Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Room 235

January 31, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:00pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swanson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Abbot, Branch, Elias


Approval of Minutes



Public Comment

Kurt Keller, in support of the renaming of the ASMSU recreation building. Went on a rafting trip with ASMSU Recreation. Mike was there, and he clearly remembers him as he was professional and fun. It is an honor that we can name a building after him.


Bree Fields, ASMSU outreach director, PACE updates. Just finished spring debut, had 100 for both showings, had 376 shows for Nash the magician, and had another event with 300 showing. Doing a round of Singo at 8 next Friday?


EJ Hook, director of facility service, his team works with the snow. At the last event heard from two senators and some students about the snow and ice. Is here to give some background. They are getting better, and our feedback helps. One place to steer student is facility services under landscape service on the MSU site and there is their process on how they go about tending to the snow. Been calling it snow removing and recovering. One thing he heard was that the hills and slopes are too slick, been leaving some snow for better traction. Also got suggests on leaving options, such as leaving some snow for those that would rather have that. Take care of the main paths first. Have a group and senator Dalvit is involved to have information if students have questions. 994-2107, is the number to call if have comments or questions. They are doing their best to get the snow out of the way but don’t fully know what is going on everywhere. Also heard about some entrances that are very slick and difficult to manage. Senate is the way for them to improve as we can give them feedback from students to best improve.

Hall: Thank you for coming here and addressing the situations and for taking all the comments.







Dean Kenning Arlitsch; MSU Library Updates

Students are our largest constituent group and want to share their plans for this year. Have over 9,000 visits over the year and are the 2ndmost use building on campus. 965 responded to the survey and 96 left comments, most about the libraries overcrowding. Total of 112,000sp feet and the building was originally build as a book repository. Only have 1100 seats, 2 classrooms, and 10 study rooms. Since it was built the library has changed, now information is abundant, and attention is scarce. This has been largely the result of the internet. Use of the general print collection has tanked, this is mainly due to new technology. Their plan is to move some of the print collection out of the building then following a master plan designed in 2016. Some includes renovations and moving some books out. Intend to keep the books in higher use in the building and the ones that move out will be in Nopper Building where someone can go and collect a book for students. Intend to increase seating by at least 25%, want to bring more individual and group studying areas, and want to make more space to bring groups in, similar to smarty cats. Also want to create a space for researcher services. About to sign a contact with a company of what should stay and what should go, and this company will also physically move the books to Nopper. Want to clear the 2ndlevel allowing for almost 27,00 sq. feet available to renovate for students. ON Feb 11-15 intend to hold a forum for students. About an 18-month master plan.


Lyon, thinks it is awesome that they are getting in more space, every time he has tried to check out a book for class and they haven’t had it and would like to see some books come in.

Don’t typically buy text books but about to embark in a program that will allow open education resources. These “books” will be free and available to students.


Dalvit, is it just book moving or is there an architecture design process going on as well?

Once the spaces are free then will start the renovation. Currently just moving book.


Reinhardt, are you intending to add more natural lighting.

The overall masterplan is to replace on wall with glass, but currently just in the phase plan.


Reinhardt, how long will it take?

Depends on how quick we can raise money.


Johnson, is excited to see the changes and it is nice to know our voices are heard.


Laura Humberger; Proposed Fee Increases

Next milestone is to propose the draft fees and don’t like thing to be brought forward at the last minute. Passed out a schedule of mandatory fees. These are the fees that every student will pay. Wants to talk about the ones that are increasing more greatly and that smaller increases can be discussed in a different menu. ASMSU increase is due to transportation fee. Technology fee has not changed in a few years and are now requesting an increase of $3.5. The maintenance requires additional funding and the clouds and labs that are adding up. The university has agreed to match. Want an increase of $4.24 and need it to increase by 3% per year. Health and Dental fees, expecting cost to increase by 2% and a big expense is employee health plans and looking for additional staff. Has been present to the Health advisory meeting and the end result was for an increase of $16.00.


