ASMSU Senate Order of Business

20 September 2018

SUB 235 6:00 p.m.

Presiding Officer Senate Speaker Karl Swenson Interim Secretary TBA

a. 13 September 2018

  1. Public Comment

  2. Presentations

    1. President Waded Cruzado

    2. Katherine Budeski; Crashpad

    3. Katelyn Gaffri; Homecoming Update

    4. Madi Kuehn; Health and Wellbeing Program Update

    5. Maria Abbot, Hezekiah Austin; Streamline Latenight Routes

  3. Administrative Reports

    1. President Taylor Blossom

    2. Director of Operations Marianne Brough

    3. Vice President Lizzy Thompson

    4. Business Manager Andy Turner

    5. Chief Justice Mac Gwinner

    6. Senate Speaker Karl Swenson

    7. Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Ambika Murali

  4. Senate Reports

  5. Unfinished Business a. Resolutions

i. 2018-R-14 2020 and 2021 Academic Calendars
1. Sponsors: Murali (Engineering), Schmitz (Agriculture), Pelkie (Engineering)

ii. 2018-R-15 Support of Streamline Latenight Route Updates
1. Sponsors: Abbot (At-Large), Gilbertson (University Studies), Branch (At-


b. Bills
i. 2018-B-10
Campaign Finance Update

1. Sponsors: Pelkie (Engineering), Mulvaney (EHHD), Killian (L&S), Johnson (At-Large)

VIII. New Business
a. Confirmations

  1. Associate Justice Mackenzie Johnson

  2. Senate Secretary

b. Bills
i. 2018-B-11
Constitutional Update

1. Sponsors: Killian (L&S), Murali (Engineering), Abbot (At-Large), Horton (Business)

  1. Senate Announcements

  2. Adjournment