ASMSU Senate Order of Business

8 February 2018

SUB 235 6:00 p.m.

Presiding Officer Senate Speaker Theodore Grover Secretary TBD

  1. Roll Call

  2. Approval of Minutes

a. 1 February 2018

  1. Public Comment

  2. Presentations

    1. Charlie Cromwell; New Clinical Attorney

    2. Taylor Flynn; Latenight Budget

    3. Connlan Whyte; Student Political Action Budget

  3. Administrative Reports

    1. President Kylar Clifton

    2. Vice President Micah McFeely

    3. Chief Justice Hannah Good

    4. Marianne Brough Director of Operations

    5. Business Manager Stephen Murray

    6. Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Scott Killian

    7. Senate Speaker Theodore Grover

  4. Senate Reports

  5. Unfinished Business

a. ASMSU 2018-B-01; Article Four Updates
i. Sponsors; Swenson (Engineering), Blossom (Engineering), Rehal (Business), Jones

(At-Large) VIII. New Business

  1. 2018 Finance Board Reserve Request 02; Feminine Hygiene

  2. ASMSU 2018-R-02; Gun Storage

i. Sponsors; Heinrich (Letters & Science), Orr (EHHD), Dubeau (At-Large), Killian (Letters & Science)

c. ASMSU 2018-R-03; Covered Bike Parking
i. Sponsors; Juel (Letters & Science), Killian (Letters & Science)

  1. Senate Announcements

  2. Adjournment