Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB 233

March 7, 2019


Minutes called to order at 6:01pm by Senate Speaker, Karl Swanson.

Minutes recorded by Senate Secretary, Tiga Ward.

Roll Call

Excused: Abbot, Halstad


Approval of Minutes



Public Comment

Tom Stump Associate VP, around 2:20am the south gym roof collapsed. They are investigating to find out the cause. The building is closed due to turning off utilities for safety protocol. Looked at the building to see if there where other areas that can have similar issues. Will work with students to get necessities out if closed after tomorrow. Now watch the north gym roof to prevent repeating. Will have teams of engineers checking other buildings on campus as we don’t want another incident. They have updated their social media front every two hours. There are no classes in the fitness center tomorrow. Is unlikely it will be replaced this fall, most likely the next. Are working to reduce the snow load to eliminate the weight on the building. Will be working on a place to reroute classes.


Chase, RHA VP, have been pricing out furniture for the Jack. Had elections last night for President and Vice. Applications have opened for other positions. Hapner formal is tomorrow and will also be their first test of new photo booth. Blake has 10 scholarship applications in. RHA traditional bingo is Lego themed for April 5th.


Has been in communication with family members and have sent out two updates out to them. Most concerns are from parents and are keeping communications open. Have an update going out at 7pm letting them know that safety is utmost priority. The roof was constructed in the 70s out of wooden trusses and are looking to see if others are built the same way. Will see various engineers tonight and tomorrow as they will be assessing the buildings and snow amounts. First thing this morning they sent out an alert so that students will know but further updates will be sent via email or on social media. Working to check all the buildings roofs but high priorities go to flat roofed buildings.





Leadership Institute Report

Handed out a document that outlines their programing and how it matches the mission. Goal 1: Programs include: Scott Kelley, Engineering ambassadors. Change makers: a screening done by a student and Dance Marathon. Mentorship: leadership submit. Goal 2: Women Leading and Learning allowed for collaboration with the President’s office and local leaders. Had S. Lindsay come and speak last Wednesday. Goal 3: Leadership Team, have a diverse team. Has given opportunities to allow them to grow as a leader. Goal 4: Expand funding resources: are growing and keep expanding. They are running out of money and room. As rooms start to open up, ask that you keep them in mind. Mission is to inspire MSU students to become leaders who serve as catalysts for positive change.  Number one is students on campus and ASMSU. Are fee based and budget breaks down fees used. Also, in the Provost office which allows for some opportunities. Leadership and Nation Advisory Board lead the guidance as to what students might need in their next step. Work to get student evaluations and surveys. Also work on making decisions through focus groups, as to why and how this event matches our mission. Budget has on going personnel costs. Operation costs have changed because the cost of running events is costing more. Education training also had a drop. Bottom line is that students’ fees account for most and get a boost from the Provost office. Have been working on an endowment and have had some donors over the years. Had a $70,000 gift towards the endowment and another provide $20,000. Working hard to think out of the box to increase budget. Here to help if needing anything.


KGLT Budget

Are doing great and in this past year was their 50th anniversary and had their biggest amount in pledges. Pledge process: people call and make a pledge and people follow up with payments. It is a high percentage as high payment. Have two signals in Bozeman and are also in Helena, Gardner, as well as a few others. Currently working on getting a transmitter in Big Sky area.  Listeners have been increasing. In top 5 of the 20 stations in the Gallatin Valley. Is a great combination of students and people who are passionate about KGLT and what they can do. The value to ASMSU is that they provide outreach to promote our events. Have to give back and encourages us that this is a resource they can use. Revenue has been increasing, have a vinyl sale on Sunday. Also, for funding they receive grants. Must go through an audit process each year as a requirement. Never had a bad audit and work with great people. Have always been transparent. Have been a few increases. One of their main operating cost is for employees. Another is for rent as they are adding onto a tower for their Big Sky project. Lease agreement is still ongoing but is coming down. This lease is significantly less than what they pay for their Bozeman towers. In Big Sky will be sharing their rent, which is a great deal. Projecting forward predicts it to grow and to not go over budget. Goes over to be safe as somethings are not predictable cost wise. Radio listeners have increased can be due to popularity and are trying to grow and expand. Also give DJs freedom to play what ever they want with in regulations.


Chad Schreier; MSU Bookstore Proposal

Use profits to reduce course materials on campus. We are 60% lower in cost when compared to other school. Only other bookstore in the state that is structured with students and staff being owners. Feels that they should be able to sell course materials at or lower than costs in 3 years. 60% students choose to no buy materials due to cost at some point. This program is looking a digital delivery model to provide a cheaper option and will have the ability to opt out. Discount could be 40-60% for students. If they offer, they have to guarantee that it is below market price. Missoula has run a pilot program since 2014 and want to work with ASMSU about moving forward with this program. The platform would likely be red shell and could negotiate with each publisher about price.



