Official Dismissal on Elections Complaint

On April 10th, 2019 the ASMSU Supreme Court received an elections complaint that the Blossom-Elias campaign was seen campaigning in North Hedges without an escort. The Blossom-Elias campaign was officially warned for campaigning without an escort in Hannon Hall earlier in the campaign. The Residence Hall campaign rules were also officially changed following the hearing to require a student or residence hall staff escort in all Residence Halls. The previous policy only required an escort in Hapner, Hannon, and Langford.

Upon consulting the Blossom Elias campaign of the North Hedges violation, the campaign told the Supreme Court that they had originally started campaigning with an escort as was policy. However, after approximately thirty minutes, the R.A. escorting the campaign called the Resident Director to ask if a continued escort was necessary, and the Residence Director signed off that the Blossom-Elias campaign could continue unescorted. Prior to the evening of April 11th, the ASMSU Supreme Court was unable to get confirmation from the Residence Halls that this was true, and so did not hold a hearing due to a lack of information.

On the evening of April 11th, ASMSU Chief Justice Mackinley Gwinner talked to Jeff Bondy, the Director of Housing, about this dispute. Mr. Bondy told Chief Gwinner that he felt this was not an elections violation and was just an oversight in Residence Life Staff. According to Mr. Bondy, there had been confusion with in Residence Life regarding the new rule change, especially for halls such as North Hedges who were not used to the required escort. He felt the Blossom-Elias campaign had taken all possible steps to follow the rules.

Upon receiving this information, the ASMSU Supreme Court does not find the Blossom-Elias campaign to be in violation, and thus decided not to hold a hearing or issue an official ruling. However, due to the timeline and overlap of the dispute with the closing of the election, the Court felt it necessary to issue an official explanation regarding the decision.