Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Room 235

February 14, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swanson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Roeder, Unexcused: Reiman


Approval of Minutes



Public Comment

Mariah, Pace, wanted to encourage us to trust our finance board. They have gone through it with a fine comb. We as a team work to cater to the students and this is just another opportunity to do this. Encourages to keep it all in mind.



Bridgett Zahniser, Procrastinator Theater Budget

Works to provide affordable films and events that provide fun opportunities for students. Had over 400 at Rocky Horror Picture Show. Throwback Thursdays is most popular event. OHA is paying for Friday films. Ugly sweater contest used left over funds from RHPS, was a lot of fun. Played a film for the spring semester, MSU Debut, had over 110 attend. Partnered with the Black Student Union to play movies for Black History Month and partnered with PACE for Trivia night. Changes: Would love to add in another fill, making it $4000, a $500 increase. Adding two films for MSU Debut, $1000. Have a $ .25 increase per semester for returning students and since so many are returning they need to re-budget, $4080. Adding catered staff meetings, $150. Special event films rights $1429 from $1200. Projected revenue is looking to decrease by $2000 from $1500. Has been increasing ~$1000 a year but had arbitrarily been raised. Partnership funds, $1429 for films, $54 for wages.  So many have been wanting to partner and with revenue going down is making them struggle. Really think that these partnerships are a great opportunity for students.



Branch, do you have a number for total attendance.

No, but can get that to you.



For Partnership fund, what if no one partners? What happens to the funds?

Can’t imagine it not being used but if it wasn’t could add to spring event.


Killian, would it be advertised?

Would love to so clubs know. Want it like the PACE partnership.

K- Are you adding new employees.

No, only 6 but 4 are returning.

K- how do you plan to spread this all out?

Since they are later most can attend them. Really one need two for the events and student availability hasn’t been an issue.


Schmitz, what is the total increase in budget?

Unsure off the top of my head.


Adam Freng; Elections Budget

Here to raise student awareness for senate and to bring in new people. Currently voter turnout is at 22% but would like to increase it by 5%. Wants to encourage a more diverse senate. Spring debates have increased some. Elections reimbursements. Elections outreach increased for advertisement. Spring debate increased $100, BBQ $200, Reimbursements $5200, and Elections Advertising $50. Still fleshing out how the reimbursements will work and to make them secure. Adverting increased due to wanting to add to snapchat, knows a lot of people that use it.



Murali, Reimbursements, going to go to Finance Board this semester?



Killian, glad you have a goal.

Yes, feels 5%is good start.


Mulvaney, for the adds is about $5/month?

Kind of, depends on how its advertised but feels $50 is more than enough to get it done.


Jamie Baird; Diversity and Inclusion Budget

Have given out mission statements. But I promote and enhance inclusion and diversity. Serves on university councils for diversity and does the diversity symposium. Ran the LBGTQ history month, was good as it cost ASMSU $0. Safe Zone Training went great and also cost $0. Consults with various groups to encourage diversity. Trying to promote position and extend the student voice. Currently, is planning for the Diversity Symposium, have art, workshops, a film and more. Will see a big increase as the program is expanding and thinks we can do more. Has included increases to reflect that. Can compare to health and wellness budget, as it was well funded and did well and ours is underfunded and could do more. Wants to provide food for safe Zone Training as it came from the PACE budget last semester. Wants to host a fall speaker which will have typical cost with it. Collaborations was proposed last semester, groups want to get engaged and need further sponsorship. Would love to be able to allocate money to them and feels it is a great way to get students engaged. Budgeted 5 sponsorships at $500 each. Has budgeted that they will be over seen by the budget committee. In the future can build a form/application for this. Changes in the Diversity Symposium as it is increasing, the first year had 300 attend and is looking to increase as well as the increase in catering. Supplies will increase and visitors will need more parking passes. Revenue has decreased because one of their main sponsors is not sponsoring. This is not an issue and there is currently a $2000 rollover due to budgeting error.


Hall, go back to budget slide.


Branch, explain parking passes.

Can buy parking passes for the garage, for community members.

