Minutes for Hearing

29 March 2019

Sub 236 – 2:15pm

Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner


Role Call 2:17

Casey is absent, but excused– everyone else here. Taylor Blossom is also present.


M: We will discuss hearing of complaint against Blossom Elias. Sophia knocked in Hannon which she had permission for but was doing it without an escort which is not allowed


Taylor: No contest on unescorted. 12:35 – 1. Only about 25 minutes. About 20 doors opened during that time. Front desk said we don’t have an escort but front desk said we don’t have one but it is fine if you campaign. Past precedent has been formal warning


C: Did they tell her she needed one before?


Taylor: Knew she needed to ask


C: Was front desk student worker


M: Yes


S: Did she know not to campaign without an escort?


Taylor: Her understanding was she should ask for an escort. Last year this rule was not enforced. She asked several times to make sure – under impression front desk had final say


The Blossom Elias Campaign is formally warned not to campaign in Residence Life Halls that require an escort unescorted. However, due to there being no prior infractions for this campaign, the punishment is a formal warning.