Topic: Elections                                                                                               0Nay                6Yea

Record Number: 2019-SC-003                                                                                                                

Ruling Date:    4 April 2019                                               Mac Gwinner, Chief Justice                Date


Main Articles:

ASMSU Elections Policy Article II Section C&D


By the powers vested in the Supreme Court under the provisions established in Article 14 of the ASMSU Constitution, be it here established the ruling for the elections dispute brought against the Stutheit-Johnson campaign cited in submission 2019-SC-003.


Majority Opinion:

We find the Stutheit-Johnson campaign not in violation of using blind carbon copy or college listservs however, the Supreme Court advises all campaigns to allow for an unsubscribe button or an opt out option from their emails. The Supreme Court also advises to not disperse hyperlinks to vote electronically in campaign materials and it is the official recommendation to the ASMSU Senate to draft and pass legislation that defines this grey area.


Policy Reference: Elections Policy Article II Section C&D

  1. Campaigns must abide by the following rules regarding campaign related emails:
    1. Candidates and campaign associates may only send campaign emailmaterials to listservs of which they are members.
      1. People who remove themselves from a listserv soon after sending the listserv a campaign email are not members of the list.
      2. Candidates cannot send out to listservs implying endorsement by third parties.
        1. Student organizations, or external organizations, are free to endorse candidates at their discretion.
      3. Individual college listservs cannot be used unless advertising all candidates eligible for election for the college’s respective Senate election and for all Executive candidates.
      4. If requested by the ASMSU Supreme Court, any candidate must verify they are a member of any listserv used.
    2. Blind Carbon Copy may not be used.
  1. Campaigns may not engage in any form of balloting which is defined as “providing a student a device with which to vote (iPad, laptop, etc.).”



Minutes for the meeting held 4 April 2019 can be found on the Judicial Page of the ASMSU Website.