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March 14, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:02pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swanson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Abbot, Elias            Unexcused: Kothe, Mulvaney, Halstad


Approval of Minutes



Public Comment

President Cruzado, it has been a week since we have lost our north and south gym. They are working dilligently to bring back services, but our first priority is safety. Feels we are incredible blessed that there was no significant loss. Is amazing how attached to a building one can be, but buildings can be rebuilt and that is exactly what we intend to do. Needs our help to envision the future. This morning received a wonderful letter from clubs and organizations about thinking big. Will be happy to address questions and can continue this.


Lyon, will you be releasing an official report as to what happened?

Currently the insurance is in control and doesn’t know exactly how that will work.


Branch, there are a ton of rumors as to what’s going on. Do you have any solid information that we can give to constituents?

Honestly one of the things is to keep everybody appraised as to what’s going on. Have been releasing as much information as they can, and this process is moving slower than what we all want. Again, the investigation is with the insurance company and once they have made a verdict we will know better what direction we can go from there. Intend to continue updates as they come. Feel free to come by the office and talk to them. Is proud at how responsive everyone was, learned the importance of involvement and teamwork.


Killian, seeing as this was unexpected and happened when the gym was closed. Is there anything changing with the policies?

Our minds first go to what could have been and thankfully we only have to worry about the construction of a building. This is a great new world and we will be adjusting to change. Two years ago, we were one of the first universities to have an emergency management plan and have a debt of gratitude for first responders. IF you have ideas or recommendations please let us know. Wishes us all a safe spring break.

Student, wants to say thank you for the updates. First thing wants to address, is the concealed carry that has been brought up. Things that he noticed, is when we had people that came in here to speak last time was that people were basing their speeches as to how they felt. One thing he wants to state that he doesn’t want to just carry his gun around, its his right and amendment. Feels his second amendment right should still be considered. Concealed carriers have dropped rates of crimes. A person that carries, carries for safety and for a reason. He feels more comfortable being trained with a firearm. MSU is moving at such a rapid pace and that there is a housing crisis in Bozeman. Currently we have all these buildings going up and Bozeman can not handle what is growing and feels that MSU needs to cap an occupancy. Needs to fix this before moving forward further. Urges the holding off of the new American Hall. There is only so much the city can do and we need to keep pace with each other.


Steve Erikson, the new turf fields. So, picture a group of students playing on it in shorts and bare foot. Been working to keep it cleared of snow. Students are participating and working to keep students engaged. Have given back 500 lockers already and the team will continue to do so. Feel free to come with questions.



Club Sports Funding

Due to technical difficulties, can’t show their power point presentation. Here to talk about funding, brief history. Club sports are registered student clubs and about 5 years ago they took on the club sports program as they vary from club sports. In the last year club sports that they have grow to hire a coordinator and all their funding officially came over to RFS. Now they can answer finance question for the club sports, now a smoother process and can serve better. This year have 28 active club sports, broken into 4 tiers. The tiers matter as it helps to determine funding. Their funding board help to allocate these funds and Lyon is their representative on their board as well as one rep from each tier. This board is taking the job highly seriously and care about what is going on. Highlights this year: The Turf Field. Rather pumped about the field being there and clubs are using it regularly. This has been huge as there is to much snow on grass fields to practice. Men’s hockey club just went to regionals, are the underdogs. Racquetball club is going to nationals again. Rugbies went to nationals in the fall. There are a few others that are going to nationals/regionals as well. Have funding for when they do well to move forward. It is growing constantly and are becoming a national player. MSU is starting to be known for our club sport teams.


Hall, how are tiers divided?

The clubs have a chance to apply for club funding and when they do they try to apply for a tier status. There are preset qualifications for each tier and the funding board puts them in tiers. Starting to add presentations for varsity tiers to better inform the finance board. Also have to come forward and give a presentation if they are having conducts. Are looking to add into the scope of this board. If something violates a code of conduct wants to put the decision into the student’s hands.

Branch, are they adequately funded?

I don’t believe so. Most are typically creative with funding.


Johnson, have 28 teams do you know how many students are involved?

Yes, 650+. Hardest thing is for travel costs.


When the offices are back open feel free to stop by.


Student Organization Funding

272 registered organizations on campus. About 12,500 students involved in clubs, there are some duplicated numbers. The goal is to distribute funds and every student pays $9.89 in the fall. Three types of funding: Mass funding (54), Rolling Funding (52), and Matching Funding (26). Start with $271,500, have about 117,140 for Mass and 58,570 in Rolling. Matching is unknown currently and about 35,000 in reserve. Did put a cap on Mass, now set as $5,000. Increased Matching funding to $750 per club. Things that they won’t fund, Firearms (due to transportation), investment funds, and damage or cancellation fees. Had 191 students attend the Student Organization Leadership Conference. Get tax assistance with ASMSU legal services, currently signed a contract with Labs Engage and will launch in August and have hired a new program Manager position.


