ASMSU Senate Order of Business

13 September 2018

SUB 235 6:00 p.m.

Presiding Officer Senate Speaker Karl Swenson Interim Secretary TBA

  1. Roll Call

  2. Moment of Silence for Fallen Members of Military and 9/11 Victims

  3. Approval of Minutes

a. 6 September 2018

  1. Public Comment

  2. Presentations

    1. Tony Campeau; Proposed 2020 and 2021 Academic Calendars

    2. Micah McFeely; Sustained Dialogue

  3. Administrative Reports

    1. President Taylor Blossom

    2. Director of Operations Marianne Brough

    3. Vice President Lizzy Thompson

    4. Business Manager Andy Turner

    5. Chief Justice Mac Gwinner

    6. Senate Speaker Karl Swenson

    7. Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Ambika Murali

  4. Senate Reports

  5. Unfinished Business a. Resolutions

i. 2018-R-12 Supporting the Passing of the 6-Mill Levy
1. Sponsors: Murali (Engineering), Halstad (Engineering), Johnson (At-Large)

ii. 2018-R-13 C.U.P.S. (Cats Usurping Problematic Scraps) Resolution
1. Sponsors: Killian (L&S), Mulvaney (EHHD), Pelkie (Engineering), Murali

(Engineering), Halstad (Engineering)

IX. New Business
a. Appointments

i. Arts and Architecture Senator
1. Applicants: Ryen Dalvit, Rutuja Joshi

ii. Finance Board At-Large (3 students)

1. Applicants: Todd Lackman, Noah Leckie, Tom Loving, Micah McFeely, Taylor Nelles, Courtney Stutheit, Natalee Wheeler

iii. Club Sports Funding Board At-Large (1 student)
1. Applicants: Austin Barnhart, Samantha Garcia

iv. Registered Student Organization Funding Board At-Large (2 students) 1. Applicants: Austin Barnhart, Taylor Nelles, Courtney Stutheit

b. Resolutions
i. 2018-R-14
2020 and 2021 Academic Calendars

1. Sponsors: Murali (Engineering), Schmitz (Agriculture), Pelkie (Engineering) ii. 2018-R-15 Support of Streamline Latenight Route Updates

1. Sponsors: Abbot (At-Large), Gilbertson (University Studies), Danny Branch (At-Large)

c. Bills
i. 2018-B-10
Campaign Finance Update

1. Sponsors: Pelkie (Engineering), Mulvaney (EHHD), Killian (L&S), Johnson (At-Large)

  1. Senate Announcements

  2. Adjournment