Montana State University

Associated Students of MSU Senate

SUB Room 235

April 13, 2017


6:03 Call to Order by Senate Speaker, Brad Jones

Roll call


6:04pm Approval of the Minutes

Minutes passed


Public Comment

In support of 2017-R-11 Civil Engineering – Engineering internships are expensive; here on scholarship and scholarship does not apply in the summer so the cost is prohibitive; so have opted to not earn class credit for it; some programs require internships to graduate; internships benefit the school because employers review and give feedback; value in hiring students after school and internships helps improve chances of getting employment after. We don’t necessarily do it for the money but it can be a big part of it if students can’t afford it. Summer internships should not be charged to students for academic credit.


Garrett – in Bioengineering

In support of the resolution 2017-R-12

Adrianne Massey – March for Science

Paramount importance to the health of the planet; not furthering a political agenda, merely conveying what is known about the natural world; misinformation exists on both political sides of the isle. Science is universal, march is happening on April 22nd. Rally starting at 10am and March will follow. Pres Cruzado and many other important guests will speak. Meeting on the Centennial mall. Science and evidence based public stand. More than 200 partner organizations. Science advocates, educators, and concerned citizens. Rally starts at 10am, there may be 5-8 speakers, around 11-11:30 will begin the March and will be done before 2pm as outlined by the permit.

Just started a new student organization: Science Policy Advocacy Network (SPAN) – organizing and educating students about how and why to get involved in science-based policy making. Planning to do events in the future.



MSU Exponent

Erin Murdock, 2 years Editor and Chief

Logan Henke, 4 years at Exponent – newly appointed Editor and Chief

27 editions throughout the academic year with 65 student employees, 13 stipend positions, award winning newspaper


Publication Board – governing board meets 4 times per year; 5 community members; 2 MSU Representatives; and ASMSU Senate Liaisons


$69k; advertising goal $21,200

While we sold $21,200 in advertising, only received $7,125 in funds; expected advertising income $14,075


Creating strategies: invoices all out now, advertisers have been understanding and have agreed to pay. If Exponent recuperates all of their advertising sales, they will be fine.


Scenario 1: Receive all revenue; no deficit

Scenario 2: Receive partial; have deficit but use the $5000 in reserve

Scenario 3: Do not receive advertising revenue; deficit; ASMSU would pay FY18 and then would cut that off the top of next year’s revenue (worst case scenario, unlikely to happen)


Finances have historically been difficult for Exponent. Contracting out of shared services rather than paying a student to manage the budget. Shared services will provide the Exponent team with advice and guidance. Added an advertising member to the publication board to help better advertise and make sales.


Budget for 2018

Decreased expenditures $98,400 to $85420

Eliminated unnecessary expenses, reduced pages, cut summer editions, decreased payroll, cutting costs where possible. After this we will be much stronger


Why wasn’t the business manager caught? Had several meetings, student was misrepresenting her work.


Special Committee on the Student Memorial

History: Memorial built in 1990. Dr. Caires requested that Senate review the student memorial and potentially suggest changes/updates. Wrote a resolution, established a committee, event February 8thand debrief. Donuts and refreshments – 67 responses to the survey.


Survey results: students agreed that it is very important; requested not to move it; make it more visible but be respectful; update needed (more open or plant more trees)


Likert scales for importance – Visibility; Symbolism; Privacy; Recognition; Aesthetic Appeal; Prominence; Spirituality (more or less religious was mixed results)


“As long as the memorial is visible and respectful. Then MSU is being served. The current location would benefit from more visibility.”


Would like to have a design contest. Fall 2017, open to all, with a prize for $250 from ASMSU

Some outside funding available $10,000 from family donor, maybe more from Dr. Caires.


