Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB 235

March 28, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swenson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Hall, Lyon              


Approval of Minutes



Public Comment

Kyle, Agriculture. One got word of ASMSU voting on a position for the food bank on campus. Wanting AMSU money to go to this position, feels it is unneeded and thinks our money can go to more things. Such as an organization to take care of that, via volunteer. Money should go to bike lanes or snow removal. Feels we can be allotting that money to go toward snow removal on the weekends. The company he works for goes from 12a-6am and feels our snow removal teams should as well. Reading letter about free expression and speech regarding the Chicago statement and feels we should adopt it.  Feels we should be able to walk down the mall and hand out the constitution not need an approval at least 2 weeks in advanced. Having a speaker in April and forcing clubs and organizations to pay excessive amounts of money to cover security cost. Personal story of how others had flags hung and he got in trouble for having an American Flag hung and go in trouble while others did now. Feels that Blossom cheated in the last election as he was “seen” violating the rules and took out his competition for “violating” the rules.


Tom Stump, wants to read a response from culinary services. Restricting outside catering services is common and we are no different. MSU has invested in the culinary services and wants to continue that investment as they worked hard to provide food safely. Student organizations are offered great discounts and the money goes back to our school. The county health department looks at MSU as its own entity and they are held reliable for unknown outside catering. When it comes to serving food on campus MSU oversees that because they don’t want to be held reliable for other catering services.


Culinary Service is eager to have a conversation and to hear thoughts and opinions. Want to be the best partner they can be and would be open to sitting down to talk


Rachel Juel, Food Pantry, is here to update our numbers 100 new individuals come to the pantry. These service effect over 3000 people. Have nearly 12,000 volunteer hours. Our only option in the future is to have that part time position as the AmeriCorps Vista which will no longer be available.


Madi Keen, Health and Wellness, is here to support the temporary aid position. This position will serve the needs of our most vulnerable students and to support them in need. It will allow us to reach out to impact them. Has worked closely with the programs this position will hold and this position will provide support needed for them to grow.



Dr. Chris Kearns, Terry Leist, Andy Bolich; MSU Rodeo Program Support

Chris, VP of student success, is his first time to pitch anything to senate. Is here to talk about an opportunity and to ask. On the way over passed the Elders Dinner and we all know how important senate is in the project of the new American Indian Hall. Our rodeo team has won 8 championship and we have done a great job in supporting them. We have worked and kept up with other activities but not rodeo. They have more than doubled and need more space to support this growth. Have out grown their facilities and are here to ask to help them get the momentum needed so they can grow their facility. Tonight, is to give the basic outlines and to answer any questions.

Coach Bolich, has been involved since 1999, came here and graduated from MSU. There is a ton of commitment to rodeo due to the animals involved which need year around care. The community has come around us and it is important to them. Current situation they practice twice a week on campus and 4 times at a rented space in Belgrade. Students have to keep their horses all over Bozeman which means they are hauling them back and forth which is dangerous especially in the winter. Looking to get this facility in place where they can keep their horses there and to grow various departments and colleges along with their team. This could be a huge thing for our community as we can book it out to various community groups. MSU has a great history and can only ride on this for so long but are starting to get beat and are on the bottom of the totem pole. As a coach and recruiter, it is hard to get kids involved when it is such a struggle. This project can really put them to the next level as well as recruit kids and to help them really compete. Has 14 students graduate and that is a good number for any group. This team comes from all backgrounds and are in varying colleges. Asking us to support them, the sport, community, and students. Asking for the support.

Terry Leist, has been working with rodeo for a long time and has been putting on the pressure to get the support to grow and they can’t seem to get the traction needed to get going. Need the momentum to get them going, feels they got some donors to finish the program but need the start. Has looked at varying interest rates and is finding the best financial strategy. Not charging the fee till the project is finished. Submissions are due next week and like to communicate. It is rushed but trying to give as much time to make the best decision. Works out at about $9 a semester and doesn’t include maintenance but feels they can figure that out for the 10 years till paid off.

Kyle(PC), would it be open to anyone?

It would be for all students of 7 or more credits.


Murali, have you looked at other university partners?

Been looking into different ways to pay for and really oncomes down to come out of student fees.


Reinhardt, with in that 5 million what would be included.

