ASMSU Senate – Order of Business

17 January 2019

SUB 235 – 6:00 p.m.

Presiding Officer – Senate Speaker Karl Swenson

Secretary – Tiga Ward

        I.            Roll Call

      II.            Approval of Minutes

a.       6 December 2018

    III.            Public Comment

   IV.            Presentations

a.       Rachel Juel; Bounty of the Bridgers

b.       Dr. Matt Caires, Candace Mastel, Karl Swenson; Student Memorial Update

     V.            Administrative Reports

a.       President – Taylor Blossom

b.       Director of Operations – Marianne Brough

c.       Vice President – Lizzy Thompson

d.       Business Manager – Andy Turner

e.       Chief Justice – Mac Gwinner

f.        Senate Speaker – Karl Swenson

g.       Senate Speaker Pro Tempore – Ambika Murali

   VI.            Senate Reports

 VII.            Unfinished Business

VIII.            New Business

a.       Appointments

            i.      Finance Board (1 Senator)

b.       Confirmations

             i.      2019 Elections Policies and Procedures Manual

c.       Bills

             i.      2019-B-1 – ASMSU Fund Use in Campaigns

1.       Sponsors: Murali (Engineering), Schmitz (Ag), Mulvaney (EHHD), Johnson (At-Large)

             ii.      2019-B-2 – Club Sports Funding Board

1.       Sponsors: Murali (Engineering), Killian (L&S), Lyon (EHHD), Halstad (Engineering)

   IX.            Senate Announcements

     X.            Adjournment