Roeder, will work with both print and online?

Yes, will have both. Will use Blank Campus to print for students.


Pelkie, will be available as a PDF?

Yes, depends on teachers chosen materials.



95% choose this model due to savings. Works well since our margins are so small and can make the national average.


Lyon, would you automatically bill?

Within 15 days could opt out.


Branch, many are off ones that build, will we have access to this book later one?

Can buy life time access. Most would be lower level.


Dalvit, Work with bundling?

Looking at encouraging professors to use the same for three semesters. Is usually the same to bundle vs just getting access code. Intend to provide hard copy.


Karl, Next steps?

1st step is to meet with ASMSU and would like a resolution to see this moving forward. Then will take that back to President Cruzado to continue getting this going.


Mulvaney, is there an average saving for a student over the course of their year?

Has not been active on other campuses long enough to give an accurate response. Are trying to come at this from every front to give the best to our students.

Sports materials?

Our model is to produce sports materials. Brought it in and use the profit to lower text book prices, works well since it has to be priced the same no matter where


Mulvaney, what would you do with the extra space?

Are looking to change book layout from alphabetical to author. Save about 30% of shelf space and allows them to know what books are getting low more easily. The line can get intense and would like to encourage students to pre-order. With the space would like to dedicate some to offices and maybe to expand Blank Campus as they are growing significantly. Also work with the community and the profits again go to lower course materials.


Very excited and think this is the right move to make and could allow for some partnerships to help spread costs.


Pelkie, free open textbooks?

Yes, have some and the library also has some. Feels that is also part of the solution. A free text books are a win as can use that money for something else. Can do where it makes sense and is offered. Not for upper level courses.


Admin Reports

President - Taylor Blossom via Lizzy

Regent application is now open and will be sending out the URL. The tuition freeze is looking promising.


Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

Had Harry Potter trivia night and had over 300 show. Was in meetings with the emergency response committee all day. Take to heart what was said and that the updates are going out. Diversity symposium is up and running.


Business Manager - Andy Turner

Next week will be presenting the latest financial reports. Will be above 50% in some as we are approaching the end of the year. Budget oversight-please respond. Wrapping up budget reviews. If interested in business manager position come talk to him.


Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

Applications are open for running again. Make sure you get your budget in about 48hrs in after. Will be out of town next week, Catie will be the go-to person. Can try to contact via email.




Senate Speaker - Karl Swenson

Need a student rep for the exercise oversight committee. Interest: Gilbertson, McDonald. Need one more person for the computer fee allocation committee, meet Thursday April 4 from 10-12.


Pro Tempore - Ambika Murali

Finance board went through 7 budget and 6 got approved. Senator of Month is Dalvit and Employee of Month is Bridgett with Procrastinator theatre.


Senate Reports

Dalvit, wants a list of who wants the updates. The American Indian Hall is going great and will be presenting about it next week. When you are talking and hearing rumors about the roof know that flat roofs are for snow country. When it fell, it fell as one piece meaning it broke from the sides not the middle.


Reinhardt, meet with a Rep from Montana Senate, feels good about the Romney hall funding. Currently is dropped and will be finding out as why and if we can get the original amount back. Encourages us to reach out to Montana Representatives.


Killian, with the new Norm building there is more traffic across Grant with people and cars. Will be seeing some traffic calming experiments in upcoming weeks. Admission, registration, and res halls are almost all paper less. Many are interested to see more about the shuttle and transportation on campus. Been in contact trying to get people to run for senate.


Pelkie, an electric scooter might be coming to campus soon.


Unfinished Business


2019-B-04 Pace Restructure Bill

Moved, Seconded

Main Discussion:

Kothe, there is a more updated version that was sent out. Any confusion of job titles will be sorted out in the hiring process.


Killian, did have concerns but after talking with them feels it is no longer a problem. Is in support.


Roll-Call Vote: 18-0





2019-R-06 Student Organization Use of Academic Spaces

Moved, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Johnson, Line 13 Cap A, Strike “that” from line 25, add to Line 23 may utilize indoor campus “spaces”.


Amend Vote: Passes


Elias, amend that line 8, 16, and 23 change Utilized to Used.


Amend Vote: Passes


Murali, moves to add the work “That” after each resolved.


Amend Vote: Passes          


Murali, line 20 strike the comma after it and add a comma after therefore.


Amend Vote: Passes


Johnson, tried to capture what was talked about in that meeting. This is to address the concerns our students have.