The first foot print would be to connect a new, big - indoor arena and make parking lot improvements as well as all the extras. The arena will be used for actual classes but won’t be actual class rooms.

To keep the costs low came up with a price that had low interest rates that would still get them where they needed to be.


Johnson, is there still big goals with that.

This is just step one and the good part is that it can be built off of. Feels once it takes off thinks those will notice that are wanting to support.


Gilbertson, what would be the feasibility of clubs using that space?

The building we are talking about would be like 12-7p everyday and as long as there weren’t classes then clubs could use it in the free time.

G-would it cost to use?

Would be considered a student building and would be similar to the SUB.

Would treat it like how other sports on campus are, aka tickets are free.


Branch, how has the university grown with its growth?

Will free up miller and will free up those programs allowing them to grow more. Doesn’t have an exact answer but sure they will grow with the more space.

This by itself creates a tremendous amount of capacity to accommodate any future growth.


Elias, what kind of facilities do other campuses have and how are they funding?

Some is through private and some from the college. Other colleges that have the space are booked and constantly in use. There are some that have funding from community, college, and university. Most seem to be private and university.


Abbot, how would it impact your life.

Will, Senior. His horse is out in four corners and takes him one hour one way to get his horse to and from campus. By the time practice is done at 7ish and to get back to campus its nearly 9-10 o’clock. It will give an ease to future students and saves a lot of time they can use to study more and keeps them off the roads especially in the winter. The biggest thing is safety and time.


Killian would like to thank them for coming and thinks there is a level to get the students involved.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom


Director of Operations – Marianne Brough

Today got an email for an invitation to OSE Banquet, Please RSVP ASAP. There will be awards and the food will be free but beverages are for purchase. From 5:30-7:30 April 22. Only 3 weeks of senate left and there are two days with potential on food in budget. Use your discretionary and need your plan. If you are not running for re-election, get the word out, feel the urgency and only have 16 people running for senate. April 1 are tabling so please sign up if you are not running. Asking for a favor about doing an electronic portfolio and the meeting hasn’t been able to happen. Has to turn in some kind of results, will some of you show up for 30mins April 2nd, at 4pm and there will be food. Needs at least 6 people to show. As you are doing all this great stuff, it gives you a place to put all your co-curricular activities. The free speech that we heard about and the university is committed to letting anyone talk. If you get friction about having someone come will fight that fight with you.


Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

Brought Ethan a senator at ASUM. ASMSU is much different and is excited to learn.

The infrastructure bill for Romney has been passed in the House. Can get you contact info to bug a senator. The Diversity Symposium was a great event and was such a success. Will get numbers later. Has their SRO night and had roughly 100 students attend. Late night Stream line is hiring, is $60 a night and can be calm at times. There is also a $50 sign on bonus. New art exhibit and should check it out.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Finance board completed its review. Tonight, we are doing budgeting. Current budget is in google drive. If you don’t have access let him know and will get you added. Also sent out the training for budgeting presentation.


Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

Elections are fully in spring and get in your applications in soon. Spread the word and make sure we are getting a positive message out into the community.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Reminder still need someone for committee. Branch, volunteers. Do have some money for the budgeting meetings starting the next two. Pizza or Jimmy Johns? Give him concerns or suggestions. Got a few emails from some people in the library and are working on open access course materials. Were concerned about the bookstores inclusive access option. Would recommend postponing the bookstore resolution till next week so we can get more information. The person to email with any questions Leila at


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Ready to answer any questions regarding finance board changes.


Senate Reports

Killian, met with Ty about the rec center. He is working with them to make sure those student voices are heard. Has reached out to his constituents about rock climbing again wants to include a free fall wall where you would fall onto matts. Might come to a Mountains and Minds resolution.


Reinhardt, has been having a blast this week and there is a portal where you can directly send them messages. If you send a message it will be printed and on their desk in the morning.


Johnson, met with planning council and are in the stages of making our priorities. Are double checking to make sure the priorities set are still our priorities. After they approve they will go to funding. Next week will be presenting.


Schmitz, met with RSFAB. Talked to them and got the email from Cruzado about refunds. Going to tear down the North, South, and Upper gym. Racquetball courts in question, might be able to save the climbing wall. Talking about next fall and maybe putting a bubble over the tennis courts and one near the turf. Waiting to see how much they’ll get back from insurance.

