Adopted 25 October 2018

Whereas,Legislative Referendum 129 seeks to make it acrime to collect someone else’s ballot by prohibiting anyone who isn’t“an election official, postal worker, caregiver, family member, household member, or an acquaintance” from collecting another person’s ballot, and requires those individuals who are permitted to collect a ballot on another’s behalf to sign a registry and provide contact information for both themselves and each voter whose ballot they are turning in. It would alsolimit the number of ballots an individual could collect on behalf of others to no more than six; and,


Whereas, Violating the measure would be punishable by a fine of $500 for each ballot collected; and,


Whereas, Legislative Referendum 129 is both unnecessary and harmful because there are already laws that protect ballots and protect voters from coercion; and,


Whereas, This initiative would disenfranchise students from fulfilling their civic duty of voting; and,


Whereas, Montana Associated Students opposed the measure during the 2017 Legislative Session; now, therefore, be it


Resolved,That the Associated Students of Montana State University highly supports making voting accessible for all students; and, be it further


Resolved,That theAssociated Students of Montana State University opposes Legislative Referendum 129.