Admin Reports

  • New Provost in the next few weeks – 4 candidates. John Walker came to the student sessions, even though he was in the middle of a campaign. Decision soon.
  • Recreation Project – passed the student body and now it goes to the Board of Regents; will be for the vote; and if vote no then will propose the rock-climbing wall construction
  • DUI Wet Lab – 10 student leaders drinking alcohol; taking field sobriety tests and talking about the process of getting arrested; sending out a survey to participants to get a variety of drinking habits reflected in the survey; anonymous survey and will select participants. April 27th5pm-8pm
  • Legislative update – not much good news out of Helena; may end the session down $11.6 million; still time to makes changes as the legislature goes to committees; Romney proposal is likely to fail now because Legislators have not approved bonding; must contact Legislator and tell them why Romney and tuition support is important to you. Please do not contact legislators on Sunday because its Easter, otherwise fill up the inboxes.
  • Casey Wolfe joined the front desk, commitment to join the Judicial Council. Highly recommend her for approval.


Geneva VP

  • I Am Campaign was a big success. Great results and good testimonials.
  • Romney campaign is important; our efforts on email and contact mattered last year and changed legislator votes.
  • Monday at Procrastinator at 5:30pm. Info session and conversation about food pantry and increasing food insecurity on campus.
  • Wednesday President Cruzado’s dinner April 19that 5:30pm
  • Please reach out to your newly elected Senators and talk to them about how they can be successful.
  • Faculty chair has been unresponsive to change the request about common hour. Need to continue with the pressure.




Will, Business Manager

  • Finance board next meeting will be Monday at 4:30 and Senate will review those requests
  • Audrey the graphic designer will have the pie chart about expenditures for your review on the budget


Justice Johnson

  • At a physics exam, video presentation
  • 4 rulings 006-009 disputes ruled; no violations found or sanctions imposed; 008 OSE student engagement on Student Recreation Facilities, subsection C – no candidate shall use ASMSU funds, not given to any specific candidate, so encouraged to revise.
  • 009 at large senate elections, if a gap greater than 50 votes between 5thand 6thplace finishers then the ruling states that the results will be upheld.
  • Minutes for the meetings are available on webpage next week.
  • Congratulations to elected representatives. 22.2% turnout
  • Confirmation vote – encourage you to approve her nomination


Brad, Speaker

  • Congratulations on vote – please gather up your transition documents
  • End the session when the budget passes, try to finish the debate today so that we can close the budget on the final meeting.


Matt Campbell,

  • May 25-26 BOR
  • Madison told Brad that she couldn’t come
  • 22% of voter turnout is incredible, congrats
  • Funding board reviewing 76 applicants requesting $200k and need to allocate that down to about $67k; working on an all-day Saturday meeting
  • Apply for speaker pro-temp
  • Transition binder – will miss you


Jake K - Classroom space committee met yesterday

  • Not sure what funding we will get still
  • Looking for getting surveys around to students
  • Thinking about taking photos

Kade Falls Down – apologies for attire

  • Powwow time!
  • Council of elders and basketball tournament
  • Friday 6pm; Saturday 6pm are Grand Entries
  • Egg hunt on Saturday morning – open to everybody
  • Alumni breakfast on Saturday
  • Diversity Charette yesterday – lots of response from students and appreciated that it was all day so students could make it; website is still open; there are ideas and instructions; materials about how to make comments are available; will be recommending that there be more students on the committee next year


Katie – orders of the day (move to put new business forward) Move new business before old business; motion passes

  • Leadership institute – say goodbye and thanks to your liaison programs; please make notes and share info for the people who follow you


Grover – recognized Senators DeRudder and Johnson


Killian – call for the orders of the day, move to FY 2018 budget first within unfinished business, motion passed


DeRudder – Arts and exhibits extended the deadline to Sunday. Tell your artist friends to apply the application is on Formstack.


New Business

Move straight to a ballot vote, we all know Casey; motion passes

Unanimously approved


Unfinished Business

Move to open the FY2018 Budget


Ron – Productions

Informed that there was a cut made to DJ entertainment budget – requesting $600 to go back in to specifically for the Tailgate and the Kickoff party. Personally have DJed more than 40 events; good for campus and the community because these events specifically provide positive alcohol-free events, encouraging students to get involved with basketball. $300 in each of the events. Because of the impact to the community and Bobcat basketball it will pump students up to go to these events.