Do these community members contribute?

No, but we are looking to unify our community and campus.


Schmitz, Total increase?


Do you do diversity for thought?

That is more for Richard but are thinking of doing something on free speak.


Dalvit, have you communicated to PACE with check for overlap in allocating?

They weren’t budgeting but it was just left over.


Madi Kuehn; Health and Wellbeing Director

Provides engaging events in health and wellbeing. Constructs programming related to overall student welfare, both physical and mental. Does research to see what is not being met on campus.  Goals are to support OSE and ASMSU and fulfill health and wellbeing goals. Wanting to do 4 programing events include Trivia, the Summit, Health and Wellness Fair, and Hello Walk. Looking to replace two with new events to keep aligned with mission statement. The summit was a request and was not budgeted for. 40 evaluations filled, and all said they would come back and would recommend it. Late Night Trivia, covers all areas, would like to change to substance free program that focuses on sexual health. Hello walks moved from spirit and traditions budget to her budget. Menstrual Hygiene Program needs budgeting for next year. Eliminating the Apollo Assignment and the Healthy Bozeman Bike Tour as other are looking to take it over. Health Fair address many areas of wellbeing and is interactive. The Crashpad, turned out to be a much larger program then expected, would love to grow and develop from established base. They have many partners, and many want to see it be supported. Potential for their new position and will be having a grand opening event. Thinks about $3500 is the overall increase, due to removing some other budgets.



Killian, the food pantry added to budget?

Was to be added to position not budget.


McDonald, what is crash pad?

Emergency housing.


Johnson is dean of students working to find that person new housing.

Yes, they connect them to find housing, jobs and make long term solutions.


Andy Turner, Admin Budget

Major activities: payroll, retreats/banquets, general office activities, sponsorships, office supplies, training, overhead, and day-to-day operations. Admin is about a third of the total budget, mostly payroll. About 26% is for AMSU Preschool payroll for FY-19. Office supplies will increase slightly, and computers will have an increase due to tech stuff. NACA has an increase for ground travel line item, such as uber or rentals. There will be a 2% increase in staff payroll. Total change is about a $13,000 increase.



Johnson, so $200 for student needs?

Marianne, send a survey for students to see what changes they want. Is a robust survey and lets us know what needs need to be met. Try for every other year but it has been a few years. It costs as we partner with the research department to make sure it is valid.


Murali, staff training is not budgeted?

Every other year.


Lyon, do you know what the Preschool is paid?

Abbot, we raised their wage last year.

Marianne, it is $12.30 for a teacher with a BA starting but increases as they stay. They will come and present, most have been there for 10-15 years so many are at the top end. Since many have been there for so long will see a decrease as more new teachers come in.

M-the sponsorship line items?

Some are already committed, and the sponsorship line item is for anyone that applies.

Marianne, there are always programs that come to us that want us to fund them. The ones that know about it, get it and those that don’t, don’t. Trying to improve, so there’s a nice way to say no instead of making promises. We will take applications and compare, giving to priorities.


Branch, how many attend NACA?

3 students and a staff. It is set at the high end.


Killian, if Pace gets reformed will it go down?

Don’t’ expect it to, but up to us to decide who gets sent.


Turner, have everything in google drive and don’t get bothered about how these numbers look currently as they are still being reviewed and will change.


Taylor, if you see something unacceptable talk to Andy, Lizzy, or I.


Taylor Blossom and Matthew; Campus Shuttle and Fee Process

WTI is a research group that focus on transportation in the west. Been working with them on how to improve and to show that it works. Drivers do rider counts, 495 total riders in last 5 weeks. Has been greatly improving over the month due to advertisement. Will do a brief update in about a month. Providing surveys on the buses, been in affect since week 3. Have gotten about 40 back. Some of the questions are: Who is it serving? Affiliation? Parking Pass? What Kind? How often used the shuttle? How useful is the shuttle? The results are ~50% drove alone, 30% walked, 10% carpooled, 5% shuttled, and 100% respondents are students. Most users are from the F lot, most used 3-5 times a week. 75% found it to be 5/5 usefulness (L 2/5) and enjoyable (L 4/5). 90% felt is was a service that was missing, increases the value of the F lot, and 95% of trips from the strum/stadium view to campus. #1 comment is to improve advertising. Next Steps: Intend to continue campus surveys, continue to count riders, work with ITE students to intercept surveys twice weekly, and will do a larger end of the year survey.