Elias- when tearing down are going to work to minimize debris.

Mulvaney- where is the entrance to the gym?

Dalvit-HDD side by parking lot or field house.


Dalvit, met with campus planning and design. Insurance is in the air and the steering committee is trying to start, looking to have 3 senators. Already looking to have a real climbing wall. Asked how to get feed back to them. Thinks we should compile and will send one email. Everyone is aware that we want to be apart of. Let’s get ideas compiled and to not demand things.


Killian, earlier we passed the support on transportation fee, need to decide by next week.


Mulvaney, if Killian adds this to new business is that motion discussable to understand the resolution?

Yes, if its just to add it to the agenda.



Unfinished Business


2019-B-05 Initiative Fix Bill

Motioned, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Reiman, why are we changing from 5 to 2%?

Schmitz, constitution states 2% and bylaws states 5%.


Killian, wants clarity. There is only a discrepancy regarding the bills but not resolutions. This will give students power to bring up resolutions.


Johnson, knows that supreme court has taken a look and would like a report.

Gwinner, boiled down to a few things. As Killian said it doesn’t regard the resolutions. The affirming opinion was a 6-1 vote. Didn’t feel the extra 500 was that inhibiting but does see and understand the discrepancy.

Johnson, might need some more examining and doesn’t know whether or not it was intentional. Feels we should make more time to figure out why.


Reinhardt, is leaning toward no. Feels there is a reason and that we were elected to bring resolutions to the table and feels it should take more students vote to bring those back. Thinks we need more time.


Murali, who thinks we should postpone? Thinks that 5%means there are more students invested and might limit that 2%. Its all about getting the opinion of the student body.


Gilbertson, a senator at large is having that many students talk about it then they should be writing a resolution regarding it.


Pelkie, would the ballot include information.

Gwinner, as soon as they hit that bench mark will go out to the student body.

Marianne, there will be an optionally button to get more information.

Pelkie, as long as they can get informed doesn’t see there is an issue. Likes the 2%.


Murali, 2% is 10% of our normal voter turnout. We spend 1000s and they won’t be able to so getting a turn out will be harder. There are also other discrepancies this is just one.


Schmitz, 2% is a lot for a small group and feels it is very reasonable. We represent student voices but the most pure form it to let them represent themselves.


Killian, feels we should just discuss the discrepancy and then discuss the present. Moves to Remove on line 2 “strike and pass resolutions”. Seconded.


Amend Discussion:

Reinhardt, what are you wanting?

Killian, wants to fix just the discrepancy.


Amend Vote: Passes



Killian, work on bill after to cover percentage.


Mulvaney, question on technicality. Who would give the answers on technicality? Has similar concerns and doesn’t think our electronic ballot is informative enough. Concern is if there is a complex issue that needs more than just one sentence. Wants to ensure the education on that is thoughtful and thorough.

Marianne, it’s me for technicality and elections will now be done internally so we can change it.


Role-Call Vote: 18-0 Approved



2019-R-10 Support for MSU Bookstore’s Inclusive Access Pilot Program

Motion, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Dalvit, given there are concerns. Moves to postpone to next week. Seconded.


Motion Discussion

Branch, whoever stated the concerns please restate.

Swenson, got an email from the library and they are concerned at this point.

Branch, does it seem like a competing thing.


Murali, when are the library people coming?

Marianne, unsure but will see if they can get someone in. Maybe we can get some insight.

Murali, feels we should lay it on the table with out a date until we can get that information.


Branch moves to amend to postpone to two weeks. Seconded.

Branch, thinks the library did a great job presenting. They have been working hard to get it together and this gives them two weeks to come forward.


Dalvit, feels the two weeks is good.

Murali, is a good idea.

Amend Motion vote: Passes

Motion Vote: Passes

**Carries and is postponed two weeks.


2019-R-11 Recommended University Catering Policy Changes

Motion, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Schmitz, any one have any grammatical changes.

Swenson, the last resolved needs “that”

Schmitz, moves to add to resolved “that” to line 16. Seconded.

Amend Vote: Passes.