Lyon, what is the difference between fees and what covers new tech equipment.

Makes things run like D2L and other.


Lyon, software?

Will come out of equipment or computer fee. Is proposed what will meet student needs.


Lyon, where could he find the break down as to where the fees are going?

Yes, can ask for a report of the last two years to see where is goes.


Marianne, there are positions that allow you to decide where the money goes.


Johnson, regarding health have you seen an increase?

It is a better arrangement and more efficient. With growth of student population have managed the increase by being more efficient but have seen an increase in the Mental health department. Some is that people are more willing to seek help and are working to find out how to get to student that need that help. Using Well Track so students can use that online. Trying various methods to be more efficient and to best address the demand.


Next will be back to approach us with the non-mandatory increases. Will bring more information later, these are just those of highest need and demand.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom

Big things we have senator appointments today. Elections at Adams council and will start Feb 6. Getting the election director going. Capital is going on downstairs right now and still have ~10 open seats left. Will have transmittal lunches coming up. Had two decisions about the 24hr legislature this week. Will be mailing them out next week.


Director of Operations - Marianne Brough

Branch, is going to be featured in the Mountain and Minds magazine and the photography team will be here next week. Congratulate him. Sent an email about the lieutenant governor but only 8 seats so RSVP. Got new senators coming so please help them out and be mentors. Couple weeks into the semester and most haven’t spent disp. Money.


Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

Been meeting with RHA VP and wants to build a bridge and if interested they are at wed at 7pm. Madi Keen hosted the summit yesterday and it was fabulous and had a great turnout. Wants to make a dance marathon team for ASMSU and OSE.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Been working on admin budget this week. Next week we are starting presentations.


Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

Last night had supreme court and had a disagreement with a bill 2019-B-3. Dissenting opinion, this bill is not constitutionally valid, and the president doesn’t have any say on funding. To do this would be to overlook. Doesn’t say the president can or can’t. Majority, feels it is not in violation of the bylaws. Feels it is up to the senate to decide as to whether it is a good change or not. Justice positions are still open.


Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Need one more for classroom committee, meet 3-4pm second Wednesday of the month. Still looking for someone to spearhead the student memorial project.


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Finance board application is still available, extending to Monday at 5pm.


Senate Reports

Reiman, meet with Nick, marketing director. Has some great ideas to expand the marketing team. Up to 3 graphic designs for any register club and doing senator spotlights.


Lyon, met with Ty out door rec, looking for a possible budget request to get some SUVs for clubs and facilities and throughout MSU.


Dalvit, in school of architecture and doing a lecture on time and mental health. When meeting about snow removal talked about slopes and clearing half and sanding half. Art proposal will be decided on tomorrow.






Unfinished Business


2019-B-3 Finance Board Appointment

Motion, Seconded.


Killian, talked to people about the bill and to get opinions. Tried changing it back last year and was removed due to wording, so he reworded and is trying again. Will still come back mostly to senate.


Lyon, along as power is still in our hands doesn’t see why it shouldn’t go through.


Schmitz, voting no as he feels all power should remain with senate.


Killian, thank you for your opinion but feels power should be shared.


Roll Call Vote: 14-1, Approved.



2019-R-2 Naming of the ASMSU Outdoor Recreation Center Building

Motioned, Seconded,

Elias is absent, so Schmitz takes main sponsor.


Lyon, Ty director of outdoor rec, is indifferent about this but some of his concerns. One of the big things is that people don’t know where or what it is. If renamed would like people to know that they are there, would like a grand opening or a big sign. Other concern, by naming of this building we could possibly lose a bargaining chip when it comes to receiving a donation. Wants to expand but people who donate like their names on things.


Killian, is in support and does here from people about buildings being named after donors. And feels it is great to name after someone who deserves it. There are already a few buildings that are named after others and likes to recognize those that give back through education.


Hall, wants to talk that this is about the support not the official say if it will happen. Naming a building after a person that this is a legacy and builds on our history.


