Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Room 235

February 7, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swanson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Reiman


Approval of Minutes



Public Comment

Chase VP of RHA,College of Ag. Got their new logo made by Marketing director Ash. Will be on their new polos. Met on Monday to finalize a joint event for March 12. Met with Blake and Anne on the same page. Starting their board for upcoming elections. Will start to finalize their Bid. Their senators appreciate the memorial. Formally invite Senate to come speak at meetings on Wednesday. RHA is offering to sponsor off campus resource fair. Just got approved for their RHA Excellence scholarship. Is open to senators and students. In process of renovating the jack, their basement area.


Richard, CLS, Capital day on Tuesday and can get you in if not already.



Pace Team,Blue and Gold Ball,

 The team is excited for this event. Done a polling and most students like concerts. Going to be sending in request for one of the options. To hold at the Rialto but will need money, due to sub being full. Can vary depending on performers. Trying to make a concert and a dance. First option, more like cocktail hour and entertainers moving into a dance. Want ideas and will take suggestions.


Richard Wagner, Student Political Action Budget

Covers external political aspects, engages in the student body in political matters, and assists in ASMSU legislature. Had the Walk the Vote event so students could see what ballot matters would be seen. He works to seek engagement. Looking for increase in What Now? Events. Supposes adding to the 4 events as there won’t be a Helena trip, lobbyist, no legislative session, etc. This greatly cuts down the costs for his budget year and the lobbyist is where most of it goes. Altered the name of the fall debate, changed to Voter Engagement. The rest remains the same. Has one of the smaller lists. Cost of activates $350 for local gov engagement, Voter engagement $850, Fall Debate luncheon $750, What Now? Events $1320 ($330 each). Feels these events would be good for next year as it is a dead year.



Abbot, what is labor and benefits? Doesn’t include lobbyist?

Richard, Ignore the numbers they will come in spread sheet.


Lyla Brown, Late Night Budget

Has 2 buses that run 3 nights a week with 2 drivers per bus, Upstream and Downtown. This bus serves students and campus by giving them a safe transportation means late at night. Trying to propose an incentive pay and cut down on advertising and overhead. The incentive would be $50 for 6 new hires, sweatshirts and cleaning supplies.



Killian, where the coasters bought? Senate liked the idea of having them at Bars.

Not this year but will look into it for bars and such.


Gilbertson, how does the incentive work?

It is basically a sign on bonus.


Nick Zetterberg, Marketing Budget

Works to ensure that ASMSU Student Government, Community Engagement, Student Organizations, and Campus events and programs are equally represented. Proposing 2 graphic designer for hourly with 15 hours/week, PR Associate (Tier 2). The graphic designers are currently stipend but are spending more time then what they are stipend for. Only one graphic designer is by us and one paid by the state. Wants to add as they will handle the poster editing, printing poster, the ASMSU Facebook page and instapage they would manage, would be the extra stuff. Marketing provides graphic design, professional photos and videos, give marketing consultations, etc. Most of their money goes to social media marketing, the more money they can put behind it the more people can see it. They also do a lot of professional design, cover the whole HUB. PR is ~$5,316 stipend and GD is ~$6,075.  Are requesting $4000 for social media as it is the best way to reach students. Digital and other PR tools is $6000, saved some as the school bought a lot of their programing. It also includes promotional material like mugs or tape measures, general ad is staying at $2000 covers tents, printing supplies, etc. Video and Photo equipment $2,000 to build up stock and store for that, is rather expensive. Have been checking out equipment but keeps them limited and working on getting their own over time. Also adding to marketing budget is the name tags we get as they were forgotten and are now being added back.




Mulvaney, so there will be two graphic designers?

Moving to two Graphic designers as their senior designer graduated. They pick what they want to do and assign during meetings. They also have a request lists that they take projects from.

M-These are involved in student orgs? Can use for a dance marathon.

Yes, students walk in and ask for help with logos or printings, etc. Gives consultations. Usually need people that have some knowledge in all if needing to pick up some small things. Singo is Friday! Have the Blue and Gold Ball, which will be the biggest marketing project this year.


Marianne, how are you keeping track of new equipment?

Don’t really have a space, keep track in a doc of what they have, need, and wish list. Most is stowed away and if there are any spaces let us know.