Schmitz, When Tom Stump came in he just read an email the he had already received earlier. Doesn’t find any of the points valid enough. Not really a discount and is not affordable as stated. Feels they should be able to provide better for the school and clubs. If they can’t enhance the student experience, then we should be able to look at other options. Thinks to still pass it.


Murali, talked to some other student organizations and they had some complaints over the years. If all these deals where offered shouldn’t be having these complaints.


Horton, studies how companies run and there are two reasons. It is pretty apparent that they are raising costs because they have to and because they want to. Increase the amount of local foods, food safety, coverage of costs, demand increase for higher quality, and loose money when serving the favorite dish. Is against this resolution and doesn’t like the idea of bringing other catering services and risking law suits.


Branch, kudos to Schmitz as this is a functioning document. What do you see as the next step? Because us passing this resolution will probably just get us into another altercation. Thinks a more effective means is to take them up about coming to the table and having a conversation. There is a situation here where we do not see all the factors and we need to consider that. Thinks it will be worth while to take them up on their offer and to see if we can move forward with that. That can also give us a better and more effective resolution. Will be voting no.


McDonald, what Branch said.


Dalvit, as much as wants this to happen. Doesn’t feel the argument was valid but is concerned about the economic value. Feels that conversation could be really valuable.


Johnson, doesn’t feel this is the best way to go about this although this is an issue. Really feels this conversation needs to happen. Maybe we can find a way for student clubs to work around bringing own food.


Killian, would still like to express support. Effectively feels that catering has formed a monopoly and student groups are forced to go through them. Need other options on campus and need more student friendly food. Where is the line between outside food and a sack lunch. Feels this resolution still important.


Abbot, we see this a lot that once we start a resolution people come forward and talk to us. Can talk to those that came tonight. Have raised prices both last year and this year. This is becoming a monopoly and should handle.


Mulvaney, there are pros and cons from catering. One pro has seen an improvement as to what ingredients are exactly in the food. There are many with food allergies and their increased awareness is great. Local is yes more expensive but also more economical. Would like to highlight that there is an approval process to get outside food approved. However, is unsure if that is only for donation or not. Is frustrating as there are a lot of hoops to jump through. Feels it should be more of a stream line process. Is on the fence between Killian and Branch’s views. Like that they want to talk but this also brings more power to the table. There is negative language so maybe should amend before that conversation if passed.


Roeder, most of his clubs just want a hamburger and they don’t care where is comes from. Feels opening to an open market system. One of the main issues isn’t the money spent from clubs but its mostly the other groups that use it like FFA. Is voting yes.


Murali, being on the funding board made her understand the struggle as to what the student groups are going through. The demand is not being met and students are not satisfied. Feels we should pass.


Dalvit, wants this to pass but we need a plan. If they get cut with all that funding and that means we have to take it from somewhere else. Doesn’t know if these would be good backing to go into the conversation or not. Feels we need to specify as its still going to come from students.


Reinhardt, is going to vote no. Wants to have a conversation without this resolution as it does still have an undertone. Feels as many should attend that meeting as possible.


Branch, is not a member of other groups so doesn’t know how they function. Feels there is an exception, states that groups under 40 and after hours are encouraged as long it is only for the group and not the public. Also states to put in a request to get donated food. Might be attacking a problem that isn’t as big as we think.


Kothe, if we want a resolution for backing we should have one that is about being more affordable and to have food students want. We should just have an open discussion, so students can be more a part of the catering process.


Horton, we should have this discussion before passing and there are reasons for their increase. Is guessing that those complaining are the small clubs and that catering is really for the big groups. Feels it is important to not vote.


Reiman, likes the contents. Is an administrative assistant for culinary services and that some of these price increase are due to an initiative to get local foods. This goes to support us and local agriculture. Nearly 25% comes from Montana food venues and we are supporting the local economy.


Mulvaney, is still torn. Pass or not this discussion is going to happen. As we see students are invested in this issue. Thinks this is primarily for large events. Hasn’t heard much about groups getting food for their meetings.  However, clubs want to host bigger events, and these are hurdles that are making it difficult for them.


Halstad, is in support of this. It is really competitive for nice food but not for easy food like pizza or taco bar.


Schmitz, thinks the talk is going to happen so is moving to lay on the table. That way we have this in our back pocket in case they want to fight us. Seconded.