Other feedback: some WIT students that take it to work, need better signage, and to set a fixed schedule.


Marketing: Working on improving is, did order a static with the ASMSU logo. Are going to be having a more aggressive marketing campaign. Next Thursday, thinking of doing a cash cab style. Need to update signage. Fee process needs senate approval and from there it will go to VP of Finance, next to the March BOR first Reading, then student vote, and finally May BOR Approval. There is opportunity to change your mind even if approved today. 



Lyon, 465 is the number peaking due to capacity?

Taylor, no it is weekly. Only ~35 a day and haven’t seen any at max capacity. IF it becomes an issue there is opportunity to increase.


Pelkie, non-unique riders?

No, survey doesn’t include unique ridership.


Branch, could find unique riders in data?

Haven’t had the opportunity to look.


Johnson, if it increases what is the long-term plan?

Taylor, looking to partner with admin to add a second bus to increase campus covered. The $6 is more than just shuttle costs, some could be for bike shares or covered parking. Gives some flexibility to solve other transportation issues on campus.

Matt, looks to push parking farther out to best utilize core campus. Campus is expanding, and this is a fundamental piece to solve some future and current expansions.


Mulvaney, hypothetically years in senate decide it isn’t feasible, would the funds stay there and then the funds would move to other transportation types?

Taylor, it goes to transportation and senate has the flexibility as to how to change it and adjust.


Johnson, what about the fixed time, what is the progress?

Taylor, when talked to streamline there would be an app but since it’s a smaller bus wasn’t able to put the software on there. Are moving toward that but it is a pilot making it hard to work out those smaller details.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Sent out an email for docs ill be referencing. Capital Day was great and feels we made a really positive impact. Tuition freeze passed unanimously. They did cut some but will be working on that. The sunset on the 6-mill passed through senate. A bill passed and sent out a doc on it. Had a meeting at the sub advisory board and we need to make sure we have a voice. Taylor is removing himself form the hiring process of Adam Freng. Due to a conflict of interest that developed since hiring.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

Thanks to all that came to state Capital Day. Was an intense day and we made a large impact. Met with VIP and there is a thank you card, so please sign. The dean of arts and agriculture department, we are sending a get-well card. Dean Adams will be the acting dean will Royce comes back. Murali has done some talk about the international food bizarre, working to get a presentation to have an understanding. There is a nonprofit panel next Tuesday from 12-1 to talk about how to get a career. One thing that has become highlighted, there is no indoor program requests form. There is no place to check and can be a security issue. Want to be able to have something for big spaces and make program request for larger events. Text me that you are interested.


Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

Last week, thank you all for being attentive. Have looked over the hiring process in terms of PACE directors. The plan is to make sure the plan descriptions are intentional and deliberate. Recognized that this is a flaw in our system as there is nothing in the by-laws about our director positions. Last Friday PACE hosted their first Friday night event other than MSU debut and had 200 student show. Event on campus safety, there will be various stations and are very interested in ASMSU input. Would any want to sit down? - Abbot and Killian. Dinner scheduled next week (2/21) by Arts and Agriculture, is free and can meet them. If we are done earlier, but she knows we are not on a set time.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Spent last week working on the presentation. One thing that might want to apply feel free to send them my way.


Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

Hoping to have a couple new justices but got 7 applications at the last moment so we are finishing those up. Hoping to have the two next week. Working on getting election policies online.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Has a presentation about fee changes, there will be another in two weeks with the rest of the fees. We need a resolution written for the fee changes. We have ones from past years to go off, just need to be updated. Next week’s meeting will be in the Alumni Lounge. Stipend review committee met and no major changes. Encourages us to wear our ASMSU shirts tomorrow!