Murali, why increase in admin fee?

Marianne, because it is always 6% of what ever the budget is.


Blossom, What is Facebook?

It is dying and Instagram is taking over. With the creation of this Facebook page as it takes a lot to get it off the ground and takes money to get it in their face.


Kilian, Have you started ASMSU page?

Now that we are slowing we will have it going live. Want to get with live streaming the senate meetings. Want to have senator spot lights and what’s happening in senate.


Kothe, way to survey students?

Yes, is an easy way and can almost reach all students. IS an easy way to reach them instantly and easily.


Dalvit, do you usually use up the budget?

Yea, usually social if there’s extra then will take from there if needed. Work to produce the highest turn out for the biggest event and work to make the others great. Also trying to build up their stores for their equipment. Everything gets rather low or will be gone, the majority is spent.


Johnson, marketing used to be a part of PACE, so they do their events separate?

Some events over lap but more are sperate. Usually for bigger events, as they go through the marketing team so is allocated differently.


Jessica Hayes, Arts and Exhibit Budget

Provide a professional venue to have students share their work and invite visiting artists to come and meet with students. They show group exhibitions like West Word Bound and have a show for student works. Host visiting artists that give demonstrations, lectures, or visit classes to help build portfolios. Also have many other exhibits like solo shows. Collaborate with the ITC and host the art market each year. Only take a 15% commission which helps pay for the event. Have students and graduates provide entertainment. To have a show in the gallery must apply in the spring, there is a small sales commission. Their total revenue is $2000. Stipend $6800, Assistan$2700, Exit Gallery $8,200, Program director incentive pay $516, Worker’s compensation $385.  Printing $130, Receptions $1900, Educational speakers $1100, Artist Meeting $100, Gallery Supplies and Tools $350, General equipment Rental $200, Repairs and Maintenance $450. MAGDA costs $805, got a lot of ideas here and learned how to work with collections the Art Market costs are $1120.


Pace Restructuring

The gist is that there will be 8 PACE board members. Back story was started in 2014 before merger. Was created as there was an inefficient use of student money and student employee time. Currently there are 4 directors and 4 associates, VP chair of PACE board. Want to wipe the slate clean and make 8 positions, still working on titles. Would be supervised by PACE chair who is supervised by VP. Other Universities have a board in this style and the current structure was never meant to be permanent. This will provide flexibilities to VP to completely fulfill tasks. This will keep PACE from failing in case a future VP is disinterested in PACE. Their approximate is $38,486 from $41,185, will save money and get more for it. All positions would be on the 9-month contract. Incentive pay is for all directors and is a way to keep them coming back by bumping up pay. Can apply for a fall and a spring one. The cap is $12. Would have to reapply as hiring process doesn’t change. Next steps are to draft a bill and restructure PACE. As associates are working same as directors and there are some discrepancies with hours and pay. This new structure is 8 hours a week and 8 for an event each month. The chair will be the direct supervisor and doing a lot of the behind the scenes work. There are different event leads for each event, so they can break events apart and make them more equal.


Killian, how will the hiring process work? Worried about it.

The hiring process they will make sure that students will know what to expect. Also plan on putting in transition materials and hiring someone for productions. In the job description they will have events listed and that they are hired so will have to get it done either way. Will also make sure they word the job description so that students know what they are applying for. The chair will also have the power to delegate when necessary and will be stated so in the by-laws.


Karl, VP still on board?

 The VP is still a member but won’t be a chair, more like a liaison.


Reinhardt, will they know what their job is?

They will know as it will be stated in the job description. No one is given a specific duty.

Reinhardt, is there a way that senate could see how someone will be hired and that we get the right person.

This is how most schools do it and will ensure that hires have a passion.


Kothe, as Liaison it already represents how it is, this will just give them more flexibility.


Mulvaney, is the chair just an over seer?

Yes, but will also be a doer and will attend events.

The PACE chair is like the director.


Johnson, in some concerns in the hiring process, could ask what events they are interested in. What is the time line?

First reading next week. Kothe is taking the lead.


Dalvit, could you come up with outline to ensure what is discussed and can secure hiring process for the right people.


