring in whoever they feel at home with.


Killian, there are a bunch of student groups that need more representation. Is trusting them and that they will use it well to help those groups get their feet off the ground. This is one way to get a more diverse voice on campus.


Abbot, point out it needs the approval of the budget oversight committee. Not only the director will feel its need, but the oversight committee must also agree. Should give it a trial for a year and see how it goes.

Amend Vote: 11-4 Passes.



Reinhardt, wants to have a conversation about the parking passes. If it’s a no then that is fine. Wants to have $160 for 20 people, encourages others to come back.

Schmitz, attendees or speakers?

Reinhardt, both.


Abbot, on the weekends is free and if want community member to come and not pay then have it on the weekend or after 6pm on a weekday.


Murali, consider moving the day of Diversity Symposium to a weekend anyways as it would make it better for students.

Blossom, could be a weekend, but is set to be module, could come and go as please. Feels we would lose student participation.


Branch, we are already providing a free service to the community and there is free parking around campus. If its not worth $8 or a trip on the streamline, then maybe its not worth it for them to come. All for $16 for speakers, attendees can figure it out.


Reinhardt, great idea and will help the next director get those alternatives out.


Halstad, moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Johnson, moves to open KJLT. Seconded.

Vote: Passes




Roeder, the magazines are intended for the music directors to browse through, seems sound and educational.


Killian, did their rent increase?

Turner, working on a new rent agreement in Big Sky.


Schmitz, don’t have issues approving. Moves to close. Seconded.

Motion Discussion:

Johnson, let us know we will vote no if needed.


Murali, they really need that money and are doing some really great things.


Abbot, this has been around for a while and is a finely tuned machine. Thinks we should just leave them be and do their great job they do.

Vote: Passes



Killian thinks we can get through tonight. Thinks we will have a deficit then next week to find where to pull from. Moves to open Preschool. Seconded.

Vote: Passes




Main Discussion:

Killian, starting wage is $13 and that is with a college degree, this is making it hard to keep good teachers. An increase of $2.50 would make a huge difference. If you have money problems would ask to wait and see where else where to cut from. Moves to add $20,750.40 to labor. Seconded.



Schmitz, is that an increase to wage?

Marianne, would increase all, ran through HR.

Lyon, are we just adding?

Killian, there is a balancing act. So say we put through what we want and then go back and find cuts.

Lyon, thinks this is awesome. Realizes it takes up a lot of our budget but $13 is not enough. Thinks we should for sure allocate whatever we can with so far tonight. Is not opposed to using what was cut tonight toward them.


Branch, would be interested in research and how that wage is competitive. The average daycare wage is $9.50.

Killian, is a preschool not a day care. There is a difference.

Mulvaney, average teacher in Bozeman is $46,900 which $13 comes out to about $28,000.

Lyon, most start around $40,000 in Montana, because it is a preschool need a degree.


Gilbertson, don’t have to fund the entirety but can fund half. It is bad for us to pay so low and makes it look like we don’t care. Encourages you to spend a day. CDC just raised theirs to $16 an hour. It takes almost 7 months to find a teacher to lose them to CDC. Would love to have the full, but at least half. Need to put forth the effort.


Abbot, mom was a preschool teacher in a small town. The kindergarteners were going to school unprepared. Preschool is essential for kids to learn, is gives structure and started down the right path for success. I know we are young, but this is about the future. The kids are the future and this gives them a better start in life and this also helps our students.

Marianne, short summary. Day care pays more, and we lose our teachers to them. Have lost 3 teachers and the cost to replace and train is much higher. Currently have 4 teachers, 2 make more as they have been there longer, also better as they are younger and have more energy. Can also just support the two teachers increase.


Lyon, is this for everyone or starting?

Marianne, is overall, but could make it for those that are below. Could start with those two then work on the rest last year.

Dalvit, would be hesitant to just do two but in support of increasing it.


Murali, not opposed but thinks it might be hard to find money else where to cover the deficit. Thinks it would be smart to account for the two underpaid then work on the others next year. The math for two people is $7,680.

Lyon, there is more to consider like worker comp and benefits, etc.

Turner, there is a lot more than just a wage increase. Thinks it would be good to model all the scenarios. Needs to be an HR conversation.

Swenson, is it year around?

Marianne, not quite but nearly.


Mulvaney, made this amendment to start this discussion. This is ideal and has sparked the discussion. As seen we can’t make those calculations, so we need to have this discussion else where and come back with real numbers and scenarios.