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Marianne talked about sponsorships and the finance board meeting one the 26 will talk about that. Karl Anderson is looking for someone to got to the city council meetings. Some concerns about our finance board decisions this week.


Senate Reports

Killian, capital day was great and really enjoyed it. CBM update some that are accurate and some that are not. It keeps getting threatened. There are ways to improve with out letting new students to enter but are looking for a solution and are planning. If there are problems, you can meet with me or dean. Funding board had their policy meeting this week. There was purchasing firearm and targets and such. Matching is a way to match dollar to dollar, is now just fundraising. People can still donate. Felt that calling people to ask for money is enough assertive. Will be postponing his project to next week.


Mulvaney, looking to postpone indefinitely the Dance Marathon Funding board request.


Dalvit, Carl Anderson has a Tabling tomorrow and Wednesday the 20 from 5-8. Snow Maintained, wants to remind us that he is very interested and wants to know how we can improve. Will be getting electric car charging stations hopefully by next year.


Branch, there are two news releases for Stace Lindsay and for Harry Allen. Has been tasked with to remind us that the LI is one of the biggest financial supports for ASMSU.


Mulvaney, it is cool to see what they put together.


Elias, attended the SHACK meeting and had a physician about how the pharmacy is being used. Only concern is privacy. Looking to have a new building that will solve this.


Johnson, capital day was great. Echoing what was said about it.


Unfinished Business


2019-R-03 Establishment of Transportation Demand Management Fee

Motioned, Seconded.


Murali, are we still trying to postpone it?

Taylor, feel we should especially one of this magnitude.

Johnson thinks we should discuss it now as we can’t discuss merits later.


Mulvaney, thinks that parking is a high issue on campus. Does this secure a shuttle for forever and seeing that this has the flexibility and that is addresses need and regards students in means of transportation. Discussion should be if this is the best way to address. Feels this revenue will increase ideas and thus solutions. There is a lot of opportunity in this.


Killian, is in support pushing back a week and having this discussion now. WE all know parking and transportation on campus is horrible. This is a great solution as it adjusts to needs of students such parking, biking, locations, etc. Really want sot to know what students think.


Pelkie, event if the shuttle flops still have this money. Moves to change line 33 from Access to Assess.


Dalvit, this is something that needs to happen. With everything is expanding we loose parking. Can be a great solution as parking will move further out.


Halstad, in ten years I can see this being such a good thing for our university and town.


McDonald, don’t know how to word question.

Killian, all students can use but fees come from full time.


Murali, moves to postpone till next week. Seconded.


Discussion to Postpone:

Branch would suggest to not postpone yet as others would like to discuss.


Schmitz, who would like to discuss.

Taylor, would like to hear concerns so feel free to place individually.


Vote: Passes, Postponed till next week


2019-R-04 Support for Club Usage of Inspiration Hall

Motioned, Seconded.


Killian, motion to move to Committee of the Whole. Seconded.

Vote: Passes


Committee of the Whole:

Killian, wants to put his entire support behind this resolution.


Dalvit, my concern is that the intent is to express that it is not at all used for student orgs. Feels it is aggressive for something that in not 100% true.


Reinhardt, the wording is aggressive and would not make this motion. Feels we should talk about it first. Thinks we should strike a resolve.


Johnson, also doesn’t like the aggressive language. Should also have a process in place for things. Moves to amend strike line 19-21 and to add in line 23 after policy and a process (involving all relevant parties). Seconded


Vote: Amendment passes.


Main Discussion:

Johnson, has other thoughts and would like to hear other thoughts first.


Lyon, what exactly was the whole situation behind it.

Taylor, this came about as a Student org wanted to host a speaker and reserved it. After a while were told they had to relocate as they had already reserved it. There was confusion as to why and there not being a clear resolution.


Horton, they were able to reserve it? Taylor, yes. Horton, so are students able to reserve the space now? Taylor, since this was the first time and there wasn’t a clear process as to why they needed to relocate.


Lyon, being that students are now allowed to reserve it, I don’t really see a big need for this resolution. If the space can now be reserved don’t see reasoning.


