ASMSU Senate Order of Business

10 November 2016

SUB 235 6:00 p.m.

Presiding Officer Senate Speaker Bradley Jones Secretary Madison Thompson

  1. Roll Call

  2. Approval of Minutes

a. 3 November 2016

  1. Public Comment

  2. Presentations

  3. Administrative Reports

President Garrett Leach

  1. Vice President Geneva Zoltek

  2. Business Manager Will Cronk

  3. Chief Justice Derek Hetherington

  4. Senate Speaker Bradley Jones

  5. Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Matthew Campbell

  1. Senate

  2. Unfinished Business

  3. New Business

a. 2016-R-16 Support the Students Being Actively Engaged in Public Issues

i. Sponsors: Walker (Agriculture), Bertolino (Letters & Science) b. 2016-R-17 Support of Marriage Equality in the Montana Constitution

i. Sponsors: Falls Down (Business), Kaminetzky (At-Large), Campbell (Engineering) c. 2016-R-18 Support for the Renovation of Romney Hall

i. Sponsors: Matthew Campbell (Engineering), Kaminetzky (At-Large), Falls Down (Business), Grover (Engineering), OLeary (Engineering), Johnson (EHHD), Killian (Letters & Science), Jensen (Letters & Science)

  1. Senate Announcements

  2. Adjournment