Johnson, mass app due?

March 26 at noon.


Killian, what was the increase?



Ryen Dalvit, John How; American Indian Hall Schematics

Have received funding from donors. This project has been around for a while, had concept designs but now have the funding and the teams ready to go. This new building will provide cultural integration and additional class room space. Will be located across from Roberts hall. Currently finished schematic design and now in design development. Working in LEED and going for LEED Platinum. Leed is a national certification system developed by the USGBC to encourage the constructions of energy and resource-efficient buildings that are healthy to live in. 166 total student capacity. Includes large collaboration spaces and offices. Walls can more to accommodate larger events. Second floor is more of a work space. The basement area is storage and showers mainly. A feather is incorporated into the roof design. Showed designs and varying views of the building. The Ground Blessing Ceremony on March 29 at 3:00pm/.


Lyon, is this a place where students can come and cook their own food as it has its own kitchen?

The kitchen is designed more for the people that work there and is there for students as well but it is not a commercial grade kitchen. It is more of a home kitchen.


Murali, what are you going to do with the parking lot?
IT will be to the side of the building and the mall will eventually be extended. Looking at a semi drop off/limited parking area on the east side.


Reinhardt, will the student support center be?

It will be in the round, semi circle part of the building. IT is representative to all indigenous students as well as non-indigenous students. Meant for both a public and private setting. Intend to have an outside classroom on the back side.


Have been meeting with tribes and have been bringing the building committee with as well. All the tribal members are all very excited about this project. All the tribal governments have presented us a Flag to hang in the building which was unexpected. Have been providing their comments back to the team and been communicating to bring back information to best represent them.


Schmitz, how much classroom space is there?

There are 3 class rooms, 86,56, and 24 student caps.


Sees this space as open to student clubs and we don’t many small classrooms so will be there for students. Also trying to add a gallery space. Working to keep the front area as open as possible.


Lyon, what is going to happen to that space?

~650 sq.ft and there is currently no plan for that.


Blossom, what have you done to reach out to students on campus?

Have had 3 meetings with American Indian Council and they have been rather helpful. Plan to have 4thone soon. Will see a lot more detail coming forward. General shape and usage should stay the same. Every other week there is a creative meeting and provide pizza. Still have opportunity to provide feedback.


Canadace Mastel; Grant Street Calming Project

Has been working diligently to get this set up on campus. This presentation was done by the Power Institute. Talking about Grant street today as there are a lot more people using it and will likely see that increase in people. Goal is to create a safe environment for all. Need to provide and plan for future safety. Could close Grant but it is expansive and have a lot to consider. Also have limited East-West routes around campus. Will be doing a pop-up project to test and to find what method might be best for us. Have hosted a parklet, a temporary park. Are proposing to set up their demonstration projects, will now be a few weeks. The goal is to see how the gyms demo goes and hope to coincide with the gyms.


Lyon, have been playing when FFA comes?

Originally wanted FFA so they could more elements to reconstruct. Are working with parking services. This street will run 11thto 7th.


Lyon are there cars with varying parts.?

Will try to now confuse and can keep updates open to students.


Lyon will you reach out?

Yes, and sent out the first tiers of the applications.


Branch, are there any looks at people waiting?

Are you in general or N-S?

General overall.


Branch, at times there are cars that wait a while trying to leave so could ask, is a high culture

ships. Street sign.

Is looking at all this before all is polarized.

Branch, need a light to sensor and maybe a wall to limit students from crossing wherever.


Frank Parrish, Parking Fee Structure

Is here to blow up parking. There is no where to park and no signs saying passes are requited. Been reaching out to the college of business and research to get some solutions for their goals. First, is customer service and want to have a fun environment. Also want a better visual so people know where and when to park. When buying a parking pass currently is more like a hunting pass. Want to have tower signs to show where to park and to change from SB to animals. Also want to have a radio notification system so people can get updates. The mobile parking app will allow visitors to pay for their spot on the spot. Also trying to get a plate reader versus a plaque. Will also be buying Fuel Efficient Vehicles these will provide students safety rides after hours and will be used to monitor campus during normal hours. Have already gone over $120,000 in snow removal and where at $200,000. Looking to add better lighting and security. Been paying off the debt for the parking garage. About $100,000 a year lost to not having tickets paid for. Working to set parking standards for events. Expectations: inexpensive, convenient, and sufficient. There are 6,060 permitted spaces, 592 reserved, 220 pay lot, 192 ADA, and 142 are others. Currently have an over sale in parking passes by nearly double. Looking to add a new section L4 that is less then the garage but more than the SB lot. Currently selling a lot of permits to residents that’s making it harder for commuters. L4 is $400 and intend to increase by $15 a year approximately. Are proposing that L5 will come to 60% and the new L4 will have a 25% oversell. Wants to encourage student residents to park farther away as it is less and allowing more room for commuters. Expecting around a $300,000 increase over the next 2 years. Want to eliminate parking on 7thand to have two-way biking on 7th.


