Adopted 16 November 2017

Whereas, The Outreach and Engagement Council was established to strategically champion engagement at Montana State University; and,

Whereas, The council acknowledges the critical role and value of service, outreach and engagement at Montana State University and exists to support faculty, staff and students as they commit to this strategic goal; and,

Whereas, Engagement is a form of scholarship that bridges teaching, research and service, and brings the university’s intellectual resources to bear on societal needs; and,

Whereas, The Outreach and Engagement council supports service learning at Montana State University; and, 

Whereas, Service learning is a teaching method that utilizes student involvement in community service to meet instructional objectives of a course; and, 

Whereas, Students apply information from classes in authentic settings while addressing real needs of the community that have been identified by the community; and,

Whereas, The working definition of engagement is, “meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations that occur beyond the traditional classroom or research lab,”; and,

Whereas, Service directly benefits our communities; and,

Whereas, Involvement in a co-curricular experience makes meaningful contributions to a collaborative effort resulting in mutual benefit; and, 

Whereas, In 2015 the Montana State University Outreach and Engagement Council launched Montana State's first-ever seed-grant program to promote outreach and engagement activities involving faculty, students and staff in collaboration with local and regional partners; and,

Whereas, Outreach and engagement is the heart of what land-grant universities do and encompasses the use of teaching, research, and service to address societal issues in partnership with the broader world; and, 

Whereas, An engaged institution designs its teaching, research, and service functions as a collaborative and productive partner with internal and external communities; and,

Whereas, The goal of the Outreach and Engagement Council is for “members of the Montana State University community to be leaders, scholars and engaged citizens of their local, national and global communities, working together with community partners to exchange and apply knowledge and resources to improve the human prospect”; and, 

Whereas, The ultimate goal of service, outreach, and engagement is to create a more engaged university comprised of “leaders, scholars and engaged citizens” seeking to improve life for our constituents and communities around us; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Associated Students of Montana State University acknowledge that service, outreach and engagement are all valuable attributes to a successful university, and support the Outreach and Engagement Council in their efforts to “strategically champion engagement at Montana State University through outreach, leadership, and service to fulfill the land-grant mission”.