Johnson, agrees with all and understands Lyon’s point but feels that is the wrong way to go about naming and can honor a donor another way.


Lyon, not against but outdoor rec wants to benefit because he wants to get his ideas out but needs the support to make things happen. Would like to see a lot of publicity and a much bigger sign so student know what and where it is.


Schmitz, it’s a good resolution. Steve, worked with mike for a long time and had remarkable dedication over 33 years. It’s a long time and won’t happen again where someone will keep that dedication and stay that long.


Dalvit, does he know about the naming. Steve, no.


Schmitz, moves to previous question. Seconded. In favor.


Roll Call Vote: 16-0, Approved.


New Business


Senator Candidate Process

Horton, moves for max 3 min speech and 3 questions for both? Seconded.


Hall are the questions predetermined.


Reinhardt, has questions she’s prepared.


Gilbertson, can we have a closing statement.


Johnson, moves to amend a 1-minute closing. Seconded.


Amend Discussion:

Schmitz, can we adjust the intro speech.


Johnson adds to amendment to change intro max from 3 to 2 minutes. Seconded


2ndAmendment Discussion:

Branch, wants to hear what they have to say, and we signed up for late meetings.

Murali, agrees with branch and supports up to 3 minutes.


Vote: Motion Fails.




1stAmendment Discussion:

Halstad, they are going to reiterate what they have already said, what else are they going to say. Feels it should be less or not at all.


Killian, most of the times the conclusions are a repeat or have nothing to ass.


Dalvit, feels that last minute is nice and should add.


Horton, if they want to they can.


Branch, lets gives these folks a chance to talk.


Vote: All in Favor, Passes.


Main Discussion:

Kothe do we need to pass before questions?


Vote: All in favor. Passes


Question 1:

Killian: If you are present during public comment or presentations what stood out to you?

Schmitz, about today or generally?


Killian, point is to see if they paid attention and if something stuck out.


Lizzy, even if they were paying attention but were so nervous that it wouldn’t have stuck.




Dalvit, feels what stuck out is vague and seems like it’s a personal attack.


Johnson, likes the theme but should change as it is a little bit vague but likes intent.


Halstad, agrees.  Went through and was nervous, feels they are more likely thinking about what they were going to say instead.


Reinhardt, like it but will think of a better way to reword. Should ask what aspects of ASMSU would you like to get involved in?


Killian, these people applied because they wanted to be involved. Saw them being attentive and all this is, wants to grasp their passion for senate.  Feels there is something that was spoken about today that they noticed.


Hall. Agrees with a lot of what Kilian said and is a good introduction and the other two can dig a little more.


Dalvit, reread?


Pelkie, could we make it about the whole meeting instead?


Branch, if there are people that want to get on with this meeting they will work with what we give them.


Vote: In Favor, Passes.


Question 2:

Reinhardt, gives a list of suggestions. Wants to grasp their character.


Johnson, moves for suggested question. As we are going in to the budgeting season how will you represent what your constituents want and overcome you own personal biases? Seconded.


Vote: In favor, Passes.


Question 3:

Halstad, likes Reinhardt’s other question, What is a challenge you faced in leadership role and how did you overcome? Seconded.


Vote: All in favor, Passes.


Nursing Senator

Applicants: Michelle Hoff, Michaela McDonald


Intro: Currently a senior, as a senior has been through the nerve racking application process, has gone through all the craziness of nursing. Experience, involved in hall council, did both the college in Billings and Bozeman. Actively involved in recreational sports and involved in dance marathon. Wants to be a mentor and get students involved.

Q1: Defiantly the library, because this is a big issue and during finals week we have to fight for space and when working on group projects there isn’t much room.


Q2: Has dealt with budget in the past, has run events, when comparing nursing to other colleges, want to make sure the college of nursing is well spoken for but will also way pros and cons.

Q3: Scheduling, finding what times work best for people. Runs into that problem often, had to hold two separate meetings for most students to make sure they are involved.