Motion Vote: Laid on the Table


New Business

Funding Requests

2019-Request-06 Bobcat Summer Youth Camp

Moved, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Pelkie, is wondering why we are using our student fee dollars to fund faculty and staff scholarships.


Elias, There is a rigorous application process. Agrees with Pelkie about funding those scholarships but thinks it’s a great idea in funding student scholarships.


Killian, can propose to make an amendment to strike or adjust to students.


Schmitz, feels it should be just to students. Moves to add a stimulant that the money only goes to student’s children.



Amend Discussion:

Branch, something doesn’t feel right about that. We are one bobcat family and doesn’t feel we should limit to just the kids of students. If you’re a member of MSU then come to the Bobcat Youth camp. A lot of faculty also need this as much as us. Voting no on motion.


Elias, this is over the summer and are working 4x4. If those faculty can’t afford child care, then they can’t be here and is a solution for faculty which allows them to be here for us.


Killian is in support of motion.


Johnson, staff could really be affected for this. Can’t limit because we allow faculty kids to the Preschool and that’s student funds. Voting no on this but yes on amendment.


Amendment Vote: 8-10, fails.



Schmitz, feels students should not be funding staff.


Killian, we are taxing students and then giving it to faculty. Need to realize we are here for the students and to support the students.


Kothe, sometimes we just need to trust them. It was done this way as there is a need and we don’t know all the ins and outs.


Murali, will be voting no.


Branch, fully apricates the notion on spending student dollars on non-students. It is not a noval thing for this body to do. We have done it in other places and this is a good thing. This says we find value in the youth and that we want to get kids involved. This does not fit with how we have acted in the past and doesn’t understand why this is rubbing us the wrong way.


McDonald, is there a way to see who it impacts.

Elias, this is primary for MSU students but is open to all.


Halstad, agrees with Branch. If our staff has to stay home due to children instead of being here is does impact the students. See the value in it and it is also a good deed. It is overall a positive thing.

Schmitz, the issue comes to where it benefits all evenly where this is student or it is not. In another case that they are the experts should trust. Disagrees people mess up and we need to look at this seriously about the benefit to students.


Pelkie, disagrees with funding the staff scholarship but will still vote yes as it is a valuable program.


Dalvit, comes down to students struggling that can barley pay rent or for school but then we are taking it to give to someone that is actually making money. Need to keep in mind this is coming from students and we are not an endless money pot.


Abbot, as she sees it is for scholarships which go to those in need. This means they are not just handing it out, it is going to those that cannot afford it. However, sees everyone’s point. Feels to change from staff to community? No, ok.


Elias, what if we say that it is student preferred but can go to a MSU affiliated community member.

Moves to amend the 3rdspot to be preferred to students but also open to MSU affiliated community members. Seconded.


Amend Discussion:

Reiman, feels the need is going to go to a student as they have higher need. Will vote no.


Johnson, likes the student preferred. Feels the scholarship committee will choose the right family in need.


Abbot, we are a body that tries to be inclusive and yes we are focused on students but also a community over all. This is a good way to show support for both.


Amend Vote: Passes.



Murali, is against. Feels only way would support if it was going to those who pay activity fee.


Halstad, if you vote no then you are also taking away the other two possible scholarships.


Dalvit, feels there is a compromise for both. Is still struggling with this.


Reinhardt, will be voting yes as it is really important. One of her goals is to create a positive culture here on campus. 


Roll-Call Vote:15-3 Approved.


2019-Request-07 Temporary Aid Services Position

Motion, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Murali, by passing this we are positively impacting a large amount of students. Students need these resources and by passing we are approving a rather impactful program. Have looked into other resources and we are the last resort.

Juel, Grad students are under representative and shows that it is going toward them as well.


Halstad, feels we should support. For its amount, Rachel has done so much work and feels we should trust her in the plan she put in place. There are ways that it can be funded in the future but this is a great way to keep those phases to get off the ground.


Abbot, want to talk about supporting students with student fees. This is great and will be voting yes.


Murali, Andy: $5,091 after we pay bus bill.


Reinhardt, is so excited for this. These are two of the most important resources on campus. This affects so many students on campus and hope to bring this to the light of the Bozeman community. Would like to know if you will be voting no to hear your reasons.


