Topic: Resolutions                                                                                               0Nay                6Yea


Record Number: 2019-SC-002                                                              




Ruling Date:    29 March 2019                                               Mac Gwinner, Chief Justice                Date


Main Articles:

ASMSU Bylaws Article 7-7B


By the powers vested in the Supreme Court under the provisions established in Article 14 of the ASMSU Constitution, be it here established the ruling for the percentage required to pass a resolution by initiative cited in submission 2019-JC-002.


Majority Opinion:

In a ruling of 6-0, the Supreme Court ruled that The Blossom Elias Campaign is formally warned not to campaign in Residence Life Halls that require an escort unescorted. However, due to there being no prior infractions for this campaign, the punishment is a formal warning.



Policy Reference: ASMSU By-Laws 7-7B


  1. By-Laws 7-7B\


  1. All candidates and sponsors of ballot measures shall not break any university, local, state, or federal laws, ordinances, rules or regulations while campaigning.


  1. According to Residence Life's solicitation policy, under the campaigning section it reads "all candidates and their representatives campaigning door to door must abide by the rules and regulations in that hall. Please be aware of and adhere to building escort policies."




Minutes for the meeting held 29 March 2019 can be found on the Judicial Page of the ASMSU Website.