Dalvit, how does the carpool plan come into effect?

Thinking of carpool spots but not lots currently.


Lyon, going back to the slide with the number of spaces per lots. Thinks that the mis and reserved, a lot of reserved spaces are open the majority of the time. Have you looked into opening some of those for extra spaces as they are rarely used and not enforced.

Yes, is a good idea.


Branch, is there a thought about making 7thstreet meter parking vs permit parking?

No, but could use the app for that instead of meters.

Branch, knows that around the center they have meters vs permits, which gives ease for visitors or rushed students.


Johnson, with the new lot, you took from the residents, are you expecting them to buy it?

Expect both commuters and residents.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

One big thing, Romney is up for a final vote next Wednesday. If you have time to contact a rep, now is the time. Last week was at regents and the tuition freeze is going well. Shuttle numbers are up. Come work with us is a way to better fill up student staff positions on campus.


Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

Coming up after spring break is the SRO Slam and Diversity Symposium. Also have an opportunity to table running for senate. Looking to encourage students to run. If you are running, do not sign up. Are extending the dead line for elections to March 19that 7am. There were some students that had some concerns about advertising and lack of information so extending. Taylor intends to have some slam poetry.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Overall, we are doing really good only spent 57%. Some are waiting on more revenue so looks like they have over spent. Pace had some clerical errors and one was planning on a huge spring concert and is not going to be as large as expected. Diversity Inclusion actually has a surplus as they had a lot that wasn’t budgeted for. Again, doing really well and the fiscal year ends in the summer. All the bars will slowly get closer to a 100%. Will get some April financials in the first week of April. 3/28 begin the FY20 Budget review.


Chief Justice – Katie

Email Change, some students wanted to put forth a resolution. There were some percentage errors and will rule tonight on what we think.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Still need a second person for the computer fee allocation committee, April 4, 10am-12pm. There are 4 meetings left this year. Will be hitting the budgeting the next meeting.


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Met with Matt and were talking about more formal causes about sending a senator to meetings next year. Also brought up that the climbing wall is part of the broken gym. Budget request will be postponed till after the FY20 Budget is approved. Doesn’t need to be a line item every year.


Senate Reports

McDonald, Pace has their coffee slam after spring break and will have a special guest coming. Please come. The spring event is charitable.


Killian, any plans for a green roof have been tabled due to the gym. Working with UFPB about requesting money to get chairs and such. Been trying to meet with the head of the preschool about keeping teachers due to pay. Wants to make sure that the teachers are getting paid fair and what it would look like.


Unfinished Business


2019-R-09 Nursing Activity Fee Transfer

Moved, Seconded.


McDonald, originally was under the idea that the $3 is not utilized and upon resent research have found where the money is spent. When transfer or visiting students can pay or count as our students. Moves to Lay This on The Table. Seconded.


Vote: Approved- Laid on the Table


New Business

Funding Requests

2019-Request-05 Hello Walk Pop-Up Banners

Murali moves to postpone till after the approval of the FY20 Budget. Seconded.


Killian, how is it funding?


Murali, this is an event for next year and is a one thing which is why it needed to be requested separately but need to know budget before approving so must postpone.


Killian, why not vote next year?


Blossom, it is for MSU Debut and will likely get over looked then.


Vote: Motion Carries- Postponed



2019-R-10 Support for MSU Bookstore’s Inclusive Access Pilot Program

Moved, Seconded.

Vote: All in Favor.

First Reading.


2019-B-05 Initiative Fix Bill

Moved, Seconded.

Vote: In Favor

First Reading


2019-R-11 Recommended University Catering Policy Changes

Moved, Seconded.

Vote: In Favor

First Reading


Senate Announcements

Reiman, posted a link to volunteer for the Po-Wow. If interested, they need the help.


Johnson, our FFA will be here in a few weeks and will need volunteers.


Killian, have a wonderful and exciting spring break. Hope you saw his post on his Facebook page. The school’s selectivity, and we recognize that we are growing. Sees it as hypocritical that we are here then says we should cap it.


Lyon, club sports funding and is actively in contact so come forth and ask questions. Bridger bowl dirt bike bowl is coming up. With all these emails, we tend to lean more on liberal views and overall, we need to look at the student populations views.

Blossom, regent application is due on the first.

Meeting adjourned by Senator Horton.