Schmitz, how many visits per semester?

139 came last year.

Schmitz, How many where students?

86.76% are student and families. These are the ones that are affected.

Schmitz, that’s approximately $65 a student. Salary/Service. Per semester?

No, half time to full time a year. There is also limited data on this.

Schmitz, yes and with the crash pad having no numbers makes iffy.

There being no numbers shows the need as this will allow us to get proper data to accurately decide on the efficiency and need.


Abbot, personally have seen the impact of the food bank on campus. One friend that uses the food bank and another friend that had their place flood and for them to have one place to stay is vital.


Killian, know that Schmitz is not a bad guy. Just has a higher standard as to where he feels comfortable to pass, everyone has their limit. Has been involved with them and knows that they are hard workers to get this done.


Halstad, knows they are hard workers and will get this done. Has trust in them.


Reinhardt, glad to hear Schmitz response but really wants a yes. If 4 out of 10 are food insecure then this goes to the point and those are people that you know. Feels you should support this, so students don’t have to worry about finding a ride to the local food bank.


McDonald, feels that since we see student sacrifice so much to get a degree that us giving supplies like this is important.


Pelkie, am stuck by what is left in our account and putting it out is a service. Does see where Schmitz is coming from.


Roll-Call Vote: 18-0


Motion for 10-minute recess, Seconded.


Killian would like to note that we do not have to discuss the budget unless there is something you want to discuss. Is here to stay as late as needed but doesn’t feel there is a need. Can just move to not open the budget.

Vote: Passes



FY2020 Budget

Turner, all changes will be in drive and updates are instant. Please do not click all over the place. Will walk through the overview page. Base discussions off finance board decisions. No plan on saving money.



Killian, can open and close but nothing is set and stone. Start with Pace has one thing. Motion to open PACE Budget. Seconded.


Branch, suggests that there are a few easy ones we could open and close and be done with until final vote.


Killian, that is fair.


Mulvaney, is good to start small, gives practice run.


Motion Vote: Fails


Turner, once we get into actual things but tried to make them as accurate possible. If its wrong let him know later.


Branch, moves to open Late Night. Seconded.

Motion Discussion:

Murali, thinks there’s a more accurate one to open.


Killian, if there is anything you want to change.


Motion Vote: Passes


Late Night Budget

Schmitz, can we just approve?

Swenson, yes can approve late night as a whole.


Killian, moves to approve. Seconded.


Elias, we need to not approve and close?

Swenson, yes.


Turner, want me to move over numbers and then close.


Motion Vote: Fails.


Elias, moves to close Late Night. Seconded.

Motion: Carries


Branch, moves to open Legal Services. Seconded.

Motion: Carries


Legal Services


Schmitz, are we just going to open and close or we going to actually discuss.


Mulvaney, thinks yes but also in training wheels kind of way.


Branch, we have to open and view all of them, so we are doing active work.


Kilian, would like to point out that a line item Special Projects 35 got increased.


Abbot, is that also for workshops?

Murali, yes and feel it is important and could get real information from.


Branch, moves to close Legal Services. Seconded.

Motion Vote: passes


Killian, moves to open Student Political Action. Seconded.

Motion Vote: Passes


Student Political Action

Killian, wanted to talk about them running an event on the off year of the lobbyist.


Johnson, line 19 was originally the diversity and inclusion line item but feel it is more for political action.


Killian, moves to close. Seconded.

Motion Vote: Passes


Killian, moves to close the budget for the night. Seconded.

Motion Vote: Passes



Killian, moves to add his resolution. Seconded.

Vote: Carries

Sponsors: Killian, Schmitz, Roeder, Murali

2019-R-12 for first reading.


Senate Announcements

Dalvit, plays the filler on the 4thand 18th. Copper has a Game of throne party.


Reiman, Pow-wow is this weekend. Please come have been working at this all semester. Ground blessing is at 3 pm.


Killian, Jazz band is next weekend. Wet Lab is on Tuesday. Got accepted into the Peace Corps.


Johnson, FFA is next week. Need more volunteers.


Mulvaney, with the move out waste project is going rather well. Thursday and Friday of finals week if you want to volunteer to help out and collect items.


Abbot, at 10p an old professor is in a band and playing at the Hoff.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Horton.