ASMSU 2019-B-04


Sponsor:         Karalee Kothe                                     Yes ____ No ____ Senators Present ____

Co-Sponsors:Sheridan Johnson                                First Reading ______________________

                        Natalie Hall                                         Second Reading ____________________

                        Kaitlyn Reiman                                              


Vote Necessary: A majority                                      ASMSU Senate Speaker


Sections: 2-4, 4-9                                                       __________________________________

                                                                                    ASMSU President     

                                                                                    Effective Date _____________________     

Intent:To align with the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) recommendations, to encourage students on the PACE Board to work collaboratively, in-sync and to contribute collectively to all PACE events, to allow the ASMSU Vice President to focus on efforts of other program directors, student issues and concerns, and to allow one student employee, the PACE Board Chair, to focus solely on managing and leading the PACE team in order to throw successful events that meet the mission of the teamwhile being able to build upon their own programming and management skills and help their team members do the same.                                                  

Section 2-4           Vice President

A.       Duties

1.   The Vice President shall:

(i)         Carry out those duties delegated by the President;

(ii)        Serve as a member of the Administrative Council;

(iii)       Serve as a member of the PACE Board;

(iv)       Recommend legislation to the Senate as deemed to be in the best interests of ASMSU;

(v)        Attend all meetings of the Senate unless required to be elsewhere in an official capacity.

(vi)       Facilitate meetings of ASMSU Program staff;

(vii)      Oversee the day-to-day operations of all Student Programs, ensuring the accountability and success of each program; and

(viii)    Serve as the supervisory authority of student program directors, providing training, assistance, and guidance as necessary.

Section 4-9           PACE Board

B.      Composition

1.  The PACE Board shall consist of

(i)         Three Senate liaisons

(ii)        The Vice President, a voting member of the Board.

(iii)       Eight PACE Board Directors

(iv)       One PACE Board Chair, who shall serve as the chair of the board, reporting to the ASMSU Vice President and advised by the Student Engagement and Leadership Advisor. The PACE Board Chair will also report to the ASMSU Admin Council weekly.