McDonald, if it was an isolated event then why we need to go through all these formalities since it was resolved.


Schmitz, that’s not the point as they were still kicked out and still had to move. Does not solve the issue.


Killian, echoes Schmitz. Feels this group doesn’t work with ASMSU much and this way they know ASMSU fought for us. This is something we can put in stone that ASMSU fights for the student orgs.


Elias, disagrees that is doesn’t matter. Still need a process for booking big spaces. Need set criteria as to why they can’t/can use that space.


Johnson, aggress that this sets a presidency with other clubs on campus. It is good to have the process and uniformity here.


Abbot, feels we can use this as a new catalyst and gives a new process for students to understand. Our way to see a change.


Halstad, echoes.


Dalvit, would like to mention it is called “Inspiration Hall.”


Pelkie, it is an academic building and maybe having a large conservational event might distract from the purpose of the building. If the event were more aligned with the type of building it is would be okay but large loud events could distract students and those in exams. Thinks this idea is good but thinks we should write a separate resolution.


Mulvaney, wants Branches thoughts.

Schmitz, should vote for just the fact that me and Killian are on the same side for once. Yes, it is an academic building, but we host events in other buildings. Why should those spaces be treated differently.


Elias, even though it is an academic building there are ways to arrange around exams but otherwise students can move.


Dalvit, there is no option in place for scheduling, know that there was a lot of talk about this. We are an academic campus and building have various purposes.


Branch, Firstly would like to apologize for not speaking sooner last week. Doesn’t think that anyone could misconstrued what has happened in the last week for ASMSU. We had plenty of time to deal with this and we hadn’t. Now we are no longer addressing the issue at hand. We need a policy to eliminate some of these concerns. The correct move would be to shut this down and to write the proper resolution to solve the mater and make things black and white. Let’s go gather the information we need to we don’t need to be scolded. Let’s do our jobs.


Murali, will be voting no due to reasons said.


Dalvit, Branch clarify policy?

Branch would be worth it to write a policy for every building on campus in regard to clubs reserving rooms. Should like what types of events are appropriate for a given space and time. Can call for the University to do something and usually we have a say.


Johnson, loves student organizations, feels this resolution is us supporting them but depends on views. Is not sure as to how to vote yet.


Murali, would like Swenson’s thoughts on this.


Lyon, know we resolved it but doesn’t feel this is the resolution to do it. Will be voting no.


Mulvaney, moving forward we have to write another resolution supporting the creation of a policy for student orgs all across campus. Sees the importance of recognizing the student group that has been through this bad process, but could we include that in a resolution in the future. Have it in there as a where as or example to make it know and to show support. This way we can come forward with a stronger resolution.


Elias, should take this as an opportunity to work with President Cruzado. There are good reasons and should consider that. Need to let her know that his is just the president and we want to work further on this.


Branch, is hesitant on passing both resolutions. Really thinks we get our power by using its power judicially. If we just keep passing resolutions, they start to lose their powers. We need less more impactful resolutions. If we all want to write another one then we should not pass this just to pass it and should work to write a better, stronger resolution. Loves the idea of writing a second one after this but doesn’t want to pass this current one.


Abbot, is torn about supporting the students and being deliberate in our job. We are goanna talk about a new policy for an indoor activity request. A lot of times the chief of police isn’t even looped in on the process and if this policy can loop everyone in, it is very important. Thinks we can find a middle ground.


Reinhardt, is very conflicted. Thinks there are so many different aspects to this resolution. Do know that I want to work with other groups to brain storm for this policy. Also, doesn’t like this resolution as it is so specific to Inspiration Hall and should be for all our buildings on campus.


Johnson, like Mulvaney’s idea and will be voting against. We might as well make it apply to all and we need to better clarify.


Dalvit, after listening and looking back. Thinks that if we were to go back to write a new one that gets the point across, so will be voting no.


Gilbertson, is here for our students. Shouldn’t be afraid to step on toes but will be voting no and feels we can best represent our students by writing a different policy.


Halstad, likes when people get feisty as it brings out a positive light. Will be voting no so we can make a resolution that clarifies our message.


