ASMSU Judicial Council Ruling 2018- JC-006- Click here to view the PDF


Topic: Homecoming Elections                                                                             0-Nay                4-Yea


Record Number: 2018-JC-006                                                   

Ruling Date:    10 October 2018                                            

Mac Gwinner, Chief Justice               

Main Articles:

Homecoming 2018 Handbook


By the powers vested in the Judicial Council under the provisions established in Article 14 of the ASMSU Constitution, be it here established the ruling for Molly Scherner cited in submission 2018-JC-006.


Majority Opinion:

On a 4-0 vote, we, the Judicial Council for the Associated Students of Montana State University, find Molly Scherner in violation of the Homecoming 2018 Handbook Policy. Her materials were distributed through a mutual acquaintance in a classroom which a direct violation.

Thus, it was determined that Molly S. did willing violate campaign policy.


Policy Reference: Homecoming 2018 Handbook “Campaigning” and Elections Policy Article I Section 2-F “Campaigning is strictly prohibited in classrooms.”


  1. Non-approved campaigning practices include:
    • No campaigning in classrooms during scheduled class.You can tell people to vote in general, but you cannot pitch yourself or anyone else.
    • Reminding students in a class to vote in an election, with the permission of the instructor for the class and without promoting oneself as a candidate in the election, is permissible.



Sanction: Molly Scherner is banned from all campaigning and events related to homecoming until 5pm October 11, 2018. All her materials must be collected and retracted by her by 8 AM October 11, 2018. Failure to comply with these stipulations will result in disqualification.


Minutes for the meeting held 10 October 2018 can be found on the Judicial Page of the ASMSU Website.