Moved to add $300 back in to Tipoff Event; and $300 back into the Kickoff Event

Motions passed


7:21 pm Move to close PACE budget; motion approved


Move to approve Preschool, KGLT, Legal, Arts and Exhibits, Elections, Latenight, SPA, Procrastinator

  • Have good discussion on legal, arts, etc.

Motion passed


Move to open the Admin budget

  • Move to add under Sponsorships and Scholarships – add $250 for Student Memorial Prize
  • Appropriate to put in in the budget because it is a one-time request?
  • Withdraw the motion

Move to close admin

Motion approved


Move to Close the Budget

VP discretionary?

Moved to add a percentage, definition will be available after unfinished business


Possibility of adding Senate clothing into the administrative budget.

Move to close the budget, motion passes



2017-R-11 Reduce the Cost of Summer Internship Credits

Move to make the following amendments

Add a comma; cut “However sentence”; costs; discounted change to reduced; sources

Amendment is approved


Grover, proposed to be a cosponsor, approved


Bertolino – can we change the word “costs”? Move to amend strike “receive” and inserting “enroll in”; approved


Oleary – move to amend, strike “NACE Web”; add “national association of colleges and employers”; motion passes


Move to previous question; motion fails


DeRudder – Move to strike “2016” change to “2017”; moved and approved


Swenson – move to amend line 22 “ASMSU” president and “ASMSU” vice president; approved


Michael is excused

Rollcall vote – approved unanimously 15-0



2017-R-12 March for Science

Move to approve


Killian – move to amend space between “Falls Down”; line 30 page one, move the semi-colon and include all of the numbers; approved


Roll Call Vote – 15-0 approved unanimously



Kade is excused



Jake – move to add the VP discretionary fund; 8.4 and all subsequent numbers; amendment passed


Bertolino – makes things consistent and adds in info needed to clarify


Swenson – move to amend to 0.3%; approved


Oleary – move to strike lines “22-23”

  • Don’t think that we should have OSE and ASMSU right next to it. Or have some events be more ASMSU focused and some be OSE focused.


Bertolino – confusion of what ASMSU is and what OSE; equal print size is so that it is not an afterthought; maybe in the future we create a logo with both of the events; this will help with student confusion about


Senator Killian added as a sponsor because Kade is out


John – worried that OSE is overshadowing ASMSU now; want to be certain that ASMSU is part of the primary advertising;


Grover - Important to remember that ASMSU is more important; ASMSU is the government and OSE is the bureaucracy


Bertolino – wants to be certain that ASMSU is the student government and the great programs we offer. Currently the ASMSU program directors – need to call them by the ASMSU program directors according to the bylaws and the constitution as they stand right now. Some confusion in the office and want to be transparent on campus.


Hurst – Agree with Oleary on this one. ASMSU doesn’t need to be marketed on all of the things that we put on. Agree that we should call directors ASMSU, but don’t necessarily agree that we need to market all things with both names.


Clifton – Zen made a great point last meeting, OSE is associated with things that are fun like the pool party and keep ASMSU for the things like government. I disagree that our reputation has declined this year. 22.2% elections turn out; image and branding of MSU has improved and increased across campus as evidence by the people that got involved.


Walker – Don’t necessarily agree with that because the elections director worked hard. We don’t even have our own Facebook page anymore. Can’t say that the entire reason is the merger this year, lots of things may have played into that improvement this year. Needs to still have its recognition in the University. Want to be certain that program directors know that they work for this body and our priorities based on representation. ASMSU needs to keep its name out there.


Geneva – Other schools have associated students on their parties.


Hurst – okay with crossing out OSE and requesting ASMSU on everything. If we vote this down, we would also lose the senate discretionary.


Killian – Agree to add ASMSU to include the logo, like a sponsor as everything that we pay for


Amendment is to strike lines 22-23 from the bill; failed


Rollcall vote – 12-2 Bill passes


8:25 Senate Announcements

Jake – final symphony performance on Friday; death theme – Beethoven’s 5thConcerto, next Friday at 7:30


Killian – Get your ass into nature ski event; want to set up a senate event to get new and old Senate together;


Bertolino – food bank on campus, really cool project; recommend going to the meeting on Monday at 5:30; happy Easter and drive safely


8:28 Motion to Adjourn; approved