Schmitz, as we go on it seems like its all okay cause it got resolved. We need to stand up for this group and we need to let it be known that it is not okay. They needed the extra security to protect the speaker and the students for the best. Why is the standard different for them but not for us.


Killian, feels it should be changed to all academic spaces instead of specifically to Inspiration Hall. This way it will still show support and amends line 24 to read “in academic buildings” instead of “in Inspiration Hall”. Seconded.



Amendment Discussion:

Dalvit, if we were to write a new resolution would it include a written policy. Taylor at your choosing.


Reinhardt, Killian why did you not want to change inspiration hall?

Killian, it explains the history of the resolution and to let that student body we are fighting for them.


Branch, appreciates that we are trying to end the debate. This is still 21 lines of Inspiration Hall and 2 lines of a good resolution.


Murali, feels that the amendment changes the intent.

Vote: 5-13, Fails



Lyon, agrees with the fact his situation is a slap in the face. However, it has been resolved and we are trying to write a resolution to protect clubs in the future. Thinks that we can write a better one to help clubs in the future and won’t solve what has happened.


Elias, disagrees that resolutions lose their meanings. We are here to represent the student voices, and this is a big university and there are a lot of voices and opinions. Thinks criteria for every building might be to much and until we do something this can continue to happen.


Killian, seems there are a lot intent to write a policy. Really wondering if this new resolution will include Inspiration Hall. Feels we need to acknowledge the situation and that we support them.


Kothe, based on the recent amendment and will still be a win-win.


Dalvit, thinks it can be rewritten with inspiration hall as a case study.


Johnson, is still in a strong support of another resolution. Thinking the policy might be to much for us to make we can show that we support it. We can give examples and list what we expect.


Killian, will make motion to end committee of the whole.


Mulvaney, we all echo that we are here to represent students. What is the best way to stand up for those students. We should validate and recognize them. Doesn’t feel moving forward with a new resolution means we aren’t supporting students less, sees it that we are showing more support.


Killian motions to leave committee of the whole. Seconded.

Vote: Passes



Killian moves to accept Johnsons amendment. Seconded.

Vote: Passes


Roll Call Vote: 3-15, Fails


Murali, Moves to take 3 min recess. Seconded.

Hall, we are not to far and should just push through but respects our decision.

Lyon, needs this break.


Vote: Approved.


New Business

Funding Requests

2019-Request-1 Spring Event 2019

Motioned, Seconded.



Pace Member, been requested by senate to put on the Blue and Gold Ball. This event is a merge between the BTL concert but more of a Blue and Gold things. Is a good way for students to go out and have a fun night in a safe environment.


Schmitz, why different price cost?


The money depends on the artists, the different prices are showing the prices range for those artists.

Lizzy, $4,400 is what we feel comfortable for local artist and the higher end needs an agent and brings in a more known artist.

Last year had over $100,000 set aside for the BTL concert. This is a dramatic decrease and caters to both crowds.


Branch, what kind of artist that is coming that is $20,000 for a more ball feel.

Lizzy, our agent helps us to find artists that do more of that prom/ball room feel.

From a marketing standpoint, it is better to have some name recognition.


Branch, how is this going to be different?

Lizzy, it will be an actual ball style. Will also encourage cocktail attire and getting some aerial artist. Photo both and red-carpet.


Mulvaney, do you know who that local option would be?

Lizzy, could come from lists or do a call in.


Dalvit, wondering if we were to get a bigger artist while people are trying to have a conversation. When its meant to be more social this will distract from the event being a ball. Is it really worth the $20,000 investment.

When is the date?

Lizzy, is a Thursday/Friday at the end of April.

Dalvit, will be able to find someone?

Lizzy, our agent is great at setting us up.


Schmitz, really like what Dalvit said, it is more high end and should do with the less money. Needs to look at Afro-man.

Lizzy, wants to break it into sections so it covers both a concert and a ball.


Hall, as a member of finance board we talked a lot about these things. Thinks that this event is exciting and feels the higher end will bring in more students and make this a great event.