Close: Feels would be a great rep do to past experience and is a driven person. Is committed and wants to make sure that everyone is spoken for and has a voice. Wants to be there for everyone in her college.



Intro: is a second semester freshman always known she wanted to help people and feels it is the best way is to get involved. Feels that it is to make things to flow better and want them to know that they have representation. Wants to do everything she can for her constituents and would love to be involved.

Q1: The renaming of the buildings, didn’t realize we had that power and thinks it is great.

Q2: Believes to make decision as a leader must make one that is best for the majority, by talking to faculty and students. Doesn’t have all the knowledge on budgeting but willing to learn

Q3: Sticking up for self without over stepping boundaries, lets other’s thoughts take over yours and it’s hard when you need to be firm and make the right decision:

Close: Feels her involvement will help her college and ASMSU as she has great ideas and wants to voice their opinions.



Johnson, was really impressed by Hoff and feels she would a great addition. Would be great to see an upper student


Halstad, vote goes to Hoff as she is an upper level student and can reach out well. Has a ton of experience and she is really involved. Knows that she is an amazing leader and gives her all.


Hall, thinks that since Hoff got into the Bozeman nursing shows that she is dedicated.


Lyon, thinks both would be good. Something to take into account is that these people are only for a shorter term. Feels that going with McDonald would be a good way to let her dip her toes in and can get further involved.


Reinhardt, going with Hoff and in her application, she talked about a bill that effected the nursing students and feels she has the insight needed for nursing students.


Killian, likes McDonald, she is younger and could continue in the future. She represents the majority of her college as they are mainly freshman and sophomores.


Reiman, McDonald is well spoken but Hoff being on two campus gives more insight and can speak to a wider variety of her college and her learning curve is shorter.


Murali, both were great, supports McDonald might not have as much experience but feels she would be a great candidate.


Mulvaney, can’t go wrong. Feels McDonald eagerness to learn is what stood out to him. Feels her desire to continue could benefit the senate in long run if she stays involved.


Branch, the one question that stands out and that is ASMSU experience, McDonald has shown her willingness to be involved and she jumped on the first opportunity to represent her college and to get involved. Opportunity to bring someone in that can make a long-term presence.


Schmitz, both are great, but McDonald had a lot of courage to come up as a freshman and that proves that she has the ability to become a great leader.


Dalvit, initial is more toward Hoff, as a first-year student did not have the knowledge and you can have the passion but not knowing what is going on doesn’t benefit them. Hoff has the experience and knows what needs to be fixed and has that knowledge.


Reiman, Dalvit brings up a good point and thinks that we are voting on behalf of the college of nursing right now.


Killian, there are only 20 upper classmen and so feels that a freshman can better represent the majority.


Dalvit, sees a senator as a role model and someone to look up to.


Reinhardt, if it wasn’t for the college of nursing would vote for McDonald but knowing how things goes on over there and the issues feels a more experienced student would be able to best represent them. This is a unique college and Hoff would know more. McDonald might not know what is going on and what the issues are right now, would like to see her run again next semester and to learn from Hoff.


Kothe, we all made good point, but their goals are the same so vote for how we feel.


Gilbertson, don’t want to put words into their mouths as they might know the issues regardless what we think.


Murali, McDonald could learn and find out the issues. Could also be an incentive to her to go out and as a freshman she probably has more time to go out and get involved.


Schmitz, moves to previous question, seconded.


Vote: Motion Fails.


Hall, no doubt that both can excel, feels Hoff has a different perspective as she knows the long run. Thinks she really knows the long-term gain. No matter what but would love to see McDonald run again in the fall.



Ballot Vote: Hoff-7, McDonald-9

Nursing Senator Michaela McDonald sworn in.


At-Large Senator

Applicants: Jake Kaminetzky, McKade Mahlen, Miles Maxcer, Alexa Perri, Benjamin Roeder, Saurabh Tulsankar



Killian moves to make a rank choice voting, 5 rounds with elimination each round.