Schmitz, the amendment is to add ~$20,000 into labor? Has a tough time to increase the budget for this program. Issue is, seems like a disproportionate amount taken to given back.

Lyon, what if they were your kids.


Halstad, finding a preschool in Bozeman in nearly impossible. Has a co-worker that just got pregnant and is already on a waiting list of more than 200 and still doesn’t know if shell get on it.


Johnson, feels we should pass then have the informal discussion about it. Gets the discussion about the students served. Is also uncomfortable with two over four maybe start with a smaller increase first for all?


Branch, there is discussion about the number is serves. Doesn’t think its fair of those it serves but the value. This service makes the difference as whether those students could even go to school or not. Looks forward to conversations but doesn’t feel this is enough but this is a start.


Horton, if we update tonight it is nonbinding. We have reserves and to be stressing about $20,000 tonight is pointless and would like to move along.

Amend Vote: 13-2 Passes


Schmitz, moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Schmitz, moves to open Health and Wellbeing. Seconded.

Vote: Passes

Health and Wellbeing


Killian, if remembers there’s a reserve request coming next week. Moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Turner, going to populate to show deficit/surplus. Please use this next week to go over it.


Mulvaney, moves to take 3 min recess. Seconded.

Vote: Passes


Blossom, would like to say that the increase is great to look at but unless you find something that was missed but know you will have to make some huge cuts. Please reach out and talk with us so we can help with that.



Schmitz, would like to talk about SPA and if it is worth opening. Would like to see a similar collaboration or under free speech. Would move to open SPA. Seconded.

Vote: Passes




Schmitz, the idea is similar collaboration style in this, would go under detail summery. Thinks it would be valuable, especially for those into politics. Doesn’t know if $2500 is excess but going for it. Moves to add a collaboration to Line 15, for $2500. Feels there are enough political clubs on campus. Thinks its worth the discussion. Seconded.



Roeder, is still opposing as clubs already get funds.


Killian, is in support of this change. Feels it should be for various backgrounds.

Johnson, was originally in Diversity but they expressed it wasn’t best there. Feels it should be under free speech.


Mulvaney, have you talked to Richard?

Schmitz, not yet.

Mulvaney, would like Richards perspective first and what it would look like allocated.


Reinhardt, likes this idea. Thinks the collaboration piece on campus to bring in different ideas and perspectives. Would like to have this conversation with Richard.

Schmitz, for those who would like to wait. If there is a concern on how to do this, it is kind of a dream budget. Richard is good at getting involved and finding a way, feels if we wait we’ll just find it’s a way to increase club numbers.


Dalvit, would like you all to look as we are already down. Just remember that the money comes from somewhere and can make things hard.


Blossom, thinks its fine with how we are going but when balancing make sure your having the right conversations.

Amend Vote: 8-5, Fails



Halstad, already emailed Richard to meet tomorrow. Will also post on senate page what times he is available. Thinks it’s a good place to start.


Murali, moves to close. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Mulvaney, moves to open Senate Discretionary. Seconded.


Motion Discussion:

Killian, conversation wants to have.

Vote: Passes


Senate Discretionary

Main Discussion:

Mulvaney, doesn’t see a valid use of discretionary in full capacity. Would get rid of or half. Seems most are spending just cause its there. Thinks food at meetings is a poor use. Wants to find middle ground.


Lyon, unless there is a resolution to replace with something then would want to wait.


Killian, also thinks to keep. Have used in the past and currently. Can look at it both ways and should look at those that are spending are using it in good ways.


Murali, likes the concern. Finance board had same concerns. Thought should go for $50 per semester. Finance board would encourage senators to use it next year. Feels we shouldn’t cut but to encourage them to spend.


Dalvit, would look at a conversation about halving. Also doesn’t feel we should make people spend it. If we have this deficit this is a way to release it.


Branch, agrees that current spending is what it could be. Doesn’t like the idea of having a stipend for senate. Feels should have a senate discretionary pool, gives opportunity to allow to be used.


Halstad, would also suggest a pool. Loves this idea and thinks it’s a way to spend it for something your passionate about. If a lot that aren’t and some that are passionate should give to them and also allows us to decrease the amount. Can discuss this week if some are unsure at this hour. Should really talk about this week.


Schmitz, wouldn’t mind putting it into a stipend. Thinks with the amount of time spent, can give resources and encourage them to take a few hours less at work to put back in.