Killian, last year did not put in the money for spring event, it was just put in reserves for a spring event. We are a direct response of what students want and feels this is a way to have both. Only 400 students could attend and that is not very exciting to him. Feels we should go with option B.


Johnson, would non-student be able to purchase and join?

Lizzy, probably not with the head count.


Johnson, likes the mash up. In the past it was a charity event. Been options for half to go to finance board and half for charity. Bout $35 a student and $2 per student.


Murali, is in favor of option B. Even is we have a smaller event will get the same experience. This is meant to be a ball!


Lyon, Last year with the concert, do we know the attendance?

Lizzy, 800, but event outside was almost $2000.


 How do we ensure the numbers with the lower one?

Lizzy, if we did the lower one, we have a great marketing team.

This is the Blue and Gold ball and we want this to be a legacy. Want this event to go well, this will increase the demand for next year.


Dalvit, isn’t it better to support a local band which gives History.

Feels the Higher end will be more successful. There are little things that can make/break it but we don’t know yet.


Branch, he sees a bar fee, event only 21+?

No, it will be 18+, and will include their security with it.


Branch, can’t bring significant others and thus wouldn’t go. This would cause us to lose those students Not to mention $80 a ticket is a lot. Worth to consider option B and removing A.


Schmitz, likes plan B, would like to amend total to $16,490. Feels like it would be better and would give a little extra to the artist. Seconded.


Amendment Discussion:

Hall, option B might be better, and this extra would give them more to make this more of a unique experience.


Johnson, I see all these concerns. My experience with the PACE team I know the work they put it and their idea. Like this idea, but there is a strict tier between these artists. Unsure how to vote yet.


Mulvaney, Schmitz, was the increase to put Afro-man in there? Would need more to cover agent costs.


Branch, Point of Clarification, does this change the request.  Taylor, no we are just voting on a total.


Vote: 17-1, Amended to $16,490



Schmitz, can book Afro-man without an agent.


Branch, now the total is $16,000 and some change.


Mulvaney, we are voting on the amount not a vendor?

Taylor, now we need 1/3+1 vote to approve.


Pelkie, can you explain the ticketing item?

Companies that do ticketing, this is the most efficient way to go about it and for students to go.

Pelkie, likes option B.


Mulvaney, what is the intent? To have a performance or to have a ball?

Don’t want to shift event either way to much. From beginning of the year to now have been doing polling. Most have said concert, and the students have leaned toward it. Want to represent the student voices. Maybe we can find a happy medium.

Mulvaney, while students like concerts I don’t feel that students know the costs that go behind them. Feels students would feel different with the price difference.


Kothe, what are we discussing?

Swenson, option B with amendment.

Kothe, doesn’t feel money should be the driving factor and we should put our faith behind the Pace team.


Halstad, agrees with senator Kothe and feels this is a great way to combine the two. Concerts are expensive and should be considered. Have gone to many live music shows and feels that the cost is standard.


Hall, the cap is 450 students and if we were doing a spring concert where 2000 students could attend then it would be worth it.


Lyon, needs clarification?

Swenson, this is the discussion on the total as a hole.


Dalvit, if the vote fails then there is nothing?

Swenson, if this fails then the whole request fails.


Roll-Call Vote: 18-0, Approved



Moved, Seconded. To move to next week.

Vote: Passed



Moved to postpone indefinitely. Seconded.


Mulvaney, this being the first year there are a lot of moving pieces. Was going to look to senate for help funding but have gotten a lot of sponsorship from outside funding. We could do more with it but don’t have time to plan more. The point is for more to go to Shodair and less for spending. Want to have a smaller budget for this event.

Vote: Passed


Senate Announcements

Killian, posted a podcast and should check it out.


Halstad, has been doing rehearsals for the ballet the little Mermaid and is singing in the orchestra.


Mulvaney, registrations are at 247. Can still register but can’t guarantee a t-shirt.


Johnson, started writing the resolution from earlier and will send out a doc so we can add.


Hall, Dance Marathon Cookies have been postponed.


Gilbertson, please sign up. Want to have at least 250.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Murali.