Lizzy, what is the best way to address? Swenson suggests email as it gives people time to read over it.


Murali, VP would still be a member, but would they be a voting member?

Possibly unsure, just there mostly for guidance.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Have first reading this week is the fee resolution, needs to pass before the board of regents. Hopes we will post pone for a week on voting. Next week will come with presentation. Asks to think about and what is means to students. Think if this is the best version of it not what it is and costs. It is their decision as it is a big one. Capital day and have ~10 seats left. On 21 have state wide day of action. Trying to put together a rally on campus. Final regents is March 7that 8 and would like some of us to go. Finally have some one up for Finance board and justice nomination is to next Thursday.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

Need one more, likely two for Day of Recognition scholarship reviews. Wet Lab is April 2nd. Will invite leaders of different demographics. Still spots for breaks away is over spring break and is student lead. Typically, out of state and are $400 for the whole week.


Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

Will now be hosting a poetry night and is night of the symposium.

Business Manager - Andy Turner

Living in excel doing budget stuff.


Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

Hopefully new justice next week. Elections are approaching, March 6. Getting Adam on page with everything. Might be up on the website and will get out in other places. If you have questioned the Justice office hours are online.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Be sure to pay attention during presentations, we want to be respectful as they put a lot of time into it and ask good questions. Also prepare for some long meetings as they are upon us. In search of one more PACE Liaison, Thursday 2-3 (Abbot would like to do it).


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Employee of the Month, Tyrone. Senator of the Month, Killian. To clarify deadlines soft is Thursday night.


Senate Reports

Dalvit, been collecting public comment on general funding for higher educations, privacy and communication. Been doing tabling events and if interested let her know as trying to get the word out. American Indian Hall is selecting their contractor soon. Will continue to send snow updates out. When applying to all this scholarship and could only enter in one as a dual major eliminates some scholarships.


Killian, working on roof top garden and hoping the spot can hold some plants. Last year was an event hosted to help with tax for individuals. Emailed them to make a bigger event but haven’t heard back yet. Would like a bill on how the Election Director is picked and will try to set up a committee for that. Blossom drew up a quick resolution on hall as some students want to use and all classroom space should be available to all student organizations.


Horton met with ADA advisory, help students with disabilities. Would like to see funding to enlarge the testing center as well as the Romney Hall accessibility. Also need way to provide funding for students to get test for ADD/ADHD, etc...


New Business


Finance Board – At Large Member

Applicant: Koley Clements

Moved, Seconded.


Johnson, moves to amend to discuss nominee then vote, Seconded,


Lyon, most have read resumes, don’t feel we need to discuss.


Killian, the president selected this person and resume is good.


Johnson wanted to give opportunity.

Amendment Vote: Passes


Vote: Carries


Discussion on Nominee:

Hall, we all read the application and she is great.


Lyon, echoes and moves to previous question. Seconded.

Vote: Fails


Ballot Vote: 17-1

Koley Clements voted in as the new At-Large Finance Board Member



2019-R-03 Establishment of Transportation Demand Management Fee



Murali, moves to make exemption for McDonald to work as Front Desk and as a Senator. Seconded.

Vote: Passes


Killian, moves to add 2019-R-04 Seconded.

Vote: Passes

2019-R-04 Support for Student Organizations Usage of Inspiration Hall


Senate Announcements

Killian, background on moving to previous question. Is used for when people are purposely holding up voting. Use more sparingly.


Johnson, Camp Kesem won!


Branch, voted no on this resolution, feels there is a more diplomatic way then going head to head with registration. There is time before it is needed and will be going through other channels and encourages us to take other channels as well.

Mulvaney, Dance Marathon 134 signups, and 3 members on the ASMSU/OSE team. If you have questions, please ask. Is very excited and would love to see us there.


Gilbertson wants to get numbers finalized for this event. So, if you register after then might not get a shirt.


Dalvit, what kind of dancing?

Mulvaney, not dancing for 6 hours straight. Will have live band and some passive hours and intro/closings. There is a mixture and don’t have to dance if you don’t want to.


Hall is making cookies and will bring to those who sign up. And they are REALLY Good.


Dalvit, album was released. Called Bloom and Fade, by Wind and the Willows.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Murali.