ASMSU Senate – Order of Business
23 March 2017
SUB 235 – 6:00 p.m.
Presiding Officer – Senate Speaker Bradley Jones
Secretary – Madison Thompson
I. Roll Call
II. Approval of Minutes
a. 9 March 2016
III. Public Comment
IV. Presentations
a. Walt Banziger – Director of Campus Planning Design & Construction
i. Instructional Lab Improvements – NR Building Fees Appropriation $1,015,000
V. Administrative Reports
a. President – Garrett Leach
b. Director of Operations – Marianne Brough
c. Vice President – Geneva Zoltek
d. Business Manager – Will Cronk
e. Chief Justice – Justin Johnson
f. Senate Speaker – Bradley Jones
g. Senate Speaker Pro Tempore – Matthew Campbell
VI. Senate Reports
VII. Unfinished Business
a. 2017-B-08 – ASMSU Representatives
i. Sponsors: Kaminetzky (At-Large), Campbell (Engineering), Grover (Engineering), Killian (Letters & Science)
VIII. New Business
a. 2017-Request-01 – Supplemental Request for ASMSU Spirit ($137.95)
i. Requested by: Geneva Zoltek
IX. Senate Announcements
X. Adjournment