Branch, fairly certain that this is not in our by-laws. Taylor, by-laws only state it’s a ballot vote. Gwinner, has to be ballot vote.


Johnson, thinks it’s a good way as long everyone understands.


Mulvaney, clarification. Can’t just rank.


Schmitz, 6 applicants write 5 names and one with the least gets voted out.


Mulvaney, could write the one to vote off.


Murali, let’s do it.


Gilbertson, how would we go about?


Johnson, ask questions and such then doing the voting.


Branch, has to be majority.


Johnson would have to vote down.


Vote: Motion Dies.


Murali, do a first round then pick top three.


Johnson, can we do this after? Swenson, Yes.



Intro: A student in economic and science department. Has served two years ago and took a lot from that process. Is amazing what we can accomplish here and misses it. Brings experience, served on 7 different committees and is familiar with the budgeting process. If appointed can hit the ground running and have 3 resolutions already and one is food based. A way for the dining halls to give unused food. Knows that the neuroscience departments research was having issues and would like to prioritize.

Q1: Was nice to see that the presentations flowed and were to the point. Thinks library space is important and great to make it more efficient.

Q2: Founds that’s the budgeting process is cut and dry. Know that the at-large position it is hard to get consensus, something would love to try is to get people involved and to get them talking. Some will stop and talk and with 23 senators we get a good idea of what people want.

Q3: Wanted to create a day where students come together and talk about their faith and go out and do serves. No one really showed up. Got to try things and see what works.

Close: Feels covered what needed to and this is a great place. A lot of great ideas come from here and would like to be a part of the process.



Intro: Currently in engineering field, was told about and thought it would be a great opportunity. Leadership has always been a passion, learned where to listen, when to shut up, and when to be apart. Likes to see how he can help and wants to make a difference. When worked for the senator got the opportunity to work for his own district. Got to help with agriculture and with Fish and Wildlife, had many rare experience that helped. Was so interested in the snow removal public comment that I followed him out into the hall and talked to him further.

Q1: Redoing the library is an absolute necessity. It is dark in there and would be great to get the glass up and to get extra light in.

Q2: First is fiscal responsibility, would like to stop seeing major increases as it’s getting harder for students to cover costs and would like to bring down the budget and to ask for donations to help.

Q3: When working as an intern and was never was supposed to be a permanent position. There was a drought in the area and I got to work with a lot of people to help people and to save their lives stock. Worked on different systems when the towns aquifers started to run downs. They lost a lot of land to fire.

Close: Tires of seeing parties working against each other, would like to see people come together. We need people that are effective in our future not less effective.



Intro: Have had history with ASMSU past and worked with budget related issues. Been passionate about student representation has served as class president, the school present then worked in hall. Also founder and co-chair of a club on campus and is a local business owner.

Q1: Loved how our facility folk came out and wanted to get ahead of snow removal. It is great to see them working to improve.

Q2: First, is fairly experienced with the budgeting process and important that we talk about our priorities including talking to our constituents. Need to follow our mission and need to invest in our students.

Q3: Is a researcher here at MSU and does research in thermal hot springs. At one point the project aid had to leave, leaving him in charge of a 10-person crew. Was a challenging position as they are walking on an active volcano.

Close: Passionate about student representation, been working to get involved. Really glad about this opportunity.



Intro: Is an animal science major and in chemistry. Is in junior year, he is in honor college and pre-vet program. Plans to pursue veterinary. Growing up was involved in 4-H and started his own club. Was in 4-H for 9 years and FFA for 4 years. Been a rep and VP and President of Agriculture student council. Is a forum for the clubs in the college of Agriculture. Honors college ambassador and meets allot of students coming into MSU. Has his foot in three different colleges. Also serving on the Honors college council.

Q1: When the request for break down as to what the fees are going to and the lack of information given.

Q2: His goal is to focus on fiscal efficacy, can’t actively promote one college must consider all the students. As far as bias goes has served in a wide variety of clubs and has trained for looking at common good.