Schmitz, is concerned that Just relevant parties is not specific enough. Feels is could be construed and could be used to exclude us in total.


Elias, to address. Your relevant when wanting to use that space as it addresses student groups.


Mulvaney, curious on proper verbiage to specify it. Would also echo Elias as we bring it to the table makes us relevant.

Schmitz, could we do a comma to include ASMSU president in there. Line 28 to include “all relevant parties, ASMSU president,”.

Mulvaney, moves to amend after “all relevant parties” on line 28 to include ”, the student voice”. Seconded.

Amend Vote: Passes


Roll Call Vote: 18-0 Approved




2019-R-07 ASMSU Resolution Supporting Student Fee Increase

Moved, Seconded.

Killian, moves to remove “the” before administration line 4 and to remove “to services” line 9.


Amend Vote: Passes


Killian, during this presentation they really showed the thought that went into this process.


Lyon, amend line 20 “vice” to “Vice”.


Pelkie, amends the amendment to include the ‘U’ in university to be capitalized.


Amend-Amend Vote: Passes.

Amend Vote: Passes


Murali, personally supports but doesn’t know how to feel as her students don’t support it.

Lyon, we’re growing and need it.

Davit, no fee increases is like taxes. Its there and you don’t want to pay it but have to.


Pelkie, is inflation accounted for automatically?

Laura Humberger, no there is no inflation. Only ask when it is needed. Shows that it is to just keep up with inflation.


Branch, line 8 where it talks about the addition for transportation fee. President Blossom, still have the power to remove from the Ballot.

Killian, when looking at fee increases is included.

Branch is that a mandatory fee?

President Blossom, means that it will apply to all students.


Schmitz, in the first where as statement do we need fee after nonacademic.

Johnson could also remove fee.

Schmitz, strikes “fee” from line 4.


Amend Vote: Passes


Schmitz, in not huge on increasing fees. Is conflicted. Really likes it but deep inside really hates this.


Mulvaney, MSU provides phenomenal education and would like to continue to provide that to future students. Feels those increases are necessary and only ask when it is necessary.

Killian, feels we need to balance how our students fee and to acknowledge that we are the experts. Know that these increases are hard, so it is important to show their important and impact.


Roll-Call Vote: 18-0 Approved


2019-R-08 Advocating for Students Affected by Montana Medicaid Legislation

Moved, Seconded.

Main Discussion:

Reinhardt, did anyone look at the email with info sheet as it out lines what this Bill about. This bill is not in affect or in legislature yet so want to act now. This would be a pro active approach. Depending on vote would reach out to Ed about this bill. Currently requires 20 hours per week and most MSU jobs only ask for 12-15 hours a week wouldn’t make that requirement. This is a huge issue and he does have exemptions but would not apply to use. This would affect 20-21% of students with the current wording in the draft.


Killian, include a part where states can expand their Medicaid. Medicaid currently pays students MSU medical insurance and if it did pass those students would lose insurance and would increase fees for other students.


Johnson, with Reinhardt’s proactive approach feels this is the right way to go about this. Will support.


Branch, will be voting for but does with a large cavoite. As it is written it does not say we do not support it, it says we are for a compromise. President Blossom, thinks we will have system wide effort if passed to make a compromise but not against.

Branch wants to reiterate am not against this Bill but for the compromise.


McDonald, feels it would be a disservice to our student to not pass and would effect their success.


Reinhardt, talked a lot about with Pat Flower. Interesting fact that the current bill is Buttrey’s and thinks this compromise will be great.


Murali, move to amend line 19,22,25,29,32,36, 3(next pg.) to cap the word after whereas, and add “That’ after resolves.


Elias, moves to amend Lizzie to read as Lizzy.


Amend-Amend vote: Passes

Murali, line 4 next page strike the period to add in semicolon. Line 7 strike period and add a semicolon and comma. Line 12 add a period at the end.


Amend-Amend Vote: Passes


Amend Vote: Passes


Roll Call Vote: 17-1 Approved


New Business


2019-R-09 Nursing Activity Fee Transfer


Senate Announcements

Lyon, please finish the tacos.


Dalvit, currently working on a book store resolution and put a thing on the Facebook.


Roeder will be complying questions.


Mulvaney, broke $30,000 all going to Shodair. First year’s average $10,000, our goal was $15,000. Can direct you to those who are organizing next year. Have 6-8 cans of monster, wants to get rid of them.


Murali, if interested in wet lab, apply.


McDonald, was unaware of how this money was handled in ASMSU and will try to get more info to better inform.


President Blossom, Regent’s application is opening. If interested, please reach out. Will send out a link with descriptions. Killian, can give feedback on process.


Meeting adjourned by Senator Murali.