Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB 235

February 28, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swanson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Horton, Johnson, Lyon


Approval of Minutes



Public Comment

Wes and Lousy, L&S, Gallatin Refugee Connection, here to represent refugees in the Gallatin Valley. Would like to welcome a Refugee Resolution to support and if you’d like to contact they have a Facebook page.



Terry Leist: Inventory of Fees

Every 2 years they cover student fee proposals. BOR will meet in May to approve proposals. Course and Program fees are increasing less than 2% and tuition rates are decided in May meeting. Health and Dental was altered for less in the first year and more in the second year. Transportation demand Management increase of $6.00.

Room and Board rates are increasing 2.145% for each FY20 and FY21. The cost is still less then many other schools. Didn’t increase due to the new res hall and a roof redo. Working on better security. Also have same increases in family/grad housing area. Still have some of the lowest rental rates in the city. Originally held back with the dining hall, Rendezvous due to less staff but are increasing slowly. Are working to get everything highly staffed to accommodate more students. Have adopted a plan as they hire to teach varying skills to increase their pay to better compete with local businesses.

Was 342 for increased course fees this year is 361. Majority are in the 2% or less increases. There is less then 2% increase in Program fees. Gallatin college has 55 proposals, but no new proposals. The registration fee is a one-time fee and is a BOR policy, separate.


Kevin Peterson; Ranch Management Program Nursing

In honor of Dan Scott, wanting to rename as the Dan Scoot Ranch Management Program. Provide classes the will help students preserve the state and land. March 4 in SUB 232 at 4pm, hosting a listening session about the renaming. Long-term leader and CEO of the Pad Lock Ranch, daughter is donating ~2 million.


Legal Services Budget

Are currently in their 5thyear. Offer on campus legal services 3 days a week for appointments and have a fulltime clinical attorney. On campus about 9 months a year and have an automated scheduling system. Students sign a representation agreement, attorney-client confidentiality. Provide advisement and coaching for most cases but offer full representation when needed. Is the same as a law firm and are real attorneys. Some areas where they can’t help but offer referrals in those cases. Main topics are landlord tenant and student groups. Offer limited scope representation but offer full representation when needed, is case-by-case. Have had a few cases, when a student is in a exposed and vulnerable cases or when it will effect the majority of the student body.

A case where two students rented a house and, in their lease, said they couldn’t have a dog and where fined for having a “spotting” of a dog. There was no dog but since they couldn’t pay and got evicted thus violating lease… again. The landlord then forwarded the varying fines to collection which caused a law suit against the landlord. Is in the process of making it illegal for it to be sent to collections if it goes to supreme court.

Student group taxes, students’ groups didn’t know they were on their own and where getting nasty letters for not paying their taxes so now offer workshops to stay on the good side of IRS. Have had some groups that haven’t complied for years and when they get new officers that don’t know what’s going on it can be tough. It costs to get back in compliance with IRS and now can use some funds to get in compliance as a one-time deal.

Have a Clinical Attorney program. Wet lab is April 2ndand is completely confidential. Want to provide a spectrum of people to show different tolerance levels. Everyone gets the same amount in accordance to their BMI’s. Another project is their Law School mixer and have Law Day in May. Are bringing in an expert in immigration law to train them and have been presenting for international compliance.

Thinking of having a Pilot to schedule appointments online to provide the comfort of doing it at home. Had a huge increase last year and are on par this year. Last year had a huge growth rate and needed funding instantly. They average about 15 appointments per week, over 500 on-campus appointments. Are starting to see surges in October and January.

Need to continue to spread the word on campus as many students still don’t know about them.

Budget proposal and don’t need any increases in attorney compensation. Requesting $2000 to attend student legal services conference in Chicago (July 2019). Is a 2-3 day conference and doesn’t have to be an annual thing but have heard it is time well spent which is education and provides net working as well to help with out of state issues. Maintaining current budget on other line items but if there is a concern about their budget they could increase the student budget. Comparison for 30mins would be about $100 else where but is currently $10 for students. Could consider increasing cost for follow up services.