Q3: Has daily announcements, always had club meeting times and sport times, etc. Went and made it to be more interesting by giving out prizes. If you can’t get people to listen or show up is not productive.

Close: is a 3rdgeneration bobcat, had stories from his grandfather about drag racing on 11th. Coming from an Agriculture background we look a lot at stewardship and looks at MSU that way.




Intro: Came to MSU in 2016 and came from India, came to just study and go back home. Didn’t happen and started to get involved in curricular activities, involving international. Been honored as an outstanding student in 2016, was an ambassador in SEG. Is on Bobcat Boardroom, got to run a whole budget and to run an end of the year campaign. Has gotten more than 80 students to make the journey to MSU Bozeman.

Q1: With the fees and saw the reason for technological raise. Good to see about how it was broken into parts.

Q2: Being on the board in situations where you have to deal with bias.

Q3: Got a large amount for a small event but spend more than that. You can raise the money but need to go back to when you had nothing in your hands.

Close: Two years met someone that wanted him to get someone involved in senate and feels should give back.



Intro: Is a graduate student and owns her own small business that she started from scratch. Knows how to work with money, is disciplined, good with talking with people and likes to hear both sides before decided. Would love the opportunity to represent MSU students.

Q1: Kilian, “Issues you would like to see come before senate?” There is an issue as far as, students don’t read the handbook and students don’t know their rights but maybe can but into a freshman orientation to make it more fun and entertaining.

Q2: Think that is easy, realizes she must seriate herself as she’s representing them. Doesn’t see it being an issue.

Q3: Sometimes you have times and people get a product and people are not happy. At times you have to accept the consumer is always right even if you lose that sale. Have to accept responsibly.

Close: Wants to thank everyone and looks forward to hearing our decision.



Murali, how to vote. Suggests proposing that we do one round and if not, simple majority then chose top three and vote from them.


Schmitz, moves a single round then moves into Kilian’s ranked choice proposal if no one is selected in first round. Seconded.

Vote: In Favor, Passes


Kothe, Mahlen has a lot of flare, Tulsankar-thinks it would be cool to have an international student as an at large, has budgeting experience and stacked resume. Perri, has real life experience and is a grad student that would bring a new perspective.


Killian, likes Maxcer, likes that he feels our money should be going toward the students.


Gilbertson, Has a good attitude toward student fees. Tulsankar, likes that he has a lot of experience. He said that he didn’t know and appreciate it. Also likes that Perri admitted to mistakes but looks to improve.


Lyon, would like opinion about Kaminetky when in past senate position. Killian, he is a hard worker and ran an event, most senators don’t do this. Did a great job and was attentive in the past. Mahlen, liked his speech. Likes Roeder’s experience. Thinks it would be cool to have a grad on senate, Perri.


Dalvit, wants to call out Tulsankar and has seen him interact and he is really good with them. Is also really stacked in MSU involvement. Getting international involvement is something we haven’t seen before and would be great.


Johnson, likes Perri’s graduate experience but if wanting a different voice, the Tulsankar would be able to bring that. Liked Roeder’s creativity and shows how he thinks, also has a lot of experience.


Hall, liked Maxcer and hear from Roeder. Roeder has a foot in a bunch of colleges and would be good for an at large position. He has a great work ethic and sees things through.


Halstad, likes Tulsankar for all the reasons said and would bring a great perspective. Liked Roeder as he was creative and thoughtful about hearing from students. Liked Maxcer and his knowledge in ASMSU.


Reiman, agrees with Hall. Likes that Roeder is involved in so many colleges. Also, Maxcer has a lot of experience with ASMSU already.


Horton, saw 5 outstanding candidates and everyone knows how they vote, moves to previous question. Seconded.

Vote: Motion Fails.