Blossom, would oppose a decrease. If you aren’t using it that’s on you but can find ways to benefit your constituents. Where we just budgeted to get people elected to turn around and take away from them doing something.


Killian, how would the pull work?

Halstad, a conversation during the week.

Killian, is against getting rid of. Takes away free choice from the senators. Thinks we should have with this conversation when new senate is here next week.


Murali, disagrees with the pool and one would take most and not giving the others an opportunity. There is already a method of teaming up, feels it should be $100 either way.


Johnson, is spending because I have that money but also scrambling. Maybe should change to $50, feels to have this conversation. Feels $50 is good as it’s a smaller gap but still gives you something.


Lyon, can work on next week? Thinks we all want something done but now sure what. Moves to close. Seconded.


Motion Discussion:

Mulvaney, open to have a discussion and still hasn’t had it.

Vote: Fails



Dalvit, don’t thinks a $100 would make or break a difference in regard to working. Would like to consider and actually see what people have spent and what on then make that decision.

Mulvaney, original addressed as there is this feeling of scrambling. Thinks that having the funds to use is beneficial but has yet to see it being done. Thinks that decreasing to half might be the discussion we should be having. To do justice for next year senate need to discuss now.


Schmitz, moves to close. Seconded.

Motion Discussion:

Dalvit, wants to set a time. Poll on Facebook.

Vote: Passes


Schmitz, motions to close budget. Seconded.

Vote: Passes


New Business

Roeder moves to postpone 2019-R-14 indefinitely. Seconded.

Vote: Passes


McDonald Moves to take 2019-R-09 off the table. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



2019-R-09 Nursing Forum Activity Fee

Moved, Seconded.


McDonald, moves to amend line 10, strike “directly to” to “whereas $7 goes to services and programs for”. Seconded.

Amend Vote: Passes



Schmitz, why now?

McDonald, was under the impression the $7 went to the college of nursing. It has been a long process and want to make sure nursing college is getting that $7 to manage.

Schmitz, would it be better to clarify in resolves. Sounds like the college of nursing doesn’t have it.


Murali, $3 is to ASMSU, can we just amend line 15 and 13 from 3 to 7? Amends line 15 and 13, from $3 to $7. Seconded.

Amend Vote: Passes


Roll-Call Vote:15-0, Approved



2019-R-15 Support for a Multi-Purpose Co-Curricular Space

-First Reading


2019-R-16 Mountain and Minds

-First Reading


2019-R-17 Refugee Welcome Resolution

-First Reading



Murli moves to hold a special election on April 16 and 17. Seconded.


Schmitz, bump pack a day to help get advertisement out for those vacant positions.

Reinhardt, what is plan?

Gwinner, wants to make sure the disputed seats get passed and then discuss the others, so they don’t conflict.

Reinhardt, why?

Gwinner, just wants to make sure this passes and then add the other.

Vote: Passes


Murli, moves to hold another special election for University Studies and Nursing seats. Seconded.


Johnson, process?

Marianne, would apply Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday elections.


Branch, don’t want to hold this special election. Hired someone to get candidates for these seats and couldn’t get it. Is comfortable if we wait and advertise in the fall then trying to beg people to run. This could allow incoming students to run.

Swenson, in the bylaws it says to appoint in the fall.

Gwinner, it is against the rules but can be different.


Roeder, doesn’t like the fall appointment. Its hard coming in part way and should get people in these seats prior to.


Murali, question is do we let the students vote for themselves.


Gilbertson, the majority is freshman. Is hard to speak for them and saving their seat for an incoming freshman might be more of a benefit for them.


Abbot, everybody in the fall semester having no clue and takes a little time. So having an appointment the first week or two they wont be far behind.


Branch, thinks there’s a vast difference between half through a year and at the beginning. Its not allowed is it?

Swenson, the motion conflicts with the bylaws so the motion is out of order.


Senate Announcements

Killian, want a party after next week? Will have one.


Mulvaney, thanks for this process. Next week is going to be long and wants to make sure we are going to be 100% present and to set a good example.


Murali, your all awesome, its 11:21 and we’re still making decisions.


Schmitz, Charlie Kirk is next week.


Branch, our next meeting we are in front of the new elected senators so we should set the example but how this body should operate. Thinks that we should be here as in a professional manner as we can be.


Killian, is bringing ASMSU swag to give to new senators.


Swenson, hat can be crazy, dress needs to be professional.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Johnson.