If we where to go to sliding scale?

Would be roughly half, most are limited scope.


Roeder, how many would be full?

Maybe 5%, very few. And in those cases, would have a high possibility of a waiver.


Mulvaney, what is the process of moving out and running into a landlord charging for “damages”.

Would just contact them to meet over the summer.

M-What would the future change be to the dog case?

The ideal end state is that the Supreme court says its illegal and that everyone needs to know this. There are also smaller things that happen along the way. One of the Justice of Peace here in town was wide eyed that they passed the tenant lease agreement. Brought a new light to default orders and isn’t always because students skipped town. Another is educating the landlord or company about what is not acceptable, the hard way, so they won’t continue to target our students.


Murali, who is involved in the presentation for immigration law and when?

Is in the army reserve and knows someone that specializes in immigration law. Criminally, family, and work related. Thinking of doing a Friday and Saturday for them and for the International office, possibly open to more. Looking at June or July.


Preschool Budget

Working to professionalize their profession and changed name also updated mission statement. 75% are children of students and 25% are of Staff and Faculty. This provides students with a lower rate child care. Meet twice a year with parents, work on growth and give support. Use a play-based philosophy to support the children. Over 50% of the children live in Family/Grad housing, most walk to school. Teachers have continued to work with an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant through Project Launch, this has allowed them to help kids in need and to better prepare them for kindergarten vs being expelled. Went through NAECY accreditation, only two schools in Bozeman that are accredited, and we received the highest scores the program has ever seen. Currently are fully staffed and are working back to the STARS to Quality rating system. They have 43 children are on the wait list and predicting 21 openings this fall. There is also a huge need for infant/toddler care on campus. Continues to be a need and are operating on the wait list. There where 250 families on wait lists in the community, there is a large need. Working to improve tuition revenue though payment plans and are connecting more families to Best Beginnings Scholarships. Also, are looking for ways to support families who still struggle to pay their bills. Program needs a bathroom renovation, which will happen over spring break, Family Graduate Housing is paying for it. Need as much support as they can get, students are paid low and work hard making it hard to find good staff. Staff must have 18-20 hours of training and MT is limited so looking to send out for trainings. Working on kindergarten transitions and social connections for families. Been asked to work on combining and expanding their program for our preschool. Looking to include services for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers on campus.



Killian, anything we could do to help?

Its just waiting but will keep us up-to-date. This family has funded varying programs and when last met had great comments and support in what we do. 10 million is building and 2 million is for scholarships.


Mulvaney, is it a renovation or new building?

Looking for a new building, could be in current location or by MOR which could provide more grant funding.


Reinhardt, are you trying to keep the 75:25% ratio.

This year lowered from 80% to 75% to allow for more faculty as they pay more and gives diversity.


Killian why the wait list?

Due to teacher: student ration?


PC if we get the funding will the waitlist go down?

There will always be a wait list, but this will definitely help. This will help to hopefully get students in earlier.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Sheet for BOR next week, need to know soon. Other is for transmittal lunches. All the Bozeman reps will be here and trying to connect. Hopes few can join for BOR meeting. Exec team moved back a few weeks. Have a legislative update, house bill 2 is up for executive action. Trying to get 3 million back in financial aid, if interested to help reach out to him or Richard. Reinhardt sent out a Medicaid bill and should work to get that into first reading.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

Concerns about shuttle. Got new signs out and trying to keep them visible. Didn’t have a schedule and now have numbers to base a schedule for students. The main stops are now on a schedule. When/if it passes will have the app on the bus. Getting statics for the windows to provide better signage. Streamline was stopped for 3 hours, but because its such a big deal for us they now must consult ASMSU, in emergency policies. Now have an emergency plan for the Streamline buses. Was a good trial run that showed us what we need in an emergency if their cancelled again.

Taylor- are doing work around policy about needing to get a doctor’s note.


Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

Harry Potter Trivia Night tomorrow, just finished up Art Market, Diversity Symposium is in full swing, and there is more to come later.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Moved exec recs back a week.


Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

Elections start next week. Policies will be online by tomorrow and election dispute form will also be there. Can register as soon as March 6 and can start campaigning from there on. Will be gone for part of elections but can still email and Katie will be the point person in absence.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Computer fee allocation committee and the people lined up can’t make the meeting time. Monday March 5 and if available please let him know.


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Working on ideas for sponsorships, will take ideas. Funding board has a few applications. March 4 in SUB 168, 5:30pm there is an info session regarding what is going on with the Food Bizarre.


Senate Reports

Dalvit, Wes Quad is April 4-7thand a bunch of architecture students from all over come. Is cool because we get to see what they are learning.


Mulvaney, met with regards to the B committee, talked about moving forward. Working on Move out waste project have met with Res Life and hope to continue to see it move forward.


Killian, met with QSA and trying to meet with other groups about running for senate. If interested in coming and will post on Facebook page when they meet. Met in regards about the furniture about the furniture in Leon Johnson. Sent out a resolution about supporting the fee increases by Terri Leist.


Unfinished Business


2019-R-05 Intracampus Shuttle Project Committee and Strategic Plan

Moved, Seconded.

Branch, need another sponsor.

Co-Sponsors: Murali, Dalvit

Main Discussion:

Branch moves to amend line 20 add “a” between formation and university. Seconded.


Amend Discussion:

Pelkie, moves to amend the amendment, line 34 change “Dr” to “Dr.” and line 14 to change “situation” to “situations”. Seconded.


Amend-Amendment Vote: All in Favor

Amendment Vote: All in Favor



Murali, moves to strike common after line 17. Seconded.

Vote: All in Favor


Mulvaney, if fee goes to student body and gets voted down, this committee is tasked with finding that funding?

Branch, yes. This gives a directive for that $6 fee if it gets put into place or to go find funding if it doesn’t. Hope is that it serves as a call to action for the university not just students.


Mulvaney, if we don’t get that funding, what if they can’t get the funds? Would it be a failure to the committee?

Branch, one thing to note, even if we don’t pass a fee increase, we still have the ability to go into the ASMSU funds to fund part of this. Regardless if we get that $6 fee we will still need outside/further funding.


Roll Call Vote: 16-0 Passes


New Business

Funding Requests

2019-Request-04 Elections Reimbursement Request

Moved, Seconded.


Main Discussion:

Reinhardt, will this amount change?

Taylor, no it gives up to $5,000.

R-what if there are multiple teams, divided and given out?



Roll Call Vote:14-0 Approved



2019-B-04 Pace Restructure Bill



2019-R-06 Student Organization Use of Academic Spaces



  • Killian, Resolution supporting student fee increases.

Co-Sponsors: Mulvaney, Branch, Elias, Abbot

Moved, Seconded.


Main Discussion:

Killian, now in support of fee increases after Terri’s presentation and after hearing more.


Vote: All in Favor       2019-R-07


  • Reinhardt, Resolution to address the Medicaid Bill proposal. Seconded.

Co-Sponsor Elias, Halstad, McDonald, Killian


Main Discussion:

Reinhardt, apologizes it wasn’t sent our earlier. Talked about last night at 24 meeting and want to bring this forward. Would like to get this added.


Vote: All in Favor       2019-R-08


Senate Announcements

Abbot, ran into Jessica our Arts director, mentioned that they sold over $5000 in art over the last two days.


Mulvaney, Dance Marathon is on Sunday. Taylor has now registered! Have lost the ability to know how much has been raised. Hopes to see us there and not too late to register.


Killian, been getting the word out about people running for Senate. On Facebook trying to plan a fun event.


Dalvit, American Indian Hall is going to be giving a presentation soon.


Andy, Trap artist at Zebra and Dubstep contest at Rialto.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Murali.