Branch, echoes what he’s heard tonight with regards to diversity. Will take a difference stance, when it comes down it goes red to blue when it should be blue and yellow. With the hope of bringing in a vast portion of our student body and is going to go with Roeder with this. Feels he truly represents the student body as a whole. Would make us a more representative body.


Killian, is far left and agrees with Branch. Therefore, Roeder is his second choice. First vote goes to Maxcer but will be harder if voting mores to next round.


Hall, wanted to include that Roeder is involved and he has really strong connections with the staff and holds a strong weight.


Mulvaney, do applaud Tulsankar and his resume is very impressive. Commends the steps he is taking. In terms of answering questions and resume, Maxcer really stood out to him. Would like to echo what senators have said about Roeder. One thing that stood out was Mahlen’s speech however he heavily spoken on his off-campus experience and little on campus experience. Was extremely curious to hear more about his ideas mentioned in his resume but didn’t mention them here.


Elias, was excited to hear such positive feedback on Tulsankar. It is really impressive to come to a foreign country and bring out the leadership. Things to consider is to watch for people who have ran before and didn’t get voted in. Feels both Maxcer and Roeder would be good.


Dalvit, Maheln didn’t really talk about school stuff. Yes, we are mainly a left sided body and a right side would be good but doesn’t feel that is what we are here for. Doesn’t feel it is fair to generalize. Two come down to Tulsankar and Roeder.


Murali, would like to point out we represent the student body and we leave out the graduate perspective. Perri is a grad and liked what she said about her company and going with what the customer wants despite how she feels. Can be related to constituents.


Schmitz, top three Perri, Roeder, Mahlen. All are driven to be here. Liked how Perri talked about how she worked her experiences in to what she sees. Roeder is brilliant and is good at finding new solutions and is very imaginative. He works to the best of his abilities to get things done. Mahlen, speech on speed and if given chance would talked for hours. Thinks his point is to show that he is involved and that he cares. Thinks the student fee thing is getting blown out of proportion.


Lyon, clarification once we have first round will we have discussion between rounds. If there is time to discuss would like to move to previous question because we can eliminate one now. Seconded.


Vote: Motion fails


Lyon, could talk all day but need to eliminate some.


Johnson, will be voting for one first round. There is a chance there won’t be a second round.


Reinhardt, narrowed it down to Tulsankar and Roeder. Thinks Roeders opinions would be great to have here. Would love how he plans to bring forth stewardship, see him as an open minded individual. Thinks that is why Mahlen didn’t make her list, thinks he can be a little narrow minded. Likes what Tulsankar is involved in and might be voting for him and likes to have that international perspective.


Ballot-Vote: No majority so move to ranked vote.


Branch, should eliminate lowest voted before ranked vote starts. Seconded.

Vote: All In Favor, Passes

 Eliminated: Kaminetzky, Mahlen


Ranked Vote: Roeder -9, Tulsankar -5, Miles and Perri-2, Swenson with breaking vote Ben Roeder gets 10 votes and majority.

Benjamin Roeder sworn in as At-Large Senator.



24-hour legislative response team

Found that sunset clause should be removed from Six Mill Levy and how to pick students for WWAMI. Lobbied for on Monday morning.

Motioned. Seconded.

Vote: All in Favor, Passed


Senate Announcements

Branch, will be a photographer next week asks that we look presentable.


Dalvit, band is releasing album tomorrow.


Lyon, without door rec, Ty did a pilot last summer and had a lot of success. This year is going into full swing this summer. There is 240 signups and they are getting sign ups daily.


Killian, applications for ASMSU artist. Posted something to FB page and is about Camp Kesem. Wants us to vote and thinks it will be great. As senator we represent the student body so make sure represent around campus and in the hall ways.


Mulvaney, welcome! Appreciates the support and had less than 50 registrations this time last week and passed a 100 this week. It is happening and will be a big event. There is an ASMSU and OSE team now! Marianne, for everyone that signs up she will donate to our cause.


Horton, scholarship due tomorrow.


Johnson, wants us to vote